Dems urge Biden to seize control of border from Texas troops

Dems urge Biden to seize control of border from Texas troops

Fox News’ Lucas Tomlinson reports the latest on the immigration crisis. #FoxNews

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All right the Border battle down in Texas intensifies with Democrats now Calling on the President Joe Biden to Federalize the State National Guard but Governor Greg Abbott is not backing down Saying Texas has the right to defend Itself against the migrant Invasion and They're using the Constitution as a Weapon Lucas Tomlinson is live in Washington with the details all right Lucas unwind this all right well good Morning my friends the Texas border Standoff continues both Governor Greg Abbott and the White House refusing to Back down now GOP reinforcements are Pouring in Abbott receiving the support Of many of his fellow Republican Governors such as Florida Governor Ron De santis Virginia governor Glenn yunin South Dakota Governor Christie gome also The governors from Oklahoma Montana Georgia and Utah now some on the left When President Biden to do more Texas Congressman waim Castro says Biden needs To take control of the Texas National Guard right now other Democrats russan His defense are Congressman Greg casar And former congressman and former Gubernatorial candidate in Texas B oror And invoking the father of the Constitution James Madison as Steve said Off the top and Alexander Hamilton by The way it's outrageous there's not a Statute of him in St Croy but I digress

Texas governor Greg abber responding With a scathing statement accusing Biden Being a lawless president saying quote The executive branch of the United States has a constitutional duty to Enforce federal laws protecting States Including immigration laws on the books Right now President Biden has refused to Enforced those laws and has even Violated them the result is that he has Smashed records for illegal immigration And this comes of course as the Border Bill in the Senate is in danger of Falling apart which allows thousands of Migrants into the country each day it Has drawn the eyer of many house members Including some Republican Senators as Well guys hey Lucas you know is this the First time in in modern American history Where the United States government which Is in charge of keeping us safe is is Being accused by a state for allowing People to come in uh with little to no Vetting and and things like that Essentially Texas is saying there's an Invasion and so ultimately it becomes a Question for the courts of what Constitutes safe because the people of Texas say we're not safe and Steph I Think that's one of the reasons why President Biden only has an 18% approval Rating with his handle of the Southern Border according to a recent ABC newsp Uh many in America want to see that

Southern border fortified thanks Lucas No kidding well if you look at the har The Harvard Harris polls it says this is The new issue that has overtaken Inflation and we have different ideas of How to fix it Republicans say that uh It's like 85% of them say that it's got 81% say the conditions are getting worse On the Border but only 45% of Democrats Agree with that even John fedman the Progressive Senator out of Pennsylvania He's a Democrat he's calling this a Crisis and he said the Senate and Congress have to deliver on this border Security situation I don't understand Why this is controversial he said he Made the best point he said look at the Numbers in December we had 300,000 Encounters he said that's larger than The city of Pittsburgh and he said and That is just one month that's right so Brian it looks like that this is going Back to the courts again this is what Texas is saying according to according To Article 5 section4 the states the Federal government has a Duty right to Protect each state from any type of Invasion and if you look at our border And our live chots every single day at The border it's very clear that Texas is Being invaded by several countries he's Saying that this is the governor who Used to be the Attorney General of Texas He's saying because you have failed to

Do Article 5 section 4 we're going to Use Article 1 Section 10 section clause Three to enforce that so essentially is Saying that if the federal government Refuses to protect any state we have the Right right through whatever National Guard or Texas Department of Public Safety to defend ourselves right listen To this so the Governor of Oklahoma Stands with him the governor of Montana The governor of Georgia the governor of Uh of Florida they're all saying we're With you Texas we get it we're 100% with You now if you want to get some momentum For any type of legitimate Border Protection that's been worked on now by Senator Langford Senator Murphy heading It up and you say and the president Comes out and says it is a crisis we got To fix it if you really want to know if They're sincere why would anyone think The president sincere about it when he's Doing everything he can to cut the razor Wire that Texas is forced to do Themselves and setting in the federal Government to do it why would anyone Feel good about it when he is backing up All those cities that have Sanctuary Status now if you look at if you look at The inverse of what we're doing at the Border for what teex doing at the border Think about these cities are trumping The constitution in these Sanctuary City Status you're saying I don't care what

The federal government says we are Forbiding ice from kicking out people Who we know are here illegally from even Asking him that's also unconstitutional But the president Stakes his uh Stakes His uh Power and sends the courts in our Legal system after states that just want To hold on to their sovereignty and Protect their people listen I I saw Something in the New York Post yesterday We were up uh in New England so we did We missed it but I picked it up today You know the migrants are winding up in This country with preloaded debit cards And envelopes of cash right know yeah You know where that money is coming from It's coming from the United States of America let me explain how all of us America's taxpayers are paying for those People to come across at Razer wire the New York Post has his story it talks About how the United Nations has got This uh inter agency platform for Refugees and migrants from Venezuela and They've got $1.6 billion uh to help People reach the US Mexican border and So that razor wire slows them down and So they don't like that and so the United Nations you know they've given All these people money to make it to the Southern border that's slowing them down So what's Joe Biden doing he's making it Easier for them to come in and here Angy Is the important part with the United

Nations we've talked about this for Decades who's the biggest funer of the United Nations the United States Absolutely we pay 22% of the UN budget So keep in mind we are financing most a Lot of those people we're financing more Than any other country on the globe Those people to come into this country Illegally this you know and for so we're Going to play the sound bite in a moment Of KLA Harris talking about how the Republicans have made this a political Thing to run on look look what Joe Biden Is doing he's taking our taxpayer money Putting it in their pockets and saying Come on to the United States Republicans Want the problem fixed finally democ Getting on board and the reason is Tom Homman said it's because Fox News has Been pushing this so so conservatives Know about this issue we're seeing it in Our cities you're seeing it in Texas We're seeing it all over the South but Now Democrats are seeing it because now Other channels have to cover it because It's coming to States like New York and It's coming to big cities like Chicago And all these Governors are saying we Don't have the money in fact our mayor Here in New York City is now saying Federal government give me help I need Help now so now it's an issue that Everyone in our country Democrats and Republicans are noticing and seeing and

KLA Harris is saying that Republicans Are just using this so they can win Elections no Republicans had been Screaming saying help us our country is Being invaded by not only illegal Immigrants and you have to foot the bill But also by criminals that are bringing In drugs by terrorists and Tom homman Said there are terrorists in our country Listen to what our vice president is Trying to Say some people seem fixated on Joe Biden's age but I wanted to ask you it's Cuz they have nothing to run on Katie Well immigration now they're running on To which they could actually participate In fixing right and so no but really you Know so yeah you're right they're Running on immigration because they like Having the problem so they can they can Have an issue we hope and and and and Are really trying to Compel um in particular some of the Republicans in Congress to participate In the solution but sadly I you know we Want to fix it they want to run on it They want to they want a political issue To run on in November she has so no Interest in trying to fix it she only Went there once for an hour uh went to The border and left one of the biggest Embarrassments when you realize how Useless she was when she basically Punted when asked to take control of the

Border like Vice President Biden was Asked by Barack Obama to his credit uh Whatever the policy they had he actually Did something and for Katie KK not to Ask don't you feel responsible for the Worst disaster in America American History at the southern border is is Crazy I'm not sure if she's still with The Today Show but uh the other thing With with uh with kamla Harris is almost Everything that kamla Harris and Joe Biden can do right now could affect the Border and help their political fortunes Just reverse the amnesty problem reverse The parole do the remain in Mexico you Don't need Congress for that at all you Don't need any more money for that at All you could get additional money to to Uh adjudicate quickly for people but if You change the questions that they're Ask to the Border you can no longer come In here and say I'm being threatened in My country then we that's enough to stay Now you say it doesn't matter go to Another section of your country if you Don't have proof you're being pursued You can't stay that would do something I'm just baffled by the headline the Republicans have nothing to run on I Mean immigration is just number one on Top of the list you got inflation you Got National Security you got what Happened in Afghanistan I mean we can Just keep going over and over and the

Fact that you have a reporter right There that is supposed to be Representing the American people and our Interest on a day-to-day basis not push Back and say what about these issues I Think is stunning well you know what When when the Joe Biden team uh came up With their game plan for the 2024 race Immigration migration and these images From Fox and now they're on every Channel in every Big City because the Sanctuary cities they weren't counting On that uh they were going to run on it You know we're we're being inclusive uh And now it's like the people of the States are going please turn it off we Were all at the Boston airport yesterday Did you realize that Boston's got such a A migrant problem that just like Chicago Now they're keeping the migrants at the Airport simply because and we all know It's freezing out there going to be Interviewing it's warm about that later Right I'm Steve duy I'm Brian kilme and I'm Angley aart and click here to Subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page To catch our hottest interviews and most Compelling Analysis

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