Greg Gutfeld: The elites are going after the outsiders

Greg Gutfeld: The elites are going after the outsiders

’The Five’ co-hosts react to Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s case against former President Donald Trump amid Trump’s indictment by a New York grand jury.

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An unprecedented moment after former President Trump is indicted the news Igniting a political Firestorm as we get Brand new details on what comes next Trump calling it a political persecution As he reportedly is going to face more Than 30 criminal charges over alleged Hush money payments we wait to see the Indictment former president is expected To be arraigned next Tuesday sources Telling Fox he will have his mug shot And fingerprints taken but will not be Handcuffed Trump’s attorney vowing to Fight back You know when you stretch the law to get Someone you don’t like or as a political Opponent in this case It’s very hard to ever get that law to Come back to its original shape today’s Proof that you could actually pick a Target and then try and find a crime Even a crime that’s not a crime because There is no crime history and I’m Telling you there is no crime I know the Facts I know the law and I really want To see where this is going to go I don’t Know Manhattan D.A Alvin Bragg is facing Major backlash for bringing this case in The first place rag being criticized for Using an untested legal Theory to bring State charges in a federal case Involving alleged campaign Finance Violations Republicans calling it a Political Ploy and say they’re ready to

Hold the AG accountable They’re trying to destroy Donald Trump Because they fear him at The Ballot Box They’re trying to drain him dry I think The Democrats know this has nothing to Do with the law they’re sending a Message and it really is a slippery Slope when we start indicting our Political opponents particularly active Candidates for office instead of Cleaning up the streets of New York a George Soros back D.A is focused on Indicting a former president this is Absolutely a political Witch Hunt Through and through this was a campaign Promised by the D.A he said he would Indict the president he has now done so All right let’s discuss Pete hexath Listen how this plays out if it takes a Year or more judge we’ll talk about that To get to actually a trial if he’s the Nominee he’s going to be running for President at the same time being a Criminal defendant in a case in New York City yeah befitting the Banana Republic We’ve become that’s happened in other Countries around the world where Political opponents have been under Indictment or facing jail time and They’re running for president because Elites have decided they’re not worthy Of that office or they want to get rid Of them but the people back what they Tried to do and were thwarted in the

Process it’s barely worth talking about The merits of this case for ways uh the Judge could talk a lot a lot better than I could we don’t know to be fair we Don’t know but we know well it seems to Be about and it comes from a a D.A who’s Made his entire career downgrading Felonies to misdemeanors or dismissing Cases for criminals and in this case Desperately reaching for a way to find a Felony against a former president who he Promised as you noted he would go after As a candidate and he has we’re going to Talk about the political Fallout from Here uh that I think is the most Important piece and probably doesn’t Work in the democrats favor well judge I’m looking ahead here so there are a Lot of pre-trial motions in ways that His defense team will try to get rid of This before it ever gets to trial but How do you think the process is going to Go if they get to trial of picking Jurors here in New York and holding a Trial of somebody who probably is going To be running for president I can’t even Get that far because as a D.A and as a Former judge who did this for 32 years Uh this charge is insufficient on its Face if you are charging in the Falsifying of business records the Statute of limitations is run if you are Bootstrapping it with a federal offense You don’t have that jurisdiction to

Charge a federal offense so people are Saying this is untested legal Theory This is not untested this is illegal and Any Judge worth his or her salt will Dismiss this indictment if it alleges What we suspect uh based upon the Insufficiency of the indictment so There’s a lot of places a lot of of Emotions that will be made before we Even get to the trial I don’t think we Should get that far I think one of the Things that is so incredibly important To realize here is that this is Selective prosecution this is a D.A who Has taken one of the most revered one of The most time-honored DA’s offices in The nation the Manhattan DA’s office and Turned it into a kangaroo DA’s office Where they are bringing someone in who Was literally running for president on a Crime that they alleged occurred that Hillary Clinton could have been charged With uh five times over based on the Fact that she used campaign funds and Charge them as legal expenses and it Wasn’t even her money with the added Addition that she split the nation apart With the Russian collusion delusion she Split families apart she made Americans Fight with each other but this is simply A continuation of what happened from the Time the left saw Donald Trump running And they got that steel dossier and they Use it as a basis for a fisa warrant

That they re-upped continuously through James Comey and the Department of Justice that gave us an example and I Called it the antics of a third world Country and now they’ve come full cycle So I see this not only as a prosecutor I See it as a politician someone who’s run For office five times I’ve run in the State of New York but as an American This is the takedown of the American Criminal justice system this is the Takedown of America where the left is Literally taking down our Republic and Turning us into a laughing stock and Finally let me say one thing this is the Only man that our enemies feared Donald Trump is the only man that our enemies Feared you know Putin went in took Crimea when Obama was there Putin Invades Ukraine when Biden is there Nobody invaded anywhere when Trump was There and Americans are eating this President alive the judges is warmed up And now ready to go okay you talk about The rest of the world kind of looking at Where we’re at the El Salvadoran President said this Um it’s going to be hard for the U.S to Now lecture us and use arguments about Condemning political persecution so from The outside looking in Jessica we now Have foreign leaders saying you can’t Talk to us about political prosecutions And Corruption and that kind of thing

Because they’re going to point the Finger at us and say their impression is That’s what this is I have nothing against the president of El Salvador I also know nothing about Them if you have the UK prime minister Who says something like that I’d be a Little bit more interested in having That conversation Um where it stands right now and your Right chance to continue to caution Everyone on this is that we don’t know What’s in the indictment we know that It’s supposed to be 30 plus counts which I think is not what people expected to Begin with we also know that there has Been months of new testimony since his People like to hearken back and say well The doj didn’t go with this and the FEC Didn’t go with this there should be new Information if there isn’t shame on Alvin Bragg and we’ll all be saying that Tuesday at you know 2 22 because he’s Arraigned at 2 15 and I know that the Judge is considering unsealing the Indictment ahead of time so maybe that You know for your Saturday night if you Don’t want to watch the the final four You can do that but there is a lot of False information flying around about What’s gone on here I’ve heard this Isn’t a crime it is a crime Donald Trump Was an unindicted co-conspirator and What happened with Michael Cohen he was

Was not prosecuted because he was President of the United States of America I went back and I looked at the Fec’s report on this The General Counsel Said it explicitly that this was an Illegal campaign contribution so the Choice was not to prosecute not that Something was not done that was Inappropriate and was a crime his own Doj said unindicted co-conspirator he Was individual number one in all of Those papers that came out I’m also Hearing a lot about the George Soros Back D.A here George Soros released a Statement he didn’t back Alvin Bragg He’s actually never even talked to Alvin Bragg and I understand that it’s a fun Talking point to say that all the Liberal DA’s in the country are funded By this Boogeyman billionaire but we all Know what happened to George Soros in 2018 when he had a pipe bomb sent to his House by a crazed about that yes it is We can make criticism how far are we Going to get off the topic here I’m sorry the congresswoman who was on TV said Soros back to eight it is Inaccurate and it has put lives in Danger people should just be everything Puts lives in danger but then when People die it’s like it’s not a big deal Right we gotta we get we get a mass Shooting in a in a school and whose Lives are in danger according to the

White House I’m just saying if you want To go in that direction we can all do That I want to ask you though about because You mentioned James Comey and some Things that went on under his watch Um he tweeted and I think we had the Tweet it’s been a good day Greg Well you know um I would I would like to Speak about just like the the people who Are giddy the in the media and Especially in New York I have a feeling They’ve probably never been mugged Because we’ve been we we’re witnessing a Pretty big trade we have a D.A that Chose not to prosecute criminals and Devote almost all of his time chasing The great white whale or the great Orange whale that is Trump so there was A trade there and why is that important It’s because you’re seeing a major Reframing in the way you should actually The way I look at this world I don’t see Things left or right anymore I see Things as inside and outside you know There were two people that were targeted This week you couldn’t get more opposite Between Matt taibi and Donald Trump one A renegade Progressive journalist Another a renegade Republican president What do they have in common they’re both On the outside so this isn’t about the Left going after the right it’s about The elites going after The Outsiders and

If you look at all of the things that we Talk about on the show and the things That piss you off do you know why Nothing gets done because you’re the Outside cider right if you’re concerned About the Border if you’re concerned About crime if you’re concerned about Inflation and if you happen to like Trump you’re an outsider inside Elites Have no concerns about anything they Don’t live in the border states right They don’t have to worry about crime They don’t have to worry about guns Because they’ve got private security as For Trump they hate them they don’t care If he was if he was feared by uh foreign Powers they don’t care if he had a good Economy they just don’t like him they Kept that this guy’s getting prosecuted Because of tweets because they mentally Deranged him this is the first Prosecution based on Trump derangement Syndrome we know that we know this is Political don’t pretend that this is Over a you know an unindicted Co-conspiracy so that’s garbage lastly We have to go back and think about what We miss whenever we see a political Witch Hunt there are three things that I Remember in my lifetime one let me go Back to covid the first two months of Covid we were doing a trump impeachment We lost two months I remember it was on Every channel while this weird thing got

Out of the Pandora’s boxed in China but We were we were getting our teeth sunk In in Trump theater then you go back Even further 9 11. what happened before 9 11. another political Witch Hunt this Time it was about a blue dress right we Didn’t see Al Qaeda coming because we’re Too busy worrying about the President Coming that’s a Witch Hunt there are Three witch hunts right now there’s 911 There’s covid what did we talk about Today what was the big story all of These techno nerds right from Silicon Valley saying the most biggest threat in The world the biggest threat in the World is AI without proper control Without proper control That hasn’t changed But it’s out of the news that got pushed Out of the news because of this because We can’t get enough of trump That’s on the media so Thank you oh I’m sorry what did I do It’s a family show fantastic Great job it’s 10 o’clock somewhere hey Sean Hannity here hey click here to Subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and Catch our hottest interviews and most Compelling analysis you will not get it Anywhere else

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