Heritage President Kevin Robert Delivers Opening Remarks at 50th Anniversary Leadership Summit

Heritage President Kevin Robert Delivers Opening Remarks at 50th Anniversary Leadership Summit

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Man what a crowd Who knew Maryland could be so pretty I've already endeared myself to my Maryland friends they know that yeah Growing up in Louisiana adopted Texan of Course I love Wyoming and now for my my Third time in my life and adopted Virginian We're grateful for Maryland but welcome To this great state and welcome to not Being in the swamp and most of all thank You regardless of whether you traveled One mile and now hate me Or whether you traveled hundreds of Miles thank you for helping us celebrate Our 50th birthday Welcome indeed to what is going to be a Momentous week because it's not really About us at Heritage so much as it is About you Most of all welcome to the fight that Will determine the next 50 years in the History of the conservative movement In the United States of America It's not an oversight that our program This year is split between the great State of Maryland and the Commonwealth Of Virginia Avoiding the swamp itself albeit by just A mile There are two very good reasons for this First of all Congress is in session this Week And I knew not everyone would remember

To pack their swamp boots And second look you you've been Following Washington as closely as we Have and if Joe Biden's not all there we Don't have to be either [Applause] Instead For the next few days will a Intellectual and rhetorical Siege to the Nation's capital Members of the media note that's Figurative Siege On behalf of the everyday American whose Values livelihood and self-governance Are assailed daily by the Imperial City And we're going to do this not a moment Too soon Hard as it is to believe we're only four Months until the first presidential Debates Nine months until the Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primary and less than 19 Months until the American people have What may be our last best chance to Rescue this nation from the woke Socialist left so bent on its Destruction That's not an exaggeration About either the stakes of the fight or The intentions of our opponents as an Academic and as a Christian I'm not Interested in personal or partisan Attacks although I do like jokes about Joe Biden

This fight is a battle of foundational Ideals But the ideals of the left today permit No room for self-government for Constitutionalism and definitely not for Federalism There's not a single principle Articulated in the Declaration or the Constitution that the left today still Supports The right to life Liberty The Pursuit of Happiness consent of the Governed as determined by free and fair Elections What about the separation of powers Federalism the First Amendment the Second Amendment The fourth One of my favorites the 10th If anything this only scratches the Surface of the left's ambitions they've Abandoned the rule of law as we see from The FBI To the White House To the Manhattan District Attorney's Office They reject the very idea of national Sovereignty insisting the United States Belongs to globalist Elites Instead of to us The everyday hard-working American Citizen It's no wonder that postcovid nine of

The ten wealthiest congressional Districts are now represented by Democrats while Republicans represent 64 Percent of congressional districts with Median income in the bottom half Republicans are now the party of the Religious working class Playing to their Now wealthy Coastal Elite constituents The left denies all evidence No matter how scientifically irrefutable That contradicts their ideology they Oppose even the natural authority of Parents to raise their children But I suppose that shouldn't surprise us As these are the same zealots who Demanded we trust the science On covet Origins Non-vaccine vaccines and useless masks While rejecting belligerently and now Violently the most obvious of scientific Truths biological manhood and Womanhood Up against this movement this Multi-trillion dollar conspiracy that's Right conspiracy of political corporate And cultural Elites we are not competing For partisan gain But for National survival In this present crisis As Ronald Reagan said in his 1964 time For choosing speech there is no such Thing as left or right there's only an Up or down up to man's old age Dream the Ultimate in individual Freedom

Consistent with Law and Order are down To the ant heap of totalitarianism Five years ago I wouldn't have put this so starkly But the covid pandemic showed me Showed all of us Just what time it really is In our Beloved Country We must never forget what happened For the First Time The Coven crisis Finally gave government Elites the power To direct our lives in the way they Always wanted to What did they do They lied They censored They shut down churches Small businesses and schools They separated us from our dying parents And grandparents They conspired with big Tech and were Still Genocidal Communists in Beijing to cover Up their mistakes and abuses and then Manipulated election laws to their own Ends After that tainted campaign once back in Power the left abused the crisis to Declare war on energy border security Election Integrity parents unborn Children the free exercise of religion And even Americans retirement savings At every turn at every turn the media Cheered their tyranny and maligned

Anyone who questioned it and most of the Time the Republican establishment across The river did absolutely nothing We want to change that this week We can no longer indulge any Illusions About what the woke Marxist left is About the consequences of losing are the Odds stacked against us Why then you may ask Am I so upbeat Foreign Because today the conservative movement Is answering this Challenge and rising To this moment with the courage and Vigor it demands You're going to hear a lot over the next Few days about project 2025 and the Agenda it's developing mandate for Leadership the conservative promise When we launched this project a year ago Washington insiders said Grassroots Conservatives were hopelessly fractured But as we gathered Scholars activists And leaders to start building a new plan For the next great conservative Presidency and Urgent consensus quickly Formed The old intramural debate about tax cuts Health Care minimum wage national debt And other issues all remain important But right now they take a back seat to The twin existential threats our nation Faced This Friday the Heritage Foundation will

Publish a nearly 900 page updated Mandate for leadership many of you in This room today many people who will be With us this week are vital parts of That With over 400 contributors and over 50 Partner organizations from across the Movement this new policy Bible lays out A comprehensive agenda to confront and Solve those two challenges one by Dismantling the woke and weaponized Administrative State at home And two by defeating Defeating the Chinese Communist Party Abroad Thank you I can tell you from the experience of This work this past year and talking With our members and partners and policy Makers the new conservative movement That America needs is right here right Now In this room The error of waiting for a leader or a Party someone somewhere to fix America's Problems for us is over Every speaker you hear from this week And I think everyone in the audience too Understands this is our country This is Our Moment this is our fight and we're Going to win it No more secret deals No more half a loaf No more my good friend the distinguished

Gentleman from No more bringing butter knives to Gunfights The woke left doesn't merely have a Different vision for America their Vision is to destroy everything that Makes America America our values our History our rights our sovereignty our Faith and our patriotism how about we Decide this week we're going to stop it Thank you This new iteration of the left Tyrannical elitist anti-American Anti-constitution cannot be bargained With it cannot be placated it simply Must be defeated And not just in 2023 or 2024 but every Year Not just in Washington D.C But everywhere Even in blue state capital cities Like Sacramento And Albany And in Blue country capital cities Like Paris and Berlin and the worst of All the seed of the European Union Brussels It's a big task One that will require an even bigger Coalition Decades of frustration and failure have Shown us that the old Washington red Team of free marketers neoconservatives And evangelicals alone is simply not

Enough The victory America needs cannot be Achieved by 50 percent plus one Majorities let alone by relying only on The Electoral College or procedural Gimmicks in Congress We've learned the hard way that it's not Enough for conservatives to hold power We have to wield it Not for ourselves but for the country And its future For the Ava Day American For a generation Washington leaders Promised us that globalization Financialization and serving as the World's police force would yield America More freedom opportunity and strength And you know what For a few zip codes especially their own It worked But most of our country was left behind In this Great Leap Forward No more It's time to put Washington back to work For the American people instead of the Other way around The new conservative movement we're Building is a broad shouldered Big-hearted and as hard-working as the Middle and working class families it Must represent The conservative promise must be more Than simply free markets and free trade Cheap credit cheap Imports or cheap

Foreign labor we've been there and it Didn't work It's about full lives and full pews Flourishing communities growing families And prosperous family-owned businesses Like so many of them represented in this Room It's about kids safe from criminals Opioids big Tech and teachers unions It's about jobs where things are made And not just securitized It's about a new vision of government Self-government accountable and limited That invest in people Instead of bureaucracies And the good news is it's already Started across the country Governors State legislators newly elected school Board and County commissions are taking Up this fight And they're winning Many are more conservative legislation Is being passed today than at any time In a generation including by many of the Men and women we will hear from soon School choice the right to life Law and Order border security the protection of Girls women and families ending Pornography putting big Tech back in its Box good paying jobs and growing Businesses that don't kneel to the woke Mob or to the CCP You see The left

Started this culture War We're going to finish it and we're going To win it The Heritage Foundation will continue to Play our role in this work We've marshaled activists and Legislators To help shape policy and strategy Through our million dollar Innovation Prize we're investing in new ideas and In institutions that are invigorating Federalism and policy leadership in the States The new conservative movement will not Only be willing to use the power we have But wield it It's important that we understand that As we wield that power we devolve power From Washington D.C and give it back to Everyday Americans from whom it is Received That work begins right here right now in This room For the next two days The last 50 years have led to this Urgent crowded season of peril but also Of opportunity when together we must set A course for the next 50 years for our Cause and for our country I know That doing so often feels like a burden This is what all of you And scores of Americans in every state Often tell us

And yet we the burden bearers can take Solace and encouragement from the Psalmist who reminds us Cast your burden on the Lord and He Shall sustain you he shall never permit The righteous to be moved On behalf of everyone at the Heritage Foundation Welcome to the new conservative movement Welcome to the fight Thanks again for being here thank you For emboldening us as we hope to do the Same with you in charging Hill after Hill In Washington in every state capitol in Every County Seat in the name of Common Sense and in the name of self-governance Like you we will never give up we will Never give in we will never concede an Inch we will never rest until we Together have reclaimed this great land God bless you and God bless America Thank you

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