‘Gutfeld!’: These people don’t like being adults

'Gutfeld!': These people don't like being adults

‘Gutfeld!’ panelists react to a study finding the average adult claims they lost their sense of fun by the age of 27.
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Foreign Like adults is your sense of fun mostly Done a new poll finds that 27 is the Average age adults say they lost their Sense of fun yeah Sad yeah especially if your idea of Laughs is dating Leonardo DiCaprio And over half of adults miss the sense Of fun they had when they were kids People said they remember starting the Day feeling happy and playful and Optimistic as children but now they're Tired anxious and stressed out but still Many said they've taken part in Childlike activities since becoming an Adult including daytime naps video games And coloring books and refusing to pay Their bills Hey it's been working out great for this Guy But these whiners are ignoring all the Things adults get to do that kids don't Like stay up late watch R-rated movies And vacation at Epstein Island That's what I was looking for Okay Charlie uh so this is obviously This is a true thing I think but is it That people are becoming less like kids Or the fact that we're just more Tolerant of the fact that people stay Children a lot longer Oh that's definitely true but I mean you Know as children and I don't know what What fun means here if they're just

Talking about responsibility I mean There's responsibility with everything Comes with everything that's fun in this World but the idea that it's at age 27 Is kind of weird to me because uh 20 a Lot of people today don't start having Kids until they're 27. I I didn't know What fun was until I started having kids Because then because as a father you get To revert back to their age when me and My sons go away for a fishing weekend or Something like that they don't act like A 50 year old I get to act like a 13 Year old And we don't bathe we don't brush our Teeth we become we become little Savages And that's what's it's really really fun I didn't get to do that before I was or I didn't I didn't appreciate it before I Was 27 or before I had kids yeah it's True Kat I can't picture You as a kid I mean will you Did you have that if were you just a Little jaded child I'm gonna blow your Mind I had a First Communion That I do believe that yeah uh was I Yeah I kind of was always I was always Like why do we live here there's not Enough opportunities here and my mom was Like you're three years old I wanted to actually save my first Communion money for college and they Were like okay well You know that's not going to help like

Very much but I don't yeah I mean I I Mean I had I had a happy although jaded Childhood but I always wanted to you Know go out and uh live in New York and I did that I want to be on cab TV Because I thought real TV was too Ambitious of a goal so like the little TVs and the Cavs I would probably be Like one of those that was your goal Yeah in the fourth grade because I don't Want to like aim too high but It also it does there's so many Different kinds of fun like you're Saying there's like the wholesome fun And then there's like the fun that was Fun at the time but then later keeps you Up at night Um yeah for years Um but this was a British study which Surprised me because I thought it would Make sense in America because that's the Age that you are off your parents health Insurance yes so the Fun's over like you Better get all your broken legs and Gonorrhea out of the way Very true broken legs and gonorrhea That's the title of your next book yeah I'm uh maybe yours That's the threat she knows Mafia people But Michael have you broken legs in Gonorrhea They I mean this do first of all do you Believe this study do you actually have

To be more childlike uh well it's not More child I think people are bummed out That they have to work they're like I Thought this would be more real I Thought there'd be more birthday cake And Santa Claus now you gotta work and Make your own fun just make time for That right it's all about finding that That balance and if you like I'm I you Know I work and I can't pay the bills Turn that into a game right like who's Calling now don't look at the phone is That Visa or American Express Now we have to guess how much do we owe Them without going over and then your Buddy who looks like Hitler wins [Music] He does he needs to get in touch with His kids side I think it really does but Your advice it Actually great advice to to actually Take the things that stress people out About adulthood and you you don't have To take them as seriously kids wouldn't Do that would they if you you know if You have to pay your mortgage you make a Game out of it right Doctor Tom I mean Some would say seeing as I had a child When I was 18 that my sense of fun went In the trash with that pregnancy test And I haven't actually reclaimed it to Date who would say that I would never Say that doctor no but you know what I Think I think I could really grasp this

Increasing my childlike positivity like The study saying to do if maybe just Maybe they would stop taking so much of My hard-earned money through my taxes And stop telling me that the world's Gonna end tomorrow just maybe if they Stop that I might be a little bit more Positive Yeah I I agree when I was such an Anxious child I would wake my parents up In the middle of the night and be like I I read I was supposed to have eight Glasses of water I only had four am I Gonna be long-term health And they were like where did she come From I'm like you But they weren't the ones worrying about The usually it's the parents bothering The kids to take their vitamins you were Kind of stressed out about all this Stuff oh I was like am I gonna be okay But did you read the part of the study Where they the whoever did the study They set up a giant bed in the middle of The subway station somewhere in London So that adults could come and jump on The bed yeah talk about you want to know Where you get your gonorrhea and broken Leg Yeah I used to love to read like medical Textbooks and I spent so many times I Convinced myself I had scarlet fever [Laughter]

Every time I didn't feel good I was like Mom like this is really dangerous like I Think I have scarlet fever I don't you Know yeah Completely normal and well adjusted so Loftus you used to read medical texts Didn't you oh yeah yeah oh yeah up in The attic with the flashlight absolutely That's like so that's what you call that And then hopefully there's a never mind Hey Sean Hannity here hey click here to Subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and Catch our hottest interviews and most Compelling analysis you will not get it Anywhere else

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