Ingraham: Democrats are selling nothing but despair

Ingraham: Democrats are selling nothing but despair

Fox News host Laura Ingraham lays out how Democrats are trying to ‘scare’ young people about the future on ‘The Ingraham Angle.’ #foxnews #fox #thefive

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The Peter Pan party that's the focus of Tonight's angle [Music] Imagine if you never had to grow up if Even as an adult you could get up in the Morning knowing that someone more Responsible would take care of you I'm So glad you came back tonight I might Never have seen you why because I had to Grow up tomorrow grow up No I won't have it come on where are we Going the Neverland [Music] You'll never grow up there Yeah being a kid is just more fun and Carefree especially in a world where There's so many dangerous monsters out There most notably climate change and Biden's interior secretary wants you to Know that Mommy's going to protect you Climate change is the crisis of our Lifetime we have an obligation to Future Generations to make sure that we have a Planet for them to live on and that's Why I'm here and that's why I'm working Incredibly hard to make sure that we can Realize that transition Don't worry Mama's crying but mama's Working hard for you but you need to Listen and you need to behave children Cows and beef they're also very bad for You and the planet oh God they're Terrible for the planet so you need to Eat healthier boys and girls

But now we've actually updated the old Eat your vegetables line Insects are actually a great source of Protein and nutrients so they can be a Great alternative to meat which gets me Thinking if we were to replace meat with Insects that might just help curb Emissions by cutting on meat production And ultimately it can help save a planet From overheating You go first And you don't want to burn up do you Left-leaning politicians have always Liked the idea of government sitting in Loco parentis an authority figure like Your parents who will set the rules of Conduct in the rules of language that You're expected to follow and if you ask Why it's because they told you so we've Introduced the green New Deal for cities The green New Deal for public schools And the green New Deal for public Housing just to name a few these bills Not only stop climate change they tackle The intersecting crises of climate Economic inequality and racial Justice Follow that Venn diagram of course none Of this has anything to do with Justice It's all about consolidating power Racial Justice the Civil Rights Act Passed almost 60 years ago economic Justice big government just makes that Worse by wasting our money and sending Our jobs overseas

And climate Justice tell it to the Chinese sweetheart who the Democrats are Making richer day by day The truth is liberals have failed across The board you can't campaign on that can You so now Beyond dividing America along Racial lines all they're left with is Trying to sell voters on accepting a new Lower standard of living in return Democrats offer them a life of Perpetual Adolescence this is why so many in the Left are thrilled that more States like Minnesota are pushing marijuana Legalization best to keep them numb and Dumb right that way they won't know how Little Freedom they actually have left Or money And what says freedom in a country as Vast as ours more than a gas-powered car On an open road right but mommy and Daddy want to take your way away your Keys permanently or put you in an EV That traps you every 300 miles at a Charging station with some guy named Ralph if you can find a charging station That is When they told me they were going to put Some electric car charges and I was like Oh great of those six one of them has Completely broken several of them They're extremely finicky about exactly How you have to plug it in it's insane It's like if the wind blows too hard I Get a notification on my phone saying

Your car stopped charging And Vox is telling Middle America that It's time to ditch your car altogether Because it's better for the planet don't You know it's better for individual Health and it's a way of avoiding car Crashes Plus it's too expensive kids Of course Biden's war on oil and gas Drilling has been a direct assault on Everyone's wallet but you shouldn't Worry because if liberals have their way You won't need to provide for your Family anyway because big families are Bad for Mother Earth And marriage wow many have come to Believe it isn't the ideal because to Say it is the ideal offend someone Somewhere Democrats are scrambling to get Young Americans to invert the old idea of the American dream which is marriage family Home maybe a few cars In Biden world it's all too expensive Especially with wages declining so their Allies are feverishly promoting Alternative ways of making ends meet And it's not one family home ownership This is called the member wall and on This side of the wall is all the current Members there are 20 people that live in This house one cool thing about living In a communal house is that everything Is shared for example this pan is a

Shared house pan everyone has so much to Offer and so much to share growing up in A Modern Family the house is almost like An extension of that You see the size of that kitchen that's Like from college days oh It's Like Preschool though for adults share Children share but really in this Peter Pan where all Democrats are creating you Never have to actually even go to work Why leave home at all It is certainly the case that there are Fewer people in the building any given Day uh than there were pre-pandemic and Telework has become an important Dimension of how they work there will be Substantial taxpayer savings from right Sizing our office footprint right sizing They're just making up phrases now Bye-bye cities you're not going to exist Any longer because no one's coming into Them I guess we're going to figure that One out later though now the fact is the Democrats are cruel they're Impoverishing millions of hard-working Americans and pretending they aren't Who knows how many will live without AC This summer just like they went without Sufficient Heat this winter all because Of rising fuel costs I believe energy poverty is a good thing I don't know the term ma'am you've never Heard of the phrase energy poverty I have not heard of that term but I uh

It's probably pretty self-explanatory Though don't you think well I think what We're really trying to do with our clean Energy goals is make energy more Affordable and make the American people More miserable So yes the Democrats are determined to Keep young people weak poor frightened And alone they don't want you to get Married they don't want you to go out to Work they don't want you to have kids They want you at home smoking pot Playing video games and spending the Rest of your life as a 12 year old We all know stories of young people who Don't want to grow up but I really don't Believe that most Young Americans want To spend the rest of their lives feeling Sorry for themselves they want to grow Up they want responsibility and they Want better lives for themselves and Someday yes for their children So here at the angle our motto is no American left behind and that includes Young Americans we have to help them Overcome that despair that the Democrats Are selling if you grew up in the 1970s You know what it's like to be young in a World where the president is a hapless Guy where the enemies of America are on The March and even the adults seem to Have given up on the country that time Was scary and it was discouraging and I Remember it and for young people in the

80s President Reagan it was a breath of Fresh air he believed that we could all Do better and we still can Most of the so-called problems the Democrats are talking about the end of The planet threats of democracy and all The like they're simply made up and the Real problems we Face a weak economy Arising China open borders can all be Addressed with the right policies we've Seen it before just a few years ago So we shouldn't concede any young voters To the Democrats no way let's explain How things can get better and let's Encourage them to take on adult Responsibilities Because childhood is great But only for children And that's the angle hey Sean Hannity Here hey click here to subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis You will not get it anywhere else

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