Democrats, media melt down over Trump ruling: ‘Supreme Court betrayed democracy’

Democrats, media melt down over Trump ruling: 'Supreme Court betrayed democracy'

Fox News contributor Joe Concha discusses the left’s reaction to the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Colorado’s ballot ban on former President Trump. #FoxNews

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Okay let's talk about what the Supreme Court did yesterday despite unanimous Decision a unanimous decision by the Supreme Court the mainstream media and Prominent Dems are questioning the Legitimacy of the Trump Colorado ballot Ruling Listen and frankly gives him a way out Of uh being held accountable at The Ballot Box unfortunately for America the Court NE isn't necessarily wrong they're Not doing their job on a lot of these Big issues a refusal to hold this man Accountable and those folk who engaged In Insurrection it just goes against What our Judicial System should be about Donald Trump I believe is a danger to American democracy he can still be the President of the United States and I Thought that the 14th Amendment and our Framers knew Better so here to react is Fox News Contributor Joe kcha Joe your reaction Well when this decision came back anley And it comes back nine to nothing it's a Grand slam it's a slam dunk there's no Ambiguity the first thought that I had Was well even The Usual Suspects in this Business won't be able to say well this Is about the extreme Maga Supreme Court That's just there to save Donald Trump Because obviously we had Kagan and Soto Myor and katoni brown also joined the Conservative members on the bench in

Agreeing that Donald Trump should be on The ballot and instead we got the 2024 Version of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest you just played all of those soots There and that those are sound bites of Course and no matter how this was going To come back that was going to be the Reaction I mean we saw for example George Conway who's like the Michael Avanatti of legal analyst over on CNN Calling the Supreme Court fundamentally Incoherent and a shoddy legal work in Terms of their conclusion you had ABC News as Jonathan Carl somehow coming Away with this takeaway despite when Supreme Court strikes blow to Trump's Central Campaign theme Trump's Central Campa campaign theme is that his Opponents are trying to take him out in The courtroom instead of at The Ballot Box and that's the whole Crux of this Argument should voters decide whether Donald Trump is president or not or Should some partisan judges or partisan Secretaries of state do that I think Leaving it in the hands of the people is Something that many would agree with Even Democrats who are sane and sober Who just want this thing decided by the People you mentioned The Usual Suspects On the Supreme Court listen to what Keith obman said about them the Supreme Court has betrayed democracy its members Including Jackson Kagan and sod mayor

Have proved themselves inept at reading Comprehension and collectively the court Has shown itself to be corrupt and Illegitimate it must be dissolved and You brought up a good point because if Just the conservative justices had said Trump needs to stay on the ballot he Would still be on the ballot but because It's nine to zero that shatters the Left's narrative yeah Angley and Keith Overman I guess we can't really count Him as a member of the media because He's been fired so many times and has Been unemployed for so long that can we Still put him in this group oerman also Said that he wants the Supreme Court to Be completely dissolved I mean this is How far gone some of these folks are and If they keep talking this way this is Only jet fuel for Donald Trump here Would have been my headline and we'll Leave it here okay an expected ruling Supreme Court rules 90 to allow Donald Trump on ballot ahead of expected super Tuesday romp that should have been the Headline that should have been the Takeaway yep the American people will Decide if you get the votes you win That's called an American a republic an Election all right thank you so much Joe I'm Steve duy I'm Brian kilme and I'm Angley Airhart and click here to Subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page To catch our hottest interviews and most

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