Gutfeld: This is a waste of researching funding

Gutfeld: This is a waste of researching funding

‘Gutfeld!’ panelists weigh in on an Australian study involving swallowing Legos and the harm done in letting them pass through one’s digestive system.

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[Music] Foreign [Music] How did we miss this indeed true this Story slipped through our fingers Somehow but we decided to cover it Anyway because it's the greatest story In the history of stories a team of Doctors set out to research a simple Question if you swallowed a Lego how Long would it take to poop it out But it helped answer a much deeper Question that this is exactly what Doctors do while we're waiting in their Exam room wearing nothing but a paper Robe The story is from 2018 but it's just too Hard to pass Shut up it's got all the Hallmarks of a Great Gutfeld story science poop science About poop this poop belonged to the Canadian shop teacher with huge bazookas My head would explode As to why anyone besides me would fund This kind of research well as you know Kids are dumb and frequently swallow Toys which causes their parents to panic Although when I was a lad I was fed a Steady diet of Lincoln Logs Yeah Delicious By the way kids aren't The only ones who swallow toys Six six doctors wanted to test the Relative harm of ingesting Legos so they Did just that they tracked the time

Taken for the Lego to be found in their Stool using the found and retrieved time Or fart score Is this real Is this real If this is dated April 1st 2018 or Something Gonna get one or two people shorter Turns out most adults passed the Lego in One to three days and that even for kids Is not a big deal apparently but with Any good research it's important to Repeat the experiment to see if you can Duplicate the findings Right [Laughter] Foreign [Music] Hey what's up Joe you're still selling Those Lego sets on eBay yeah it's good Money but put them together is murder [Applause] Nice perfect Cat it is real but would you consider This a waste of research funding Human waste You're done no he's got more I was gonna Say you definitely have more I was just Waiting Probably and I would never risk this Because I already had a chapter five and I don't want to have another one yes I didn't know you could eat Legos Because I don't think you can you can

Cut up your stomach you got a dog that Eats everything right has he ever eaten So do you oh yeah my dog eats a lot of Things it's got worms no he doesn't have Worms he's got parasites okay let's get Off this topic you picked it I did pick It Aaron this is the greatest story ever It's uh very weird I just can't imagine That like something would be worse than Stepping on a Lego and then eating one And then trying to pass it like that Just seems terrible with your butt Stepping on it with your butt that's my Next point it just this just doesn't Seem like a good use of science yeah Yeah I can tell Terry by our audience Going very quiet that this is a Surefire Ratings winner of a story This is why this is this is sort of why You've had such a meteoric rise in Media Clearly uh you know I did a little uh Extra digging so to speak Unlike you uh who just was like is this Real I looked into it yeah right I Actually did my homework and there's a Dude in there yeah who couldn't they Actually there was a bunch of n a not Applicable not applicable and they're Trying to track when it came out he Could not find it oh so there was a dude Who for several weeks was Trump was Going through his poop and he could not Find the Lego I find that fascinating Yeah I do too I find that fascinating

And I also think that why why would you Just why would you limit yourself to one Little piece of Lego like those are Rookie numbers why don't you why don't You swallow like a Lego Batman or an X-Wing Fighter yeah or a small building I mean really that's check or if you're Really you know gutsy do the study in Reverse exactly yeah My man Tom you're a scientific man of Reason Could you explain to me the scientific Benefits of such research what would you Learn from this besides the obvious There has to be a reason why this is Being done oh scientific man of Reason Yes well Yes sir scientific man you're dressed as One I did read the story like you and I I wasn't sure if they I couldn't really Figure out what the answer was I don't Know if they provided us with an actual Answer of how long it takes a Lego to go Through your body but I also think this It wasn't a very good experiment because It's a Lego I've often wondered the Actual question which is how long before The food that you eat you know becomes The the other thing right right right Right so and when I've tried to do that Research it says a certain amount of Time and in my experience I don't want To get too graphic about this stuff but It's the thing is I don't ever think I

Think that it's a shorter period of time Than I I read about in the medical Journals yeah and it gets shorter the Older you get Because your intestines are shrinking It's like you get it like your food gets One of those passes for the carpool I Disagree I disagree I think the motility of your Intestine actually slows down when you Get older due to neural degeneration I Think it takes longer to get uh just Because It's a man of science no I just we got To move on but I just wanna I wanna Lecture our audience who are silent in Their disapproval of this topic I'm sure That or mocked Sir Isaac Newton when he Just when he discovered electricity That's right when the lightning When the lightning hit that Apple that's Right and he came in he says look what Happened to the apple and and and then The printing press was made So that's how it's going to work we're Gonna have edible you know what's we Know what this is we're gonna have Edible Legos yes that's what this is About edible Legos why not all right hey Sean Hannity here hey click here to Subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and Catch our hottest interviews and most Compelling analysis you will not get it Anywhere else

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