Finland joins NATO in major blow to Russia

Finland joins NATO in major blow to Russia

Former national security adviser to Trump, Victoria Coates, joined ‘Fox & Friends First’ to discuss her broader concerns surrounding Trump’s arraignment and Finland joining NATO. #FoxNews

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We are going to bring in Victoria Coates Former deputy National Security adviser To president Trump and Senior research Fellow at the Heritage Foundation Victoria thanks so much for being with Us I want to Echo what we heard from Eric Trump just moments ago so do you Think that yesterday was an example of Weaponizing the system Good morning Ashley yes I mean Absolutely I think we've seen Democrats And brag as an elected Democrat a highly Politicizing our justice system in order To try to go after president Trump and It's important to remember it's not Going to end with Trump it's going to be Going after everyone they disagree with So I think it's very important for the Former president to stand up and fight On this issue and point out what's going On for what's going on here and none of Us should stand for it there are much Bigger implications than just the here And now when it comes to the United States of America this has worldwide Implications so Victoria can we ever Ever again lecture other countries about Democracy and the rule of law after what We witnessed yesterday Well absolutely Todd I think I think we Can I mean I I don't know that lecturing Folks about democracy gets us very far But we're seeing our democracy play out And we're going to have a chance in 2024

To to exercise that democracy but your Point is an excellent one which is this Is being watched all around the world And the Biden Administration can pretend That they're stove piping it but make no Mistake about it chairman G and President Putin and the supreme leader In Iran are all watching this like Hawks And it's a very very dangerous moment For our country You know what did you make of the press Conference Alvin Bragg held shortly After this arraignment yesterday was There anything that stood out to you More than than others It the whole thing was just detached From reality I mean he not only failed To really make any kind of a case Against former president Trump he failed 34 times I mean there's just no there There with this and I think it really Laid bare to the American people how Their resources are being wasted their Time is being wasted their security is Being put in danger by this political Witch Hunt and so I think he really Exposed himself in the the entire effort As in in many ways an empty suit you Mentioned China and Russia I think That's the key follow-up here don't Spectacles like yesterday based off of a Toothless indictment like you mentioned Just emboldened China and Russia that Their strategies to divide us both over

And covert that those strategies are Actually working Victoria Well it's it's it's such a dangerous Time Todd I mean we we've had the Revelations in the last 24 36 hours that The administration knew when that Chinese spy balloon drifted across our Country for a week that it was sending Sensitive data back to Beijing and they Couldn't block it and they let it happen And then we have you know Putin and the Russians scooping up a Wall Street Journal uh Journal a journalist uh in in Russia and holding him hostage there in Bolton they're on the move and our President's just laughing about it and Running around telling us we're not Spending more for Easter this year when Everybody knows that we are so I think Hopefully at least the Congress can Start demanding some answers on this and Really alerting people to the dangers That we're facing well what he is Spending more on is we're now going to Be giving another 2.6 billion dollars in Military and security Aid to Ukraine now Switching gears a little more on that Line Finland is now the first country to Join NATO since the war in Ukraine began Dealing a major blow to Vladimir Putin's Quest for power in the region so what Does this signify for that region and What does it mean for that area Well in the abstract Finland and then

Sweden joining NATO is a good thing for The reason you raised there Ashley which Is you know we're being asked for Another 2.6 billion uh taking us well Over a hundred billion in Aid to Ukraine Which is not an area where the United States should be the the top donor I Mean this is essentially a European War So in large economies with significant Militaries like Sweden and Finland Formally joined NATO formally joined That effort that should be a good thing But I'm very uh concerned that this Administration which which seems to want To Pivot away from these issues is not Paying attention to the fact that Finland has an extended border with Russia this is a potential vulnerability And while it can be a great strategic Advantage to have them join us in NATO We have to be paying attention to that And thinking about that that increased Threat 800 miles that is quite a border I didn't realize it was that extent but That's a lot of Landing yeah it really Is Victoria coast thank you so much for Your time this morning we appreciate you Coming on I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade and I'm Ainsley Earhart and Click here to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page to catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis

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