Fisher DeBerry

Fisher DeBerry

Legendary Air Force football coach Fisher DeBerry speaks at the Center for American Values.

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands one nation Under God indivisible with liberty and Justice for all We welcome the loved and legendary head Football coach Fischer DeBary what do You want your legacy to be integrity Honor patriotism terms that were very Very dear to my heart and I know very Dear to your heart and think today if All of America would operate under these Three core values think about what this Nation would be like today and those Valuable resource I truly believed today Our young people in this nation you get Him with the right people and he can Hear and learn about honor and integrity And character and have a life changing Experience for himself and then carry That back into his Skoob we might can Change a lot of schools throughout this Nation success in coaching is not Measured by the number of wins and Losses but the real success in coaching Is measured by the men that your players Become as adults I think we’ve got a Real big responsibility that if we don’t Change the hearts of our young people in This country and this nation really has No change I salute the center of American values and this is a very very Special place and a very very special Moment

I think if every city in America Established this type of Hope Established this type of unique this Type of place where people could To celebrate the values that many many Of us cherish and many of us grew up With this change the heart of our Country I think it’s the core values That we have chosen for our lives or our Teams for our city that determines Really who we are You have chosen honor you’ve chosen Integrity you’ve chosen patriotism and This is a shining example for all of America all across our great land will Continue in greatness it maintains honor Integrity and patriotism as this Foundation winning is having character In everything that you do winning it’s How you play the game

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