Gold Star dad torches Biden: ‘Why is the Taliban handling our dirty laundry?’

Gold Star dad torches Biden: 'Why is the Taliban handling our dirty laundry?'

Mark Schmitz, whose son Jared Schmitz was killed during the Kabul airport bombing, joined ‘America’s Newsroom’ to discuss his reaction to the killing and the ongoing search for answers on the Afghanistan withdrawal. #FoxNews

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Let's get to this now serious story Overseas the Taliban killing the Isis K Leader who planned the deadly bombing at Kabul Airport nearly two years ago the Attack killed U.S 13 U.S service members And more than 100 Afghan civilians During The Botch withdrawal from Afghanistan One of the fallen heroes was Lance Corporal Jared Schmitz his father Jared Joins us now sir thank you for being With us we are sorry for your loss and I'm sure that the grief you still hold Today are you comforted at all knowing That this individual who planned the Bombing has now been verified to have Been killed Has he though you know do we have photos Do we have DNA do we have a name when I Spoke to the Pentagon yesterday they had No answers of anything so as far as I'm Concerned we can throw the word alleged In front of that entire statement I it's You know Why is the Taliban handling our dirty Laundry is my main question you know we Allegedly have this over the horizon Capability why didn't why didn't we take Him out do we even know who he is You know that those are questions that I Didn't get answers to Those are good questions and mark the White House says it will not release the Name of the ban but describe him as The

Mastermind I don't understand that we Will ask see if we can get an answer on That as well it does say here that the U.S government was able to confirm it Through intelligence gathering and Monitoring of ongoing threats and actors In the region that truly could mean Anything and maybe they're not able to Actually tell you but you I'm what I Understand from your point of view is That you feel like there's so many Things that have been unanswered Including that you think that there's Actually been a cover-up Oh absolutely I mean look what's Happening right now in the Foreign Affairs committee you you've issued a Subpoena it's a blinken who is uh Stonewalled and not turned over The Descent cables from the embassy workers I mean I'd love to see what's in those You know if these if these Embassy Workers are are telling the Administration don't do what you're Planning on doing let's see that if they Want to redact the name so be it that's Fine but I don't think what uh Representative McCall is asking for is Asking too much it's not unreasonable No uh would you mind listening to Something that you I know you were there I know that you watched it live and I Just want to play for everybody again This is sound from a witness who was

There a marine who witnessed the entire Thing he testified at a congressional Hearing just to remind everybody what We're talking about here watch Then a Flash and a massive wave of Pressure I'm throwing 12 feet onto the ground but Instantly knew what had happened I Opened my eyes to Marines dead or Unconscious lying around me A crowd of hundreds immediately vanished In front of me and my body was Catastrophically wounded plain and Simple we were ignored Our expertise was disregarded no one was Held accountable for our safety You know we all feel for him and the Others that were there that witnessed it And feel like they don't have answers Either do you keep in touch with the Others and the other families I do yeah we have a parent chat group on Facebook we try to keep what we share With each other in their private but uh You know again I want to thank Tyler for What he did coming out and speaking uh That took an incredible amount of Courage Um it certainly led to a lot more Questions that again still have not been Answered uh You know as to why he wasn't allowed Permission to take this guy out you know And again this goes back to Bagram in my

Opinion uh this guy escaped from prison In diagram uh after We snuck out in the Middle of the night so There wouldn't be a mastermind to kill This guy not taking uh taking the lives Of R-13 because he escaped out of Background which we should have never Left Mark I love the photo of your son That we have showed to people here of Jared Schmidt's a handsome young man an Earnest young man but behind you today Is not his picture but a very special Flag about the freedom 13 as a last Question here tell us a little bit about That So the freedom 13 is uh our non-profit That we started uh in Cliff Notes Version we are planning on building uh Camps recreational Retreat camps all Throughout the United States for Veterans to use free of charge for a Week at a time Um just we've made these flags because We do a lot of parades with vehicles Boats motorcycles and whatnot and we're Selling them like crazy and people are Are sporting them on their vehicles as Well as their homes and you know the Whole mission is to keep their names Alive and and this is a big piece of it So I'm proud to to fly that behind me And uh on my vehicle every day and Um you know they're available for Purchase so that helps our organization

Out to to reach our goals Mark Schmitz thank you and with Memorial Day coming up sounds like a good flag to Have at the ready thank you so much take Care

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