Dr. Ben Carson warns ‘the traditional family’ is disappearing

Dr. Ben Carson warns 'the traditional family' is disappearing

Former Housing Secretary and presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson joins ‘Sunday Night in America’ to discuss if America has become the land of relativism.

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Welcome back to Sunday night in America We used to hear the phrase Family Values A lot and now it seems our culture Struggles with how to define either Family or values someone once wrote it Takes a village but now saying children Do better with both a mother and a Father in the home as somehow Controversial what are these values that Make family the foundation of an Organized Society how do we account for Those Among Us who did not have the Benefit of growing up in a loving home And are there any values or virtues we Can all agree upon or has America become The become the land of relativism Joining us is the author of the perilous Fight former HUD secretary former GOP Presidential candidate and neurosurgeon Dr Ben Carson welcome Dr Carson uh thank you For joining us when you hear the phrase Family Values what comes to your Mind well thanks for having me Trey um You know the family in America has been Foundational it's the building block for The community and for the whole Society and uh you know those values Generally are passed on through the Family but they will come from someplace What has been happening in our society Is that they're not now getting them From their traditional family they're Getting them from the internet from

Social media from their friends on the Street and those values that made us This great our fault faltering our faith Our our system of Belief uh in Community uh Liberty life all of those Things have been sort of tossed to the Side and we're seeing things devolve as A result of that the traditional American family is disappearing all you Have to do is look at any television Series Almost before you get into it Some alternative to the traditional Family is presented not only as Acceptable but as the Preferred method of moving forward and If you're seeing that from the time that You're a child uh it can have a profound Effect and what is so important and one Of the points I want to get across in The book is America has been different from many Other countries in the world and we kind Of stand in the way of the Marxist Philosophy and you cannot overcome us Militarily the only way you're going to Overcome us is internally and if you Want to come to the very Foundation of That society and their strength you go After the Family look I haven't done the research You've done but I've done enough to know Dr Carson and when I'm asked how do you Avoid poverty my answer is finish High

School at a minimum and wait to have Children until you can afford it I mean The formula for avoiding dependency on Government and and poverty is pretty Simple but yet that's become Controversial to say that I mean what is Controversial about saying finish school And don't have kids until you can afford It well you know you've crystallized the The findings for the Brookings Institute And Princeton University they look Together at causes of poverty finish High School wait until you're married to Have children and get a job and if you Do that your chances of living in Poverty are 2% or less we used to know That nobody had to tell us that all of a Sudden it's become a revelation and both The conservative and the liberal think Tanks and research organizations all Show the same thing that is that Children who are raised and a Traditional nuclear family do better on Virtually all parameters Dr Ben Carson The book is the perilous fight he's used To working on our brains but he's got a Book about our soul thank you for Joining us on a Sunday Night a pleasure thank you so much hey Sean Hannity here hey click here to Subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and Catch our hottest interviews and most Compelling analysis you will not get it Anywhere else

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