Gutfeld: Are we on the brink of another civil war?

Gutfeld: Are we on the brink of another civil war?

‘Gutfeld!’ panelists discuss the power struggle between federal agents and the Texas National Guard over razor wire along the southern border.
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[Music] Yes happy Thursday Everybody ah calm Down calm down calm down I Understand all right is the White House Out of order stopping Texas from Defending its border as you may have Noticed the White House is determined to Let as many illegal aliens into the United States as possible with migrant Mobs as big as the crowds of Gutfeld Fans at Eastern State [Applause] Correctional [Applause] Great stop it all right all right all Right Grandpa Joe even told them to Surge to the Border like it was a new Slogan for Taco Bell I would in fact make sure that There is we immediately surge to the Border all all those people are seeking Asylum they deserve to be heard that's Who we are we're a nation says if you Want to flee and you're fleeing Oppression you should come and I kurumba Did they ever listen to him he's been Waving in illegal immigrants like their Kids with freshly washed Hair but doesn't Joe know this Invasion Exhaust America's resources the way he Exhaust the White House Plumbing after all it wasn't too long Ago when then Senator Joe Biden spoke

Against Sanctuary cities here's Joe in 2007 when he could still exit a stage Without two guide dogs and a sherpa roll It would you allow these cities to Ignore the federal law regarding the Reporting of illegal immigrants and in Fact provide Sanctuary to these Immigrants the reason the cities ignore The federal law is the fact that there Is no funding at the federal level to Provide for the kind of enforcement at a Federal level you need yes or no would You allow the city to ignore the federal Law No of course that was well before Joe Became a spokesman for Life Alert since then Joe's learned to ignore A lot of things like the Border crisis His extra grandchild and the stain Spreading on the front of his Pants but it's not a battle between Americans and migrants or Republicans And Democrats it's a fight between a Bloated power hungry federal government And the states that get screwed bearing The costs but a few Governors are Fighting back Texas go Greg Abbott and Florida gov Ronda Sanchez have been Doing a great job of sending illegal Aliens from border states to States Whose policies have Americans fleeing to Well Texas and Florida Dems keep touting their Sanctuary cities right they can't shut

Up about how caring they are turns out Though there's only so many landscapers And illegal nannies the elites can Employ before they realize hey these People want to stick around so now all They do is whine about the overflowing Migrants they're like bartenders At Last Call you don't have to go home but you Can't stay here I guess when the Sanctuary is at their doorstep they're Not so selfless are they but I like to Think of it as reverse socialism lefties Demand to share other people's resources Now it's time for them to share the pain Martha's Vineyard saw a few dozen Migrants and a few days later ship them All out faster than Amazon Prime And now Abbott is fighting for his right To defend his state from this ongoing Invasion at the southern Border in a Statement from yesterday Abbott said the Federal government has broken the Compact between the United States and The states the executive branch of the US has a constitutional duty to enforce Federal laws protecting States including Immigration laws on the books right now President Biden has refused to enforce Those laws and has even violated them The result is that he has smashed Records for illegal Immigration yeah that was a lot of words Huh Abbott has invoked Article 1 Section 10 Clause 3 exactly what you said

Cat of the Constitution arguing that the US is being invaded and his state has The right to act on it and now not only Is Biden ignoring the law he's sending Feds to take down the razor wire set up Along the border which is like the cops Protecting you by removing your windows And painting help yourselves on the Garage Door earlier this week the Supreme Court Ruled that Biden could do that but Abbott vows to put the wire back up as Fast as the feds can take it down Because as legal Scholars note Abbott Isn't defying the ruling since the court Didn't order Texas to do or not to do Anything and yet bozos like b or RoR Call this a violation of law but with His track record the only contest he Hasn't lost yet is Miss Black America 2024 of course dams are terrified that Illegal aliens will hurt themselves Trying to get through the wire but if it Was left up to the Dems they' replace The wire with Silly String sorry you you Don't keep out Invaders by lining the Border with silk sheets and cocoa butter And it's incredibly easy to avoid razor Wire I've avoided razor wire every day Of my life you know I've never walked Past an auto repair shop and thought hm If I can climb through that barbed wire I can play with that friendly Pitbull it's always a pitbull you see

These barriers and deterrents are meant To protect the Border that's what the Border means dummies it's a line Separating two areas and you're not Supposed to cross that line without Permission every country has them and There are all sorts of laws about it Think of those rubber things you put Down at the supermarket checkout that Separates your Wonderbread and Mayo from The guy behind you with rice beans and Pig knuckles it clears up immediately What is yours and what is mine they're What keeps one area distinct from Another and if you don't think that's Important then listen to Democrats About cultural Appropriation huh yeah they say all you All can come over here sleep in our Schools and airports but you better not Wear a sombrero on Cinco Deo that's that's a barrier but that's The great thing about being a Democrat You only need to enforce the stuff you Like case in point Texas rep waen Castro Is telling Biden to take control of the Texas National Guard hoping to replace Don't Mess with Texas with bend over for Biden and now some are calling for Texas To secede from the US and they have the Experience Texas was its own country Back in the 1800s when it was founded by ZZ Top so are we on the brink of another

Civil war or will Grandpa Joe just take A pill and a nap and forget he ever Abdicated his oath of office in the First place one thing's for sure this Ain't just about Texas once illegal Aliens get into the country they can go Just about anywhere they want do states Have rights or is the president a king When you're a Democrat it all depends on Who's in power oh no no look look I Agree with that KY waen he was good in That movie The Joker by the way you know I went to school with the real Joker Yeah beat him in uh arm wrestling it's a True story not a joke but there is not Going to be any texit I I got so much of Mexico north of the border at this point They're going to call it Texico it's like Mexico but with oil Wells Black Gold Texas Tea Let's Welcome Tonight's he was recently voted guy most Likely to get robbed on the way home Fox News contributor Tom Shaloo his act is perfect for people who Hate crowds actor writer and comedian Jamie Lissow she's known for intensity and Lack of bone density New York Times best Selling Au Fox new contributor Cattive and he trims his nose hairs with

A windmill New York Times bestselling Author in former NWA world Champion Tom could this end up devolving Into yet another civil war like the one You loved so much when it first happened Well Greg I'm telling you I'm so glad You got the reference I you know when I Send in my Joe Biden videos your young Staff is like oh I think it's funny but I don't really get the reference and I'm Like Greg will get it yes Texas Te the uh I think this is amazing and You know going into an election year This is going to be a very bad look for The Biden Administration so Abbott's Putting up the the fence and he's going To keep cutting it down all year they Are literally cutting holes in the Border wall how is this more proof that The federal government wants to flood Our country with illegal I so yeah this Is going to be a very bad look I don't Think it's necessarily I'm not worried I'm not angry at Amy con Barrett the I Don't understand really the incres of The they didn't explain it that well no They didn't but the thing is I I guess The federal government has the right to Cut the fence down and Texas can keep Putting it back up so let's see how that Looks going over for the next year they Going to keep cutting it down we'll see I guess Phil Collins was right about Those illegal

Aliens I have no idea what that song was About You know Jamie you're used to people Telling you to keep out of their lives Um damn do you see Texas and America Heading towards a divorce much like the One you Experienced happy New Year W yeah I Wonder which side will be like my wife And which side will not get [Laughter] Anything have you guys noticed that Since Biden has talking recently now That when I watch Tom shaloo do Biden It's now like Biden's doing an Impression of Tom Shalo it's it's true Like an [Applause] Exaggerated my uncle lives in Texas and He was telling me it's just absolute Chass down there but he is very very Against illegal immigration I should say He does own a shop that only sells razor Wire Um B Biden said he just this afternoon He was like you look at my record I have Always been in support of closing Borders I've always been a Barnes & Noble guy Uh I saw that one coming so far away I Just feel like it's it's upset it's the Whole thing's upsetting and I don't know I I just feel like if if we're going to Put an old guy in office who better to

Yell get off my property than Joe Biden That one was much better yeah they Should have put razor wire around that Joke oh [Laughter] Cat where do you stand on this you're You're a states rights lady well it's so That would be would be an interesting Thing to way to look at it would be the 10th Amendment remember the 10th Amendment I was just thinking that you Don't know what it is do you the 10th Amendment Thou shalt not steal to the Nth no it's okay because thank You so close um because okay so the 10th Amendment is not a thing anymore even Though it never really went away which Was was that all uh right you know Rights that are not specifically Enumerated in the Constitution they Belong to the states so that there's Really nothing that talks about Migration in the Constitution but then That would mean that the federal Government wouldn't be able to do Anything about it so it would be Interesting to see what would happen With that I would like to see the 10th Amendment make a comeback but I think That the whole putting up the razor wire While someone else is taking it down is Just an excellent micro cm of the whole Immigration debate in this entire Country for since I can remember cuz one

I'm not talking about the the people I'm Talking about the government one side Likes to be like you're me and the other Side's like well you're you're stupid And nothing changes when the system is Completely broken obviously it's so hard To come here legally and then with I Mean look at the border I don't think I Need to say much more about that um but And also another microcosm is Joe Biden Saying oh no no way on Sanctuary cities And then the political climate kind of Changes and you say something else I Don't know how many people actually have Principles or how many people really Care but you know that's I'm pessimistic About most things he's been on every Side of every issue if you live long Enough you will turn into a hypocrite Every 3 years just keeps coming back Tyrus okay there are 25 States Supporting Abbott there's a civil war Are we going to be on the same Side not in the first eight Minutes cuz I got to be sure so I might Have to put hands on you a little bit Listen I I think it's a wonderful idea That the federal government is going to Come in and take out the the razor wired You know I would like to be sent there On assignment and all I need is a lawn Chair a little music and a camcorder to Watch these Equity hires kill themselves Trying to take down Bob wire hearing a

Grown man complaining about his stiletto Heels or killing him while he's cutting This and no one's holding his Yorkie is Going to be Hilarious understand who's been working For the federal Government they're going to have and Someone's going to be up there I am the First whatever whatever to go cut this Thing and then 4 hours later they are Also the first person to die a fixation By cutting these wires so let them point The way please do that's what Joe should Do he should make it a historic first we Have a a a trans non-binary person of Color to cut the razor wire yes that's Exactly what it's going to be then They're going to hire this is the burn Then going to hire a commission to Investigate why the wire is not Cooperating because everyone knows that Razor Bob wire was made during white Supremacy so therefore there's going to Be a whole racial investigation of the Systemic racism of Bob wire so please I'll be fine a little chair a cooler With some beverages yes and a cam Quarter be like yeah you're doing real Good is this they it Up hey Sean Hannity here hey click here To subscribe to Fox News YouTube page And catch our hottest interviews and Most compelling analysis you will not Get it anywhere


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