Democrat lawmaker reveals why she’s leaving the party

Democrat lawmaker reveals why she's leaving the party

North Carolina State Representative Tricia Cotham shares why she is switching to the Republican Party and tells Cavuto how her critics began attacking her family, criticizing her invocation of Jesus, and called for her resignation. #foxnews #yourworld

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Progressives in fact have had a good run On the table right now not only in the Chicago's mayor's race but it happened In Wisconsin for the state supreme court I could see it filled by a Democrat Progressive one at that meanwhile Tipping that Supreme Court in favor of Democrats very powerful Supreme Court in The state of Wisconsin but it's not a Complete run of the table for Progressives right now in fact in North Carolina there's a story of a democratic Representative who wants to become a Republican that represented Christian Coughlin joins us right now the North Carolina state representative who is Switching formally from the Democratic Party to the Republican Party Representative why are you doing this Thank you so much it's an honor to be on Your show this is something I've really Thought long and hard about since I've Entered this chamber in January I had Served previously for um 10 years and Then took a break and came back with the Intent as always to be a public servant To really be a States woman do greater Good for all of the great state of North Carolina I noticed some pretty big Changes in the Democratic party right What I got here and it was very Disturbing I caught a lot of flack over The fact that on my car and on various Things I display the American flag that

I talk a lot about my importance and Belief in my faith and I've used Jesus Several times when I've LED our chamber In-house prayer I was told you could Never trust a Dem who wears camo and Just this week called an ammosexual the Do support gun rights those are that Might seem minor but that is very much Absolutely out of everything our country Stands for and what I believe and I came Here to be that leader I have a strong Record of working with Republicans for Since I started that is extremely Important to me instead I saw the Democratic party just want to make Excuses to focus on very small so so I'm So represented we're very tight for time Here we're very tight for time I Apologize to that I did want to get a Sense of the reaction you got from your Old Democratic friends what they made of Your move Well I mean last week they called for my Resignation or for a primary Challenge And have paid thousands of dollars of False ads attacking me and my family So they're getting what they want and What they deserve and I think this will Start a trend throughout our country Because people have had enough and the Partisanship of destroying personality Personal lives and going after my two Children I'm a single mom Um so it was an easy decision

So very quickly were there any who said You know represented I want to join you I'm just too afraid of what the reaction Will be for my Democratic colleagues 60 months for sure Um you know it it takes a lot to do this I'm a I'm a doer I'm a risk taker I do What I think is right even if I am the Only one doing it that is who I am and What I believe Um certainly willing to talk to others And um see if they're interested All right we're watching closely you Quotes quite a Ruckus there doing this Uh Trisha who is now Republican Representative in North Carolina it Happens now and then out of it here the Five is now hi winner Brian Kilmeade I Want you to do me a favor I want you to Click to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page this is the only way that I Know for sure that you're not going to Miss any great commentary any great news Bites any great interviews coming your Way on Fox you can get it all here on YouTube so subscribe right now

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