Ingraham: Who is calling the shots at the White House?

Ingraham: Who is calling the shots at the White House?

Fox News host Laura Ingraham examines how the country has fared under President Biden and shares what to expect if he runs again in 2024 on ‘The Ingraham Angle.’ #foxnews #fox #thefive

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Divide and turn out that's the focus of Tonight's angle [Music] All right here's what we know tonight About the state of America Mortgage demand plummets as rates are Going higher workers have essentially Had 24 months now of pay cuts Public pessimism about the economy hit An all-time high under Biden oh boy Layoffs they're coming today maida Announced it's cutting 4 000 more Technical employees And as DeSantis slugging it out with Disney Disney is reportedly cutting 7 000 jobs including 15 percent of its Entire entertainment division ESPN They're getting hit and hit hard more Layoffs there And of course Biden's war against cars Continues gas prices have reached a Five-month high Now as all of this is Weighing on us There's no end in sight as well for the War in Ukraine the Biden Harris Administration will announce a new Security assistant package for Ukraine The announcement will be the 36th use of Presidential drawdown authorities to Support Ukraine 200 plus million dollars more and some Of the biggest economies in the world Countries we all thought were our allies Are now aligning with China first macron

In France he went to Beijing and Lula in Brazil followed While in Beijing Lula met with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping and vowed To strengthen ties and as stephanopus Reports Brazil's leader also took a few Swipes at the dominance of the U.S Dollar Shocking not all right I'm not going to Belabor the obvious about the Border It's an open sewer of fentanyl cartels And human trafficking all due to Biden's Policies in the ending of title 42. There isn't even anything to debate here Anymore Biden is a complete and utter Disaster on all fronts he's an Embarrassment on the world stage All the business enterprises they look At me like hey guys don't jump okay I've Been in and out of Iraq and Iran Iraq And Iran but Iraq not Iran on fires as a Consequence of the long uh the the The utility poles you put up and all the Rest oh the utility pole problem yeah Is a complete incompetent and no one Believes he's calling any of the shots No one is better off than they were Pre-pandemic when Trump was President so Given all of that which everyone if You're really being honest Everyone agrees with what on Earth Should we expect from Biden if he does Run and from the Democrats in general Going into 2024.

I'll tell you what to expect divide and Demonize that's all they have forget Hope and optimism remember Obama's hope And change that's out the window expect Only old school machine style Petty Politics If he wants to get elected with this Nightmarish record of his Biden has to Divide the country into villains and Victims And whoever they deem as worthy victims Will be elevated to hero status and They're going to get rewarded and Whoever they paint is evil will be Punished and severely So in every speech on every trip he'll Try to shift attention away from his and His party's abject failures to the bad People out there on the other side He can't win without dividing us the Stories they choose to inject themselves Into will only be ones that Advance Their political narrative this is why They'll give a hero's welcome to the Tennessee three but not to the families Of the Nashville Christian shooting One day you're going to have three of The lawmakers who protested Peacefully protested who peacefully Protested after the Nashville Covenant School shooting have any of the victims Or the victims families been invited to The White House I don't have anything to To read out to you about any invite why

I just don't have anything at this time To read out to you at any invite what I Can say to you right now is that the President is focused on getting things Done he's focused on making sure that we Are protecting our communities Protecting our communities well why Doesn't Biden spend any time then Talking about the violent crimes being Perpetrated by roving kids in places Like Chicago and Compton Well don't expect Democrats to spend a Lot of time on those stories because They do not Advance The Narrative that America's racist Same with the horrible sweet 16 shooting In Alabama These are not the accused they're not of A white officer involved shooting or a White on black killing so they don't get The play Of course the Liberals have lots of Proxies though in the media in Hollywood Corporate America they're all helping Them out and of course we can't forget The activist crowd People who cash in on the LIE that our Country is systemically racist Well there's no money in suing gang Bangers in Chicago who leave behind a Trail of death there's no Fame in Pursuing the scourge of black on black Violence that rips apart entire Communities

Instead they wait they wait for the Perfect fact pattern like an 84 year old White guy who shoots a black teen who Mistakenly walked onto his doorstep it Was a white man who shot their 16 year Old son it is Inescapable Not to Observe the racial Dynamics here but if The roles were reversed and you had a Black man shoot a 16 year old white Child for simply ringing his doorbell And the police took him in for Questioning and let him come home and Sleep in his bed at night how much Outrage would there be in America Victims are victims skin color should Not matter But he obvious it obviously does to Democrats in the media exploiting their Suffering only to feed their sick lie That America is racist and yeah Trump Voters they are too Now Biden's inviting Rafael ralphiara The black teen to the White House But no invite for the family of Kalyn Gillis who was shot when she went up the Wrong driveway in Upstate New York last Week that girl died but she was white so Her death didn't help Biden Now understand what the Democrats and Their allies are doing here even if You're losing money every month even if You're sinking further into debt you and

Your family even if you think Biden Should be in a rest home somewhere You can't vote against him you can't Vote for change Because as their argument goes Republicans are evil in voting against Biden is akin to giving your thumbs up For racism Their tactics are so transparent and They're so cynical But there you have it But it doesn't have to be this way Just because Biden has given up on America doesn't mean that we should as Well As we go into 2024 Republicans have to Show the country and I'm talking about The whole country not just red States That there is a better way we can grow This economy we can rebuild our military We can stand up to China we can reign in Big business we know how to do it And Republicans in state after state are Doing it Now let's take that message to New York To Philly to Chicago yeah even San Francisco and L.A let's save the whole Country no State and no City left behind America has survived what almost 250 Years now we certainly will not be Destroyed by Joe Biden and his cynical Handlers and that's the angle hey Sean Hannity here hey click here to subscribe To Fox News YouTube page and catch our

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