George Stephanopoulos shocked governor still backs Trump

George Stephanopoulos shocked governor still backs Trump

The ‘Fox & Friends’ co-hosts discuss the terse exchange between ABC’s George Stephanopoulos and New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu over his support of Trump in the 2024 presidential election. #FoxNews

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Last week I I talked to governor suo and He's an oldfashioned politician I backed Somebody else Nikki haly Nikki Hy didn't Get it so I backed Trump and among the People that can't believe that is is is George Stephanopoulos who's deranged With January 6 syndrome January 6 Bad Day we all know it um absolutely nobody Says it was a great day but he acts like There's no other issue in the country And he's and Governor snu went on there And said yeah I thought that Donald Trump did play a role in it by given a Speech and I thought it was a terrible Day and I don't like the way he acted After the election but still if you look At where the country was and where it is I'm voting for Trump he just can't Handle this he's done this so many times Too on Sunday on the few times he hosts His own show listen to this Clash will your support for Donald Trump Continue even if he's convicted in Manhattan yeah I look I this this trial Is not going to have major political Ramifications that a lot of people I Think think it may have I'm asking Whether you're going to Be I'm you're a governor you're an Elected official I'm asking whether You're going to be swayed by it yeah Look nobody should be shocked that the Republican Governor is supporting the Republican president you know what the

Real story is the average American that Has gone from Biden back to Trump he Will be right I'm the governor die Bringing that mentality back that Doesn't make any sense to me Governor I'm sorry you're saying it's not about Trump you're saying he would be the President and you've said he's an ins Someone who's contributed to an Insurrection I understand it doesn't make sense to You George but look at the polls and he Went on to say you're in a New York Bubble you don't understand where the Country is right now and where it was And that's why we got to get these Democrats out and replace them with the People around Donald Trump but I think He's being honest in both this this is What happens when you just sit in a New York studio and you don't go out there And talk with the American people Because there's a lot of Americans that Say listen I don't agree with the tweets I don't agree with some things that Donald Trump has done in the past but I Still think he's the best person for the Job life was better The Border was Secure our enemies feared us there's a Lot of Americans but this tells you Right now it just won't be the Democrats That do this that it it will be the Media that tries to shame the American Public that if you decide to go for

Donald Trump is that you can't do that They're not asking questions they're Telling you how to vote you cannot vote For him because he's a threat to Democracy and it's like they never learn They just it's like it's like Lucy with The football the media every single time They they lose their minds they go after These things and then they fall in their Faces because nobody's buying and They're losing their credibility every Step of the way remarkably still had Enough credibility to I think influence Uh the 2020 election but um but you know They they've they're losing all Credibility Charlie it's not it's not as Chris Nunu says it's not even a top five Issue no so you keep bringing it up all Right so if you if if uh if the Republicans only brought up Afghanistan I'd go guys what are you doing right Because I wish it was a top one issue But it's only one issue uh and it should Be a historic issue it should be a Disqualifier but it wasn't in 2022 so You move on Just Right abortion looks Like it's going to be a maybe a top Three issue instead of the top issue you Have to respond at least ask questions About what is it about Donald Trump that Is resonating with almost with 93% of Republicans so you got to ask yourself What am I missing as opposed to how Awful are those other people don't agree

With me that's the New York bubble they Want to focus on this one issue hat they Don't know what the average American's Life is like you know where they're Struggling to put food on their table Because prices are expensive gas prices Are going up again you compare gas Prices of what they are now to what they Were under Donald Trump I mean under Donald Trump when he left they were what $240 cents and now they're creeping up Again we've seen $5 gas more than $5 gas Um in various parts of the country $7 $8 In California at some point so those are The issues that matter to people you Said when you go to a restaurant with Your friends when you talk to your Family at the kitchen table are you Talking about January 6th no I don't I Don't even think uh Democrats are they They want to jam that down they think That Donald Trump should be disqualified Already and they can't believe he's not And so Governor tunu is a example of a Republican that's in he also said I said Do you think Nikki Haley needs to Endorse him he said no Nikki Haley's Voters are going to vote for Donald Trump they want no part I was surprised To hear that because they think like he Does they think like he does I if I'm a Republican maybe I like Nikki Haley but If she's out I'm going to vote for the Other Republican bottom line is she

Signed a pledge and I think Republican Voters are going to take that too like Did Hillary Clinton become Secretary of State for the guy that beat him Barack Obama this happens all the time is Marco Rubio up to be a number two after they Argued almost or tore each other's heads Off in 2016 that happens in politics Like all healthy people voters have the Ability to prioritize what's most Important to them and what's most Important to them right now are gas Prices grocery And what's most important in the control Room I'm Steve duy I'm Brian killme and I'm Angley Airhart and click here to Subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page To catch our hottest interviews and most Compelling analysis

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