Hannity: This is the left’s latest witch hunt

Hannity: This is the left's latest witch hunt

Fox News host Sean Hannity reacts to Manhattan DA suing Rep. Jim Jordan to allegedly block congressional oversight on ‘Hannity.’

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Following president Trump's arraignment The house Judiciary Committee chairman Jim Jordan issued subpoena is now Seeking testimony from Mark Palmer Ranch You might remember him he's one of the Two prosecutors that resigned over Bragg's handling of the Trump Investigation Bragg had initially Decided to put it off to the side and And not bring charges and they sought Additional documents and testimony from Bragg's office ahead of next week's House Judiciary hearing that will be in New York City they will be hearing from Victims of crime because of Alvin Bragg's uh well leniency on criminals But instead of being transparent about The political persecution of a former President the Manhattan D.A album Bragg He announced today he is suing Jim Jordan to block his subpoenas now Jim Jordan responded on Twitter writing Quote first they indicted president for No crime then they sue to block Congressional oversight when we ask Questions about the federal funds that They say they used to do it it's pretty Unbelievable now Bragg's bogus Investigation is only the latest in a Long list of the left's witch hunts in Terms of which includes unprecedented Raid at Mar-A-Lago remember that took Place in August and tonight Stephen Miller's America First Legal Foundation

They obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request internal Government documents that related to the Trump raid and the group is now Reporting that the Biden Administration And officials there were actually Involved with the raid despite them Denying any knowledge of it you might Remember this Look I'll say this Um you know the president and the White House learned about this FBI search from Public reports we learned just like the American public did yesterday and we did Not have advance notice of this activity President Biden has been very clear from Before he was elected president and Throughout his time in office at the Justice department conducts its Investigations independently All right America First legal senior Counselor and director of oversight and Investigations Reed Rubenstein he said In a statement that the National Archives misled Congress about the Biden Weiss house and their role in the raid At Mar-A-Lago and the evidence quote Further suggests that Biden officials in The Executive Office of the President And the Department of Justice unlawfully Abuse their power and then lied about it To you the American people now Fox News Did reach out to the Biden White House For comment they didn't respond on the

Record but while Trump faces now an Endless slew of witch hunts you have Zero experience Hunter he's running Around free he's now joining pops on a Little Irish getaway visiting castles Despite what is escalating Investigations escalating threats Directly from China and we'll have a lot More on that coming up but it gets worse For Hunter and Joe every day because of An explosive new report from foxnews.com That does reveal Hunter's business Associate kids they visited the White House over 80 times while Biden was the VP and while it's unlikely that Biden's Doj will hold them accountable the Republican-led house oversight committee Is now promising accountability because Remember on the campaign Trail your President Joe Biden repeatedly denied Again and again and again discussing any Foreign business dealings with his son Hunter take a look Mr Vice President how many times have You ever spoken to your son about his Overseas business dealings I've never Spoken to my son about his overseas I Have never discussed with my son or my Brother or anyone else anything having To do with their businesses period And What I will do is the same thing we did In our Administration there will be an Absolute wall between personal and Private uh and and the government do you

Stand by your statement that you did not Discuss any of your son's overseas Business yes I stand by that statement All right if Hunter's business Associates that they didn't talk Business with Joe what were they talking About over 80 times now tonight it is Evident the two-tiered system of justice It is Alive and Well in this country hey Sean Hannity here hey click here to Subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and Catch our hottest interviews and most Compelling analysis you will not get it Anywhere else

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