Hilton: This is what makes our country great

Hilton: This is what makes our country great

Fox News host Steve Hilton highlights the ‘Declaration of Independence Project’ and why the document is an important part of American ideals on ‘The Next Revolution.’ #foxnews #fox #thenextrevolution

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Welcome back more than 240 years ago our Founding Father signed one of the most Remarkable and consequential documents In history the Declaration of Independence a document which not only Helped create the greatest nation the World has ever seen But enshrined the Principle of self-government that is the Basis of all our freedoms as we know Those freedoms are under attack today And so it's vital to remind ourselves Where they came from and why they matter That's why a new campaign called the Declaration of Independence project is So important it was launched this week In honor of Thomas Jefferson's birthday And it gives you and every American an Opportunity to make a personal Commitment to the Declaration of Independence to actually make the Declaration yourself and then have your Pledge sent to Congress This is especially meaning meaningful For me a new American citizen when I Made my oath of allegiance to America Nearly two years ago it was to the Country and to the Constitution I was so Proud to do it but the Declaration of Independence in a way it's deeper it is About the ideas that underpin the Country and the Constitution this is the Part that's always had the most Resonance for me When a long train of abuses and user

Patients pursuing invariably the same Object events is a designed to reduce Them under absolute despotism it is Their right it is their duty to throw Off such government how relevant is that Today we see abuses and user patients of Power all the time we saw it with the EU And National sovereignty that's why I Was for brexit we see it here with the Federal government centralizing power From state and local government that's Why I go on and on about the 10th Amendment We see it with the unelected Unaccountable bureaucracy that's why It's so important we now have Supreme Court Justices who are starting to reign In the administrative State and why we Highlight ideas that may sound technical But are vital for restoring power to People where it belongs like Trump's Schedule F the idea we showed you last Week about government unions potentially Being unconstitutional through the Non-delegation clause these are just Some of the reasons why the Declaration Of Independence is such a Timeless and Vital document so here's how you can Make the pledge today go to Sign1776.com and sign your name which Will be added to the renewed Declaration Of Independence in a classic calligraphy Style Sign1776.com make your voice heard hey

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