Democrat blasted for signing hush agreement involving Chinese tech company

Democrat blasted for signing hush agreement involving Chinese tech company

Former U.S. ambassador to Fiji Joseph Cella explains the national security risks of Rep. Elissa Slotkin’s move to sign a non-disclosure agreement to bring the Chinese-backed EV battery plant to Michigan. #FoxNews

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Welcome back on this Friday morning the National Republican Senate committee has Released a new ad slamming that woman Michigan congresswoman Elisa slotkin for Signing a non-disclosure agreement Involving a Chinese tech company called Goshen Did we trust a politician who makes Secret business deals with companies Backed by the Chinese Communist Party of Course not but that's what Alyssa Slotkin did our next guest is sounding The alarm on goshen's proposed EV Battery plant in Michigan Joseph Cella Is the former U.S ambassador to Fiji and Joins us now Joseph what could you tell Us about this Well uh thank you for uh having with you Uh this morning uh Alyssa slotkin is a Former CIA analyst a former DOD official And uh has had top secret security Clearances and uh uh she knows well the Grave national security threat the PRC Uh presents to the CCP and it's Unconscionable that she would even begin To think about signing a binding and uh Punitive non-disclosure agreement with The state of Michigan uh in order to Bring a PRC based and a CCP tied Manufacturer to the heartland of Michigan yeah we have talked Joseph over The last couple of weeks about this EV Plan you know because it does help China And it's in the heart of our automobile

Manufacturing state of of Michigan Although cars are now made across the Country but what exactly how did she get Into this deal was it when she was at The CIA no it was when she was a member Of Congress and so as a member of Congress you would be obligated to say What you know you can't keep a secret From people Certainly and Professor Jonathan Turley Has spoken eloquently about this himself Speaking about it's really contrary to The sunshine laws and the spirit of Transparency that any elected official Owes their uh uh tax paying uh voters And it's really a highly irregular uh Engagement that uh that she made a few Months ago So you're a michigander you have your Pulse on how other people in Michigan Feel about this how do they feel about This plant being there and about having A representative who seems to be on the Side of the Chinese Yeah it's uh it squares with the the Rest of the concern across the rest of The country Rachel and uh uh which Squares with the uh advice that our National security agencies gave a year Ago February which said do not sign any Such agreements because they are a Sub-national incursion uh they're a National security threat and it's a a Tow on the door for future Espionage

Operations to happen as we've seen in The last couple of weeks with the uh six Police stations that were found in the 40 uh police agents of the PRC and the CCP that were arrested in New York well Soccer is now running for Senate there In your state of Michigan let's see what Happens Joseph Cella Ambassador thank You very much for starting your Friday With us here at Fox and Friends thank You John great to start my Friday with You thank you God bless God bless you I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade and I'm Ainsley Earhart and click here to Subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page To catch our hottest interviews and most Compelling analysis

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