FOIA and officers’ complaint form hand delivered to deputy Shannon pilkington

FOIA and officers' complaint form hand delivered to deputy Shannon pilkington

this is me hand delivering for your requests in a officer Complaint Form in regards to me being unlawfully detained while exercising my first amendment on the 23rd of January 2023 officer Tooley officer teller officer hollensteiner and a sergeant 262 I believe don’t quote me on that came to the City Hall located at 8th and Main in Quincy Illinois 62301 Adams County because I was filming I did a follow-up video as of today just a few hours ago from posting this hope you like camera work is kind of unsteady but I will get better once the weather is warm remember I am out here with no gloves and my hands are bare skin on the cold so just bear with me in time I will do better equipment when summer hits

This is a U.S Constitution auditor Would be coming down here today to give These complaints [Music] Yes is this uh Mr Pilkington I have a foia request form and a Complaint form for the incident that Took place on the 23rd Okay I’ll work No recording devices allowed past this Point See that’s what we did in the city hall Same thing You know anything you can film from the You know the publicly accessible area And then back it’s just like okay that’s What I was doing in the city hall so why Did the cops get called Why did they want to call the police and Waste taxpayer dollars why did the Police uh detain me You know there’s a lot of there’s a lot Of questions that are unanswered Currently right now like for example They said that megaphone didn’t work but Clearly it works just fine and on my Other video so maybe we should do a Forward request and find out if it was Indeed replaced or fixed If you have any medication that you are No longer needing like needles Or sorry no no needles no short glass Radioactive material or biohazard Materials or inhalers but if you have

Like medicines like pills and stuff like That prescription prescription patches Professional medications prescription Ointments over-the-counter medication Body on the samples medication for pets If you have any of those or needles or Syringes Put them in the red box if you have Medication got it over the counter stuff Like pills and stuff and ointments Put them there That’s one thing that I will complement The city and the county and the Department on is having the medication Disposal because that’s not there’s a Lot of those You Don’t See Oh also for for for you scared cats or For those of you who want the government To continue you know continue even more Know any more information about you There’s an ATM right here for those of You who are Either paranoid or too scared to go to a Natural ATM you can come right in here 24 7 365. And right now we’re just going to wait So I’m going to pause until we get down Here We have a freedom Of information request form In a Quincy Police Department complaint Form on Thule 146-152 He’s got a body camera okay so there’s Two of those what’s your name start it

With uh number two five one okay Okay yep I’ll get it more than you need To go okay and about how long will it Take for you guys to process those Before I don’t know she has to look Because it depends who is she It is Amanda Keck what what case was was Done because I was told there was Hollensteiner said on the camera there Was no report I I don’t know what this is Man without Looking at it it’s from when you guys Came down to the city hall detained me While filming filming and didn’t and Then didn’t couldn’t articulate what Crime I committed so it was unlawfully Detained and then we’ll get this other Thing done for you all right and Whatever else if you guys can’t read my Handwriting uh I can always email it Over to you you guys have my email all Right I’ll see you Ben see ya hey I’m Going to the city hall so hopefully you Guys don’t come down there and detain me Again all right I’ll see you then see ya Yeah then I think while I’m here hold on I think we’re here we’re gonna do a Another another walk through the Department Number four key number two supervisor is Mp21351 The laptop up buddy You know you think that with that being

A supervisor You guys would think that they would Just not leave your laptop up Foreign Pokey no no this is kind of like a Pokemon game though if you think about It you gotta catch all the bad ones This is number seven Up is it on We got number 14. you know it’s always Number 14. that’s number three two five One like they’re always leaving them up Look at that Yeah so we that’s where our tax dollars Goes towards it’s custom seatingly why Do you guys need custom seatings Like I never really understood that Like why Maybe you guys helped me figure that out I want to say thank you for my Subscribers [Music] It’s not a lot of activity right now Because it is so early plus it’s cold Out here and I have no gloves on We got in here oh look at that [Music] We got a quarter panel front quarter Panel damage And a little not a lot of glare You need ball joints All along there you need ball joints oh Inner inner and outer tie rods and yes I Do know a little bit about cars

Make sure you guys are registered to Vote if you guys want to vote for Incompetent people make sure you get Your votes in before the October 11th Deadline and early voting is September 29th 2023 everybody So if you guys are one of those little Sheeps make sure you get out here and Vote for your sheeple but if you’re a Wolf Like here at the U.S Constitution Auditor’s office and yes You will not need to vote I know I am Not registered to vote because I believe If you vote you have no right to Complain because you voted them in if You don’t vote then you have every right To complain and be upset and argue and Debate because you didn’t vote therefore You didn’t vote him in therefore you Didn’t want neither of them and whoever Was running therefore You are able to argue Yeah U.S Postal Service Van 521-2312 We’re gonna be going down in here This is uh let’s see here the West Vermont entrance Deeds County Clerk supervisor Oh wow that’s a lot It’s locked Why is it locked when it’s It’s Friday everybody 20 bucks says they’re not gonna let me They’re not gonna let me film well see

They have a policy but there’s no There’s no law there’s no ordinances Even if there was There’s no phones But their policy is against the Constitution Core dress code so Court dress code States no pajama pants shorts short Shorts saggy pants low rise pants or any Pants that ride low enough To show Center skin or skidding below Hips No tank tops crop tops spaghetti strap Tops or any other tops that show Excessive amounts of skin or have Offensive pitcher awarding you know hats Cap the sunglasses no swimwear no Clothing that is designed as underwear Including see-through pants squirt bras Or Lacy camisoles no coats shall be worn In the courtroom All of which let’s see no pajama pants What happened to the pursuit of Happiness So that’s it again A dress code is not a federal law Yes You have to go through this metal Detector Thank you As many communities Attorneys are allowed to possess Electronic devices within the courthouse Courtroom announcements

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