Does Justice Alito know who leaked the Dobbs decision?

Does Justice Alito know who leaked the Dobbs decision?

Fox News contributor Jonathan Turley discusses the speculation surrounding Justice Alito saying he knows who is responsible for leaking the Dobbs decision on ‘Fox News Tonight.’

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Meanwhile joining us on the phone to put In perspective Jonathan Turley law Professor George Washington University Fox News contributor Jonathan are you Surprised Justice Alito says I think I Know who it is but I don't have enough I Don't have enough proof to actually Bring charges what are your thoughts Well I'm surprised that he said so Publicly for a number of months we've Been hearing that the court had a Particular person in mind I've actually Heard various names actually one Particular name offered but what Alito Is saying is that there is a difference Between believing that this is the case And being able to prove it and what it Leads to is this really uh killing Notion that you've got someone out there Who's practicing law after violating the Most fundamental principles of our Profession yep I mean Brian this is like Having an atheist priest or an arsenic Or a an arsonist architect you know you This sir this person did things that a Lawyer cannot do and still be a lawyer And yet this person is likely practicing As a lawyer indeed these justices may Have interacted with this person after The Supreme Court tenure was over might Still be there so Jonathan what I Thought was interesting is this the Marshall did a good job with the Resources given to them really you

Didn't give them everything they needed In order to get to the bottom of this do They have a limited budget Well there was a question as to whether Chief justice Roberts made the right Call in not bringing in the FBI I mean They're literally blocks away from the Leading Department in the world on Forensic and computer investigation and I can understand that the Chief Justice Didn't want the executive branch walking Around the court uh and opening up files And interviewing people but there's Still this lingering question as to Whether the court could have done more Early on but at the end of the day You've got someone here Who chattered this culture of the Court Washington is a city that floats on Leaks the only Island in that sea was The Supreme Court it didn't leak and What this clerk did is shattered that Sense of Trust on the court and this and He also indicated this it's caused a lot Of tension between the justices he knows The justices didn't do this he knows it Was not them for sure and he said that Things were not normal all year and he Also says uh part of this was part of an Effort to prevent the Dobbs draft from Becoming law intimidate intimidate them To changing it or if you assassinate one Of them a Democratic president nominates To a Democratic Senate a democratic

Justice and then there is no docs Decision reversal so this is a real Thing he also said you could pound us Daily you could be critical but you want After our legitimacy that's a problem For the country and no one defended us Final thought Well he's right in that we had an Attempted assassination of one of the Justices and if he is correct this was An effort to try to prevent this opinion From being published yep it may have Backfired these justices may have Decided that they were not going to Yield to this type of unethical conduct I know it's just amazing and the impact Of this and the leak and not getting Somebody I think is terrible uh we'll See where it goes but Justice Alito did Want to come forward he did not have to Give this interview and these quotes to The Wall Street Journal today Jonathan Thanks really appreciate us interrupting Your Friday night you gave us some Quality time appreciate it hi everyone I'm Brian Kilmeade I want you I want you I want you to Cure that you're not going to miss any Great commentary any great news bites Any great interviews coming your way on Fox you can get it all here on YouTube So subscribe right now

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