Ingraham: We can’t allow this to happen

Ingraham: We can't allow this to happen

Fox News host Laura Ingraham warns against the media hype over Trump’s indictment and urges people not to forget about the crises under President Biden on ‘The Ingraham Angle.’

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Now the Press can barely contain itself It's like Christmas morning the Super Bowl and the World Series all rolled Into one it's filled with gifts Celebrations and of course entertainment The hype and the distraction never ends For so many people they've waited for The stay to see some some accountability In terms of criminal acts by the former President it's really dramatic stuff and It's uh it's never happened before in American history we're all going to be Glued leaning forward to our television Sets on Tuesday the NYPD is requiring All officers to be in uniform starting Today you can see the barricades that Are up This courthouse and even across the Street Ooh barricades now obviously Trump's Indictment is a huge story but not to The exclusion of every other big story Like the facts that you know Biden has Taken a sledgehammer to our national Prosperity and our national security Those minor stories Not to mention his constantly sowing National Discord You know that all love at the White House if California's reparation Movement would spread Nationwide that's Their dream they love what's happening In Sacramento Real simple

Just direct cash payments they owe me And mine reparations repair and real Estate And they certainly do not want you to Dwell on the fact that many blue states Are just dissolving before our eyes Especially all those big cities like Philly LA and Chicago Even liberal Washington Post columnist Philip bump cannot ignore these trend Lines saying rural counties added about 207 000 new residents from migration While Urban counties lost 328 thousand The counties that backed Trump by at Least 10 points in 2020 added nearly 1.2 Million residents Well of course it looks like things and Ukraine are going south as well And there's more disturbing news growing Out of China they're getting more Aggressive and they're crossing over the Taiwanese uh Straits and into the across The median line there another Provocation that will go unanswered by Washington and no doubt why are Biden Still begging he's begging G for a Meeting The president has said clearly he Believes it's important to keep the Lines of communication with China open He wants to have another conversation With President XI we'll move in that Direction The danger for president Trump is that

He too though will get distracted from Selling his solutions to families who Are suffering all over the United States Getting sucked into a war of words over Alvin Bragg's persecution that would Leave Trump's major Nemesis Joe Biden Free to just stumble across an open Field without having to defend his Abhorrent record Well we can't allow that to happen hey Sean Hannity here hey click here to Subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and Catch our hottest interviews and most Compelling analysis you will not get it Anywhere else

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