Gutfeld: New York finally has its priorities straight

Gutfeld: New York finally has its priorities straight

‘Gutfeld!’ panelists share a news story from ‘wherever they’re from.’ #foxnews #fox #gutfeld

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Coast to Coast with stories that matter Most You're watching local news with Nine-time Emmy Award winner Chet van Jansen and now Here's chat Yes that was strange it's local news Where each guest has to share a story From wherever they're from and then I Vote on the winner and that person gets To pick from our Caesar salad showcase That was a weird thing yes [Applause] [Music] Okay Where is where is the actual Caesar Salad showcase uh you know we've looked Into it but it's uh it's hard to Determine but I Gotta Go My chariots Double parked What a jokester all right So if I like your story you're going to Get that Caesar salad I'm gonna you know What I'm gonna go first To You Paul Because you've never played this game Local video games Go ahead yeah what's your local story oh I got to give the stories I got to do That too yeah all right okay Apparently New York City has appointed a Rat Czar right right so let me unpack This real quickly for you these are the New positions and you know we'll run out Of time office of Asylum Seeker

Operations office of faith-based Community Partnerships mayor's office For child protection I could go on yeah 14 or 15 new czars in New York City Since we got our new mayor all of them Need staff all of them need computers All of them will have pensions all of Them want to go on strike so the cat's Point government just grows it's just The amoeba that's eating the city and Now we have a radsar and yesterday I saw My first wreck do you know your first Round my first ride in my neighborhood I Should say yeah I hadn't seen one in a Good long time and I saw one yesterday So there's a there's a fact that and it Looked like a lemur man it was gigantic Do you know in New York City that you Are always within 20 feet feet of two Rats having sex oh really That's according to a book on Rats the Homeless so somewhere in this room yeah Somewhere in this room There are at least two rats having sex Keep it down rats Anyway That's that's good stuff all right Dr True uh your last time we played we Played this you made me cry no no no I'm Sorry it's not a bummer but this one's Uh pretty simple and believe it or not Common in Los Angeles someone got so Frustrated with the way the roads were Working just turned around on the

Freeway there it is and we do this there It's it's frequent enough in Los Angeles That we have these electronic Billboards That you will frequently say someone Going the wrong way on the freeway now Not all of it is just strictly out of Frustration we have some video on this Here too but I can't tell you how often I feel like doing that it is all the Time our roads do not work we have no Water we have no safety but people are Getting fed up so the person just there It is they're at the film video our Producers are doing a great job right Now just turns around good job yeah all Right just had enough yeah but by the Way gridlock's like that they're Surprisingly common and the CHP has no Problem letting them sit like that for Hours sometimes that's incredible you I Mean you would go absolutely nuts you Always have to have a little picnic Basket in your car always I always do if To keep the human head [Laughter] Um I go to you last My story It's about sea lions the only thing Bigger than a sea lion is the size of This colossal Take a look oh wow They look like [Music] Oh

Get back Him and his Bros were like laughing and Cheering but meanwhile the crowds were Like you total jerk leave them alone go To jail go to prison so the irony is Probably there in in California where Dresses is backwards he'll see more jail Time than like the violent thugs that we See robbing people on the streets just Before he did that a pretty good Backflip he chugged like a Mountain Dew Like he shotgunned it and then his Pros Were like you can do it but all he did Was disturb these adorable sea lions so He's probably gonna be Bud light's next Influencer there you go Poor little sea lions I know yeah what Did they ever do cats oh they do a lot You'd be surprised oh really oh yeah Like what they um defecate on boats all The time people have to really work yeah Where do you expect us to defecate they Make huge messes in Harbors they live There that's their natural habitat not The first world problem yes all right Cat Michigan it is in Detroit last week On the streets there was a pony really And the pony had no owner and therein Lies the mystery A week ago there was a pony just walking Around Detroit and they still haven't Found the owner of the pony wow who Loses a pony And then forgets that they ever had a

Pony yeah you know there's got to be Something going on here first there's The shoes in Oakland County yeah it's a And now there's a pony yeah I call that Single horsepower yeah the Roomba that Escaped it's it's getting crazy and now The the the pony is just staying at Abraham ranch right you know and Nobody's claimed their Pony and I really Want to know if you're missing a Pony Um why I heard that Schwarzenegger was getting Tired of his Pony maybe this is what he Did with it I mean I feel like if you Have Pony resources you are like Pony up You you you have resources to deal with You don't just like let a pony loose I Don't know who won I saw this before Hell's Kitchen I saw a horse walk by me Oh no no no that was Joy Behar no this Was a big wreck Yes Terrible Hey Sean Hannity here hey click here to Subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and Catch our hottest interviews and most Compelling analysis you will not get it Anywhere else

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