Gutfeld: This Dodger fan’s proposal went so wrong

Gutfeld: This Dodger fan’s proposal went so wrong

‘Gutfeld!’ panelists discuss a Dodger fan getting tackled by security as he tried proposing on the field.

[Music] He got down on one knee before he got Flattened by security video of a man Getting tackled while proposing at an LA Dodgers game is uniting both fans of Love and awesome beautiful violence Watch [Music] Thank you It's weird those two guys actually ran Off together that happened during last Week's home opener where the young man Stood out from the players since he Wasn't on steroids Of course running onto the field is not Allowed and it offers one of the only Instances where someone can beat the out of you and not get arrested It's amazing it's a free punch literally Cops can't even do that to escaping Felons Think about it and so Stadium security Reacted with a tackle that was so Physical afterward the guard lit up a Cigarette [Laughter] The craziest part is the proposal Actually worked the woman said yes Writing on her Instagram quote okay the Best proposal ever I love you and yes I'll marry you they plan to exchange Vows in the middle of a WNBA game where They'll have some privacy Foreign

But frankly that guy got off easy only Getting tackled the last time I saw a Public proposal I hate them I hate them This is how I handled it Honey I love you so much I just have one Question Will you marry me yes Yeah [Applause] Normally I'm against the droning of American Citizens except for that Harold if you were the woman's father And she called you let's say it's one of Your daughters calls you and says you Know Simon or whatever this guy's name Is what do you what would you say would You say oh I like that this is going to Be a great son-in-law or run screaming From him Well I think somebody I know in admire And respect said a little earlier that One thing two things that happened one This is what the divorce lawyers for Both sides are going to see is the Predicate for the divorce when it Happens and two it should be about the The the person you're proposing to I'm Not sure she wanted this if she did want This she won the baseball game where her Husband broke Jumped over a fence ran into Midfield And and did this and she would be happy With it but I probably would not advise

Young Georgia Ford's fiance that's my Daughter's name nine and I hope I hope She never gets married baby you can Always live at home if that's what you Want to do but I would not advise her Fiance to do to do this one back I tell You that dude looked like he enjoyed Tackling him that's the thing it's a Weird thing it is a free punch this is a Situation where are there any rules like If I mean like you could literally shoot Like tackle to kill like that's a look At that he loved every minute of that Look at that never warned him never saw Him coming yeah and then he had to go to Jail and then so she had to go get him From jail the guy that got tackled him Yeah like don't give me an errand well Here I mean Chad You know like you like oh we're we're Engaged and the first thing I have to do Is go get your ass from jail I know what Is that what is that portend is that the Way you use that one I'm not doing Errands of any kind yeah So I I think that's that's the wrong way To set it up yeah do you know anybody That has long marriages after dramatic Proposals I don't think they exist I I those people are not in my life Anymore yeah right the Gutfeld Institute Of matrimony according to our statistics None of them survive none of them Joe uh

You're single still right no one's Gotten their talent into me yet I can't they can't tame you you're a Wild man right it's like trying to ride A rodeo Bronco yeah On top [Applause] That is so disgusting When you want bestiality jokes you come To this show Don't go to outnumbered you'll be sorely Disappointed Your thoughts your thoughts on this well First I I think that was security guard Brutality yeah but I think you know Maybe the security guard's excuses he Really hates weddings yeah the other Thing is like I I hate hate these public Displays of of affection for attention Yeah like I'm tired it's just it's the Best time ever to be a narcissist like You know Father's Day is coming up and People are going to write like Happy Father's Day to my dad on Instagram and Their dad's not even on Instagram you Know and it's like what what am I Supposed what am I supposed to do with That they're like oh she said Happy Father's Day to her dad on father that That makes sense It's true it's true it's it maybe that's The original virtue signaling you know Molly the the defense of this very Violent tackle is to dissuade people

From Ever doing it again but then you See the um the amount of exposure this Guy gets and I bet you there'll be a Bunch of copycats people running on to Like you know other sports uh but you Know not well unlike you cynical and Unromantic people I hope there are more Things like this like at least someone's Asking someone to get married I mean we Have nobody doing that these days like Civilization is collapsing I'm I'm not Like a huge fan of the public thing but It's better than not asking anyone That's very that's a record reflect I Fully agree with Molly Well said it is interesting though I Said I think I mentioned this on the Five I can't remember I tried to block It out of my head But there is you can't trust people that Are uh that are uh that are Um uh victim to their own by their own Chemical changes like that's a guy That's like so he's about the love he's Not about the person right that goes Away like in a couple of years you don't Even it's gone [Music] Get used to it Yeah I agree with Molly I mean maybe maybe he'll just up the Ante every anniversary or maybe it's Just a fun thing that they can remember

And tell their kids and grandkids about Oh that's sweet no no you're probably Wrong but There's no way that that wedding is beer And wine only though yeah Excellent points Yeah gonna be some looking Bridesmaids there huh what do you say What am I talking about that was all you That's all me yeah hey Sean Hannity here Hey click here to subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis You will not get it anywhere else

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