Donald Trump: Our country is in the most dangerous place it’s ever been

Donald Trump: Our country is in the most dangerous place it's ever been

Former President Donald Trump discusses how the United States has changed since he left office and his new book ‘Letters to Trump’ on ‘Life Liberty & Levin.’ #foxnews #fox #levin

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Hello America I'm Mark Levin and this is Life liberty and Levin and I've been Waiting for you to see this show for Several weeks this is the interview of Interviews With President Trump an interview like You've never seen before And I say this because He's come out with a new book called Letters to Trump And he's got letters in this book from Politicians and actors and entertainers And foreign leaders and sports stars You're not going to believe the kinds of Letters he got and what these people Said and during the course of this Interview we talk about these Individuals and we apply it to current Events and to history The president does a fantastic interview If you let him speak And that's exactly what I did this Interview was conducted literally Minutes before the Rogue prosecutor in Manhattan came down with his decision So this was the last interview before That occurred I really want you to check This out and by the way you can get the Book at this is The exclusive first interview and ladies And gentlemen the book comes out on Tuesday Enjoy It's a pleasure to be in mar-a-laga this

Is a fantastic place it's amazing thank You well we're gonna have a good time Here Um I'm not Andrea Mitchell as you can tell I'm not Maggie Haberman I'm not here to Play games and tricks and all the rest You have a book that's coming out that's A fantastic book Letters to Trump Throughout your life throughout your Career as a businessman You're on TV Politics As I went through this book it's Actually quite amazing Sports all these People writing you these letters And they all love you I want to talk About some of these people because this Is really it's a book of letters but It's a fantastic history And I think you can help us talk about a Little bit too Oprah Winfrey She writes you three letters that you Have in the book She adores you she writes only a king Knows how to treat a queen you being the King she being the queen she would visit You at Mar-A-Lago often and now she says Well that was 20 years ago you make of That well I haven't changed and My Views Haven't changed very much I think I've Been pretty consistent over the years we Want security we want a great country we Want a strong military we want borders

And we want good elections and education And housing and everything I certainly Haven't changed very much I think the Thing that changes I ran for office she Actually says in one of her letters I Think somewhat kiddingly but we should Run together what a team would be and I Put that letter in the book uh look I Get along great with her She was here many times in fact Roger King the great Roger King King world she Asked whether or not we could have his Funeral here that was probably one of The most important maybe the most Important but one of the most important People in our life And he was a fantastic man he did an Incredible job a real character he's a Friend of mine also we had his funeral Here it was held by Oprah and she said I Just saw the most incredible place in The world called Mar-A-Lago we have to Have the funeral there and you know we Don't do funerals but we did one in that Case and it was amazing no I had a great Relationship with Oprah a great Relationship with almost everybody but Once I went into politics and I don't Mean I said something offensive I mean Literally once I went in it was it Changed and that was okay because I just Want to make our country great you know If they like me and then they don't like Me that doesn't bother me I want to make

Our country great but it is incredible When you look at the difference between Those letters and now now in some cases People like me better I will tell you The public probably likes me better Because we have tremendous support we're In Texas as you know and we had an Unbelievable crowd record-setting crowds Record-setting like nobody's ever seen Before you saw it we're doing very well And we have to do well because if we Don't do it if we don't get this back if We don't take our country back we're not Going to have a country it's literally We're not going to have its total chaos It's a mess every single thing you see In the news Ukraine Russia should have never Happened inflation should have never Happened every single thing the the way We pulled out of Afghanistan where we Gave them 85 billion dollars a billion 85 billion dollars worth of equipment The best you know this they're the Second largest arms dealer in the world Right now we gave it to a brand new Trucks brand new planes brand new Guns rifles 700 000 rifles and guns Think of that seven hundred thousand They only need 40 000. Probably not even that so they're Selling the rest making a fortune we Left it there and I was the one that was Getting out I got them down you know it

Was enough 21 years it was enough And we didn't have anybody killed in the Last 18 months I spoke to Abdul the Leader we had nobody killed we had Everybody understood and we were going To get out with dignity and strength Instead I think it was the most Embarrassing I think it was the most embarrassing Period the way we withdrew not the fact That we were through the way we were Through from Afghanistan and I think Putin actually saw that and he probably Got a little more ambition frankly Let me ask you a question about that you Have really fascinating letters in here From Putin From XI From UN in North Korea and I can go on And what I notice there's a Common Thread You had a personal relationship with Every one of these leaders whether They're genocidal Maniacs whether They're elected like Abe of Japan who Was a close friend of yours and was Assassinated I want to get into some of This What would you say your foreign policy Is because I think people keep Projecting onto your foreign policy what It is that they think they want people To think your foreign policy is What would you say it is so I think more

Than anything else and it was a very Personal relationship and you know sort Of a weird situation the tougher they Were the better I got along with them And that's probably a good thing because It was the tough ones that had the the Big powerful countries the ones that can Do destruction and when you look at What's going on now with the word Nuclear it's being thrown about every Day every hour you hear nuclear nuclear You didn't hear that at all for four Years when I was there you don't discuss That word that word is a bad word A bad word mark because the power is so Unbelievable this isn't a world where This is the end of the world I don't Call it world war three I call it the End of the world and we have people that Have no idea what they're talking about Or what they're doing I look at now What's happening with Russia and the United States they just grabbed a Reporter which is unheard of they just They're holding now a reporter I guess That hasn't happened in many decades uh What's going on we are at in my opinion Because of the power of Weaponry mostly Nuclear but other things also we are in The most dangerous position we've ever Been in as a nation right now and we Have a leader that just doesn't know What's going on we have he just doesn't Know what's going on

And we want to be nice about it Everybody wants to be nice about it but The world is at balance and this country What might not exist I mean we may not Exist anymore Because we're talking about power of Weapons that is so unbelievable I know Better than anybody because I got to see It and we have people that don't Understand that and they they talk tough When they should be nice and they talk Nice when they should be tough I mean It's the opposite everything you see They say is just wrong And it's a very scary time for this Country and it's scary primarily because Of the leadership I had I get great Relationships with all of them uh President XI was very close to me he was Right here he was right in this room we Spent a whole weekend together at Mar-A-Lago and we had tremendous talks I Made an incredible trade deal that covet Came along I don't even talk about it it Was one of the greatest trade deals ever Made gave off farmers and manufacturers 50 billion dollars I got 28 billion Dollars cash for our Farmers where they Literally wrote out checks to my China Did nobody wants to talk about it I got 28 billion dollars for our farmer that's Why the farmers like me that's why I'm Not losing Nebraska and I'm not losing Iowa because they got I mean nobody ever

Even thought it was possible 28 billion I got because they were taken advantage Of and hurt by China and I got it back In the form of taxes tariffs and other Things and with hundreds of billions Left over and no other president got 10 Cents and yet I got along with Prince President XI incredibly well but I was Stopping the Rampage it was the rape of America that's what it was it was the Rape of America what China was doing to Us and we had people leading that had no Clue they had no clue I'm telling you Not 10 cents did we get from China I got Hundreds of billions of dollars and I Gave 28 billion of it to the farmers Because they were really taken advantage Of and hurt by China and many other Things I mean just usmca that's Mexico Canada got rid of NAFTA one of the worst Probably the worst trade deal Ever made it was so one-sided now Canada And Mexico want to renegotiate the deal Because it's a great deal we shouldn't Do it by the way because you know for Many years they they took advantage of Us and now we have a very good deal I Call it a fair deal but they want to Renegotiate it meaning they're not happy And nobody thought that was possible but I would say it was peace through Strength I would say that they viewed us As a strong country I think they Probably didn't really figure me out

Because you know they were concerned About things zero chance that would have Gone into Ukraine I used to talk about It but he knew not to go in and he Wouldn't have gone in they don't respect Our country anymore they don't respect Our leadership anymore I had Iran in a Position where they would have made a Deal within one week after the election Instead they've become very rich and I Saw I told China if you buy oil from Iran they were buying massive amounts if You buy you're not going to do any Business with the United States and they Were ripping us up for 507 billion Dollars we had a trade deficit with China 507 billion dollars I said you buy Any any oil at all from Iran and I said That to numerous other countries also And Iran was coming to the table they Were dying to make a deal And what I did getting us out of that Horrible Iran nuclear deal that was one Of the best things I did for Israel Between Golan Heights and between the Embassy and Jerusalem the capital Everything I did for Israel the best Thing I did was getting them out of that Horrible Iran nuclear deal the problem Is the new Administration blew it They blew it and they allowed Iran to Have a nuclear weapon we have people That truly don't know what they're doing This is the most dangerous time in the

History of our country and people talk About an election in a little while you Know it's getting closer But even if you said a year and a half That's a long time because the most Dangerous things now are happening more Dangerous did you see the other day Where Putin is moving nuclear weapons Into Belarus okay nobody ever talks About that they say we're going to go There we're going to do this we're going To give a couple of bucks And if you remember I'm the one that Gave the javelins To Ukraine I gave all of the javelins That's the anti-tank missiles I gave Them hundreds and hundreds and hundreds Of them Obama gave them sheets do you Ever hear it I gave javelins he gave Sheets when I spoke to the head of the Taliban Abdul I said Abdul you're Killing a lot of people under Obama they Were doing snipers all over the place And killing our boys and killing our Women and killing a lot of other people It was very bad And I said you got to get this guy I Want to speak to this guy And I took a lot of heat that I would Speak to him I tell the story Jesse James why do you rob banks Jesse why do You rob banks he says that's where the Money is why do I speak to Abdul from Because that's where the death is that's

Where he was killing people and I said Abdul great to speak to you if you do Any more killing if you kill one more of Our soldiers we're going to hit you Harder than anybody has ever been hit And he actually said to me but why but Why do you send me a picture of my home I said you'll have to figure that one Out for yourself Abdul you'll have to Figure that one out For yourself or ask one of your wives From that point forward we didn't have One soldier even shot at not one soldier Killed And then when I was gone They did the withdrawal Millie should be court-martialed they Did a withdrawal where the people think Of this Mark this is where the soldiers Came out first If you asked a five-year-old child Strategy the children's the soldiers Come out last they were so afraid of our F-16s and our fighter jets we had brand New I rebuilt the whole the whole thing A brand new gorgeous that we had stuff That was 48 years old They were so afraid of it they would Just run back when they heard this with Those engines now they own those planes They own those planes mark And I said to these people when I was Getting ready to pull out I said I want every nail I want every

Screw I want every bolt I want all the Canvas from the tents what do you mean The tensor I want those big massive Tents here like hangers with canvas uh Covers steel I want all of that I want The tanks I want the planes I want the Guns I want everything I don't want you To leave a screw or a bolt And then Millie said to me sure I think It's easier if we left and left Everything I said Why it's cheaper I said so let me ask You we have 150 million dollar airplane We have to fill it up with the tank of Gas put a little fuel in there You say it's cheaper to leave the plane Than it is to fly it to Pakistan and Then take it back home or fly to some Other place that we get along with and Take it back home or fly it directly We're going to give them 100 million 150 Million dollar plane because you think It's cheaper it's not cheaper These are stupid people we have these Are stupid people they take the military Out before we take our hostages out Because they're hostages the American People now are hostages the book is Letters to Trump it's a Great book I recommend you grab it hey Sean Hannity here hey click here to Subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and Catch our hottest interviews and most Compelling analysis you will not get it

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