Democrats remain silent on radical protesters

Democrats remain silent on radical protesters

Former U.S. Navy SEAL Jonathan Gilliam discusses the anti-Israel protests across the nation and lack of accountability from liberals on ‘Jesse Watters Primetime.’

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Usually end in actual Death former Navy SEAL and FBI agent Jonathan Gilliam joins me now Jonathan I've seen a real massive uptick in some Of this violent rhetoric the FBI doesn't Really seem to be that involved Biden's Been silent are they going soft because Of Politics well I think they've gone soft Because of ideology and that's the Reality of this politics is a is just a Part of the toolbox that the left uses These activists those are another part Of it they used careerists as well that Are in the federal government and state And local governments they use those Individuals who have uh hooked their Wagons uh to the left or to whoever's in Office um that want to get uh up in rank In these different agencies so they have All these different uh Tools in their Toolbox that they can use and it's I Find it very interesting what you were Just saying about uh the Hamas um leg of The Democrat Party well that's how uh Hezbollah actually came about in their Power um in Lebanon is that they started Off as activists then gained over 60% of The government so you know these are Tactics that they use that are proven And as we see here um one person in a City council meeting can determine that Somebody did something illegal and the Cops will go after that girl who made

That threat but yet all these people Make these threats every day all day and Nobody including the FBI or state and Local governments uh and law enforcement Are doing anything about it how does it Take so long to get these freaks off the Bridge how did they get on the bridge Because that's that's the reality of This if this was uh conservatives or Pro Wiers uh this would be called Insurrection or it would be called u a National security issue or um some kind Of threat to our rights in this in the In this country um the reality is again This is another tool in their toolbox They get out there they do these things Over and over again they cause enough Trouble to where law enforcement when it Occurs they try to tiptoe around it and Not hurt anybody because it's going to End up on the news and so they've They've crapped at all these tactics and That's the way that they work yeah I Just don't don't block bridges in Philly That's not going to end well I know a Few guys they won't put up with that Jonathan always a pleasure thank you so Much click here to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page to catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis You won't get it anywhere else

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