‘Critically important’: Critics demand Nashville shooter’s manifesto be released

'Critically important': Critics demand Nashville shooter's manifesto be released

‘Outnumbered’ panelists call for answers on the motivation behind the mass shooting at The Covenant School in Nashville and explain the need for increased security in schools. #FoxNews

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We begin with this yesterday marked one Month since the tragic shooting at a Christian school in Nashville And while the FED today well they Released a postmortem on the failure of Silicon Valley Bank there's still no Explanation zero For The Grieving Families of the victims of the Covenant School massacre six innocent lives were Claimed that day including three Nine-year-old students and three adult Staff members and while Tennessee Lawmakers have been calling for more Details on the shooter's motivations Those calls have mostly fallen on deaf Ears among those pressing for answers Governor Bill Lee yesterday he tweeted This the Covenant shooting was a tragedy Beyond Comprehension and tennesseans Need Clarity he's exactly right now Nashville police say they're moving to Release the shooter's long-awaited Manifesto but they haven't shared a Timeline for the release and it's Unclear if authorities will censor or Redact any of those details and along With that Manifesto Nashville police Found many other items in their Investigation among them are this Folders marked psych and medical 20 Journals seven cell phones five laptops Five yearbooks two Memoirs and a suicide Note but even with all of that the Public has gotten zero answers on the

Shooter's motivation Chris we're not Letting this go we are going to ask Repeatedly on the show where is the Manifesto when is it coming it's so Important svb Bank collapses March 20th Right we have a postmortem today yeah Where is the post-mortem for the six People who lost their lives in the Nashville shooting we need answers and We will hold them accountable on this we Do need answers we need answers for Context to understand intent we need Answers to understand was this a hate Crime was there some other type of Motivation we just we need answers Because the answer is going to help us Down the line in the future I want even More than the answers of why that Happened is a bias to action on how we Prevent this from happening going Forward you know we've all got kids a Lot of us have kids right so I've got Two boys they're they're you know eight And ten years old one in the fourth Grade this hit home for us they go to The almost identical style school as uh As Covenant and to to just sit there and Complain from the outside is is not Acceptable to me we've got to campaign From the inside our administrators our Principals our teachers they're under an Enormous amount of pressure and I feel Like parents in particular can serve and Help reinforce these schools they can be

A village to each other and to the Administration I don't know anything About school security but what I do know Is that our school has police parents Military parents people that do know how To secure perimeters and understand how To breach certain environments and where The weak points are so I think it's Incumbent upon parents to really engage The village in your local school and Have a bias towards action here no doubt About it I've said before our children They are diamonds and we guard the Diamonds at Tiffany jewelry store with Armed guards our children are diamonds And they need to be treated as such you Know Jerry the Tennessee lawmakers we Always think of the Tennessee three who Storm the capital I think of the Tennessee lawmakers who are demanding Transparency they're putting in public Records requests they're saying that we Need this Manifesto and Glenn Greenwald He's out with this we've spoken with two Major law firms in Nashville who said They'd sent retainer letters to Represent us suing at the FBI and the Nashville PD to obtain the manifesto of The shooter only to back out at the last Second the political pressures are Intense we should see it this just goes To basic transparency the American Public can decide if they want to read It or not but answers in order to

Prevent the next shooting should be key Here I have to tell you I'm a reporter So I really care deeply about clarity About having the answers about getting The documents it's critical if you want People to move on you have to tell them What happened you have to show them this Is critically important look I Understand that people out there are Worried that if the public it's this Manifesto something bad is going to Happen I think something's bad is going To happen if they don't get the Manifesto it's absolutely essential that People get read in they understand what Happened how are these families ever Supposed to move on if that doesn't Happen exactly and you know Casey when We talk about the frustration of the American public it's really crystallized When you know we're one month one day Out from the shooting every other Channel has essentially dropped it we Don't talk about it no laws have changed And when you look at laws you know even If you change gun laws even if you Change mental health laws nothing Changes tomorrow but the one thing that Could change tomorrow protect our kids At school tomorrow is hardening our Schools it was brought up after Uvalde And here was the White House's answer on Whether they will protect our children By hardening our schools

I know there's been a conversation about Hardening schools that is not something That he believes in he believes that we Should be able to to give teachers the Resources to be able to do the job uh That they're meant to do at schools why Doesn't the president believe in Protecting our children at our schools By hardening them you're allowed to have Metal detectors right I mean you know It's that step further you're saying Tiffany's has how many armed guards I Mean it's it's just getting ridiculous The Texas house they just passed a bill Earlier this week for school security They're going to have an armed security Guard at every school so you know this Is something that we should move towards When I drop my son off it's terrible When he goes to school someday but I Want to see an armed guard at the door Protecting him I want to have that Clarity and that's horrible that we even Have to have this conversation but we Used to train in school for tornado Drills now you have to teach your kids What to do you had little Evelyn pull The fire alarm she was so brave she was Trying to help you know that's not what I want to teach my kids but you have to And yes transparency answers we need to Know what happened to prepare better Yeah no doubt Emily I I've got to tell You and I know you have some new details

From the officers we'll get to that in Just a moment but if I could come to you First on this as a mom I can tell you Moms are animated about this um I I've Been to school board meetings I've seen It the passion mothers want an answer we Want a change at school we want to send Our kids to school and not look at the Clock every minute every hour and Wondering if our kids will be next why Can't we just fix our schools it's Tomorrow something we can do tomorrow Absolutely to his point about bias Toward action you don't have to be a Mother to feel strongly about this Everyone has a child in their life Everyone sees the the he unquantifiable Value of our children and how how sacred Their Safety and Security are to your Point I think the fact that most of us Feel confusion first confusion at why is There a lack of action why did Biden not Sign that bill that would have put that Hard insecurity in schools the answer is Clear so why aren't we moving toward it And certainly the exposure is I think an Additional slap in the face because While the White House has time to do Postmortems on SVP and the like Why Can't This have been articulated for What it was Christian children were Murdered why can't they emphasize Empathize with the victims remember when Vice president Kamala Harris went to

Tennessee went to Nashville and she was Asked did you did you are you planning On visiting the school she said we've Been in touch with the community I need More I need a sentence at a minimum that Your hearts broke the same day that all Of ours did 30 days plus one so true and I want to highlight as well if I may um To go on that that for the first time Since the Covenant shooting the six Officers that went in there bravely and Neutralized the shooter that they have Now sat together and they gave an Interview so let's listen to a few Things they they said um and just to Preface in the beginning by saying that What was fascinating to me and certainly A god miracle was that one had forgotten A radio and they were looking for the Shooter they didn't know where the Shooter was in finding the radio and Running back to get the radio they Realized as that person was shooting From the second floor that is how they Were able to triangulate and locate the Shooter I just got chill the shooter's Location and so that enabled them to Ultimately neutralize but let's listen To a few thoughts that they had It's always going to be fresh in our Minds I don't think it's ever going to Fade out it was a very traumatic day It's a very stressful day seeing the Pictures of the victims and knowing what

I saw and comparing those two it will Never be the same I can't imagine the sustained trauma and Stress that those officers feel Um they have said uh that the precinct They said has been amazing they said That they have all been to counseling The precinct stepped up as did the Community they talked about in the wake Of their stress in the wake of their Trauma how important the communities Support was certainly they're not Getting it from the White House they're Getting it from Nashville they're Getting it from us let's listen to a Moment of that We've had a great amount of support from The community and from our family and From our friends and from each other Certainly an overwhelming amount of Support a lot of letters being sent to Uh our Precinct I've never seen nothing Like it so it's definitely appreciated On our end we couldn't go through you Know with all the stuff that's come to The precinct we couldn't go through and Write thank you cards for all of it I Mean it's been that overwhelming the Support from the Department's been Amazing for all of us We've all talked with counselors we've All taken those steps to prepare Ourselves to return back to work And you know their body cam footage is

Now being used as training in videos it Will be used as training videos for Other departments across the country it Was absolutely textbook and for me to Underscore what we are seeing seeing and Hearing there are these officers that They are part of the community their Heart broke in that moment also multiple Times and it continues to break and yet The support of the community rallying Around those Heroes remembering their Names that is what is important that is What will stay and that is what we need In our school districts moving forward Every school every school with an armed Guard every school with a heart Insecurity I applaud those officers I Applaud absolutely the lawmakers asking For transparency and we will say it Today we will say it tomorrow we will Say continually where is the manifesto Until we get it hey everyone I'm Emily Compagno catch me and my co-host Harris Faulkner and Kaylee mcineny on Outnumbered every weekday at 12 pm Eastern or sets your DVR also don't Forget to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page for daily highlights

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