Do these books look appropriate for kids?

Do these books look appropriate for kids?

New Jersey parents Christina Balestriere and Kristen Cobo discuss being sued by a school librarian for speaking out against ‘inappropriate books’ on ‘Jesse Watters Primetime.’
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Well right now the battle for our Children's future it's not being fought In China or in the Middle East It's happening inside their Minds and Inside our classrooms our kids are being Inundated with leftist propaganda every Time they open their textbooks or go to The library where shelves are teeming With inappropriate books And in New Jersey one set of parents They couldn't take it anymore at Roxbury High School sitting in the library was a Series of sexually explicit books Including such titles as genderqueer This book is gay And fun home oh sounds fun And now this isn't unique to the Garden State we know that graphic novels like These are found in number of schools in Number of states across the country If you flip through the pages you'll be Astonished on what you find inside If your kid checks out genderqueer They'll read this and you might want to Cover some ears here The more I had to interact with my Genitals the less likely I was to reach A point of satisfaction the best fantasy Was one that didn't require any physical Touch at all that's actually an edited One from what we had earlier because we Couldn't play it with content like this It's no surprise that parents were upset Two parents in New Jersey found a copy

Of genderqueer in their kids library and They decided to speak out and number of Other books like it they went to the School board and demanded it be pulled From the library immediately creating The book to hardcore pornography But leave it to left-wing New Jersey to Shut them down so their efforts failed The book was staying on the shelves with No restrictions according to the school And that's not even the worst part now The librarian of the school is suing two Of the parents for defamation The librarian says she was labeled as a Quote child predator and was accused of Luring children with pornography Is this what it's had to come to Parents can now get sued over pointing Out inappropriate books in their kids Schools Kristin Koba Kobo excuse me and Christina ballesteri are two of the Concerned parents at the center of the Lawsuit and they join me now Kristen and Christina thanks for being here Christian let me start with you so you Find out about these inappropriate books Kids as young as 13 could be checking Them out they're right there front and Center in the library you raise it to This to the appropriate people inside The school you bring it to the school Board obviously the librarian is a part Of providing this material and what

Happens next Right so we went straight to the Administrators to the school board we Spoke out month after month first time We brought to their attention was in August of 2022 and I can tell you today All those books still remain in the Library they do and not just that but Christina You're now being sued by the librarian Of the school for simply pointing out That the books in her Library are Inappropriate Absolutely all we did was contact the Board of ed and let them know and make Other parents aware of what was in there And then we spoke about it at a board of Ed meeting in March and then a couple Weeks later we were served with a Lawsuit A defamation lawsuit is that what it was Just for simply saying this is what's in Your library right Yes basically question I questioning go Ahead Pete no no please fill in the Blanks so basically what we're arguing Is um we're in the fight for um against The sexualization of our children in America and especially in New Jersey and We feel that this content should not be Made available to minor children Especially in the school district where Our children are quickly Rising Um and that's what we spoke to we spoke

To the fact that these are our children Nobody else's and we have the right to Direct the upbringing and and those Books do not match the morals and values That I teach in my home But unfortunately they seem to match the Values of New Jersey which is pushing Radical gender theories into Kindergartens now into elementary Schools as well uh Christina are they I Mean is this an intimidation attempt Like trius and if you do we're going to Put you on your heels Oh absolutely there's uh there's no Doubt in my mind that that's what this Is It's just to in my opinion scare not Only us but other parents from speaking Up and probably just to Hit us with as many legal fees as Possible Kristen what's your message to other Parents who might see this and they're Scared to speak up because they'll be Targeted what's your message to them Tonight right My message is we have one chance to get This right with our children and we are Their last line of defense against this Agenda and I say speak out who cares What they call you you know your truth You are on the right side of history and Again we are the last ones we have Parents grandparents Um teachers reaching out to us saying

Thank you we've watched this go on in Roxbury for years and we're disgusted And thank you for speaking out so speak Your truth and don't be don't let Anybody silence you this is about the Kids it's all about the kids you're Right you're the only line of defense Thank you for speaking up and and uh and Fighting back you'll find a lot of Friends a lot of allies that'll come Alongside you who once one person speaks Up they'll join you uh Chris and Christina thank you keep us posted on This lawsuit thank you so much Pete we Appreciate you thank you hey Sean Hannity here hey click here to subscribe To Fox News YouTube page and catch our Hottest interviews and most compelling Analysis you will not get it anywhere Else

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