Hunter Biden may ‘have to’ testify: Criminal defense attorney

Hunter Biden may ‘have to’ testify: Criminal defense attorney

Criminal defense attorney Mark Eiglarsh examines key developments from Hunter Biden’s federal gun trial on ‘Fox & Friends Weekend.’ #foxnews

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Hunter Biden's Federal Gun trial resumes Monday after prosecutors arrested their Case Biden's lawyers revealing they may Call Hunter to the stand after the Weekend this wraps up a week of eye- Openening testimony in which prosecutors Claimed Biden's truck and gun case had Remnants of drugs on them Hunter's Daughter Naomi later testified that she Did not see any drug paraphernalia in Her father's truck so here to unpack all Of it is criminal defense attorney Mark Igar Mark great to have you this morning Uh let's start with Hunter testifying Likelihood yeah I think that they're Definitely considering it not because They want to but because they have to The government has done an amazing job Painting him as a drug user and an Addict the only one who can contradict That is him taking the stand and saying At the time I wasn't a user when I got That gun I wasn't using at least I Looked at it as literally at that moment And was I an addict now I realize I Probably was at the time I was in deep Denial about my addiction like most Addicts can be and I didn't lie I wrote Down that I wasn't an addict because I Didn't think I was so how does that work Mark we know that ignorance is no Defense when it comes to the law you Can't say I didn't know something was Against the law um but on this

Particular instance in this particular Case Hunter is attempting to kind of Parse the knowledge of being an addict So if you testify I'm not an addict and You believe you're not an addict but you Are an addict are you Safe I think you are I think that jurors Who love the bidens in Delaware are more Inclined to believe his testimony that He didn't lie because in his mind that Was his truth and you know addict really Is not an objective word it depends upon What the person feels there are many People who consider themselves having Been addicts but don't like using that Term to describe them so it is not a Very black and white scenario I hear you Playing criminal defense lawyer Mark and Just to play Devil's Advocate with you There for a moment um this idea that Hunter has a truth and you have a truth And I have a truth I know it's very Invogue but it also defies the the very Reality that there is there is an Objective truth and when it comes to Objective truth it seems to be even the Truth of the medical community that Addict is definable it isn't something That you personally testify to you Either are or you aren't and once you Are you always are it's a diagnostic Condition you're an addict you don't get To choose all of a sudden to say you Know what I'm not an

Addict yeah you make great points and I Can easily take off my defense attorney Hat put on my former prosecuter hat and Say you're right meaning that there is a A way to define someone as an addict and Boy they've done it every single way the Only thing missing was a busload of nuns Who actually smoked crack with him it Got Sorry the busload of nuns is the new Detail that was great uh uh well we'll See well I I I'm I fear as you point out A jury in Delaware but also the modern Invogue idea that you are uh your truth Is somehow valuable when compared to the Objective truth will win the day for Hunter Biden but let's talk about Jill Biden for just a moment flying back and Forth from France to Hunter's trial uh What do you make of that leaving leaving The ceremonies in France she'd already Been at Hunter's trial before considers It important enough to come back uh her Presence in that courtroom is quite a Statement it is and anyone who says Otherwise is being intellectually Dishonest courtrooms are theater I've Tried cases for 30 years and it's not Just the evidence that jurors are Considering they're looking around They're getting tells they're feeling Things out that aren't necessarily in Evidence that said those who are Condemning any parents for being in the

Courtroom when their son is facing time In the Pokey are being dishonest they Would be there too to support their Children one last question for you mark In the time I have left I know this Having grown up in a legal community and My wife actually serving on a jury she Served on a jury when it came to a case On Prosecuting a guy who was Manufacturing crystal meth they asked Everybody on that jury had you had an Experience with it and everyone did oh My nephew my cousin they were not Sympathetic they threw the book at the Defend it within 15 minutes of Deliberation this jury was all asked About their experience with addicts they All had experienced as many do with Addiction how do you think that will Play for Hunter that everybody has Experience with addiction more sympathy Or more Condemnation I'm so glad you brought That up and no one knows the answer to This question because we don't know what Their experience with addiction is each One carries their own definition of what An addict is and they you just don't Know that's the problem no one knew About ndas or porn stars or had to Manage books in the Trump trial they had To be told and educated here they know About addiction so they come in here With their own feelings their own bias

Their own interest their own definitions And one never knows great stuff Mark Thanks for being with us this morning I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian KY and I'm Angley aart and click here to subscribe To the Fox News YouTube page to catch Our hottest interviews and most Compelling analysis

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