Is San Fran changing its mind on police?

Is San Fran changing its mind on police?

‘The Big Saturday Show’ co-hosts weigh in as the Bay Area reverses course on defunding its police budget by $120 million in 2020 as crime surges.

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San Francisco's mayor is now asking the State for help to find crime what's Wrong with that well she promised to Defund the police three years ago Remember this We will redirect 120 million dollars From law enforcement to support these Priorities over the next two years Let me repeat that this is a hundred and Twenty million dollars it's a first step In December 2021 mayor breed backed off A little from her defund the police Pledge but now she's asking the new U.S Attorney for help against drug dealing Saying the problem is beyond our local Capacity You know the San Francisco Chronicle Just came out with a big piece saying That the downtown of San Francisco is About to collapse and take down the Whole Bay Area economy with it they're Calling for San franciscans to do Something major like New York did after 9 11 to rebuild the city because of how Serious this problem is but do we have Reason to believe Joe that San Francisco Is capable of doing something big like That not with the current leadership in Place right now poly right and what does San Francisco depend on tourism and People are simply afraid to go there at This point London breed she's currently A 36 percent approval 64 disapproval and Probably The Bluest city in the country

That's hard for a Democrat to do because She won with 70 of the vote so now half Of her support in three years is gone Crime drug overdoses are the leading Causes for those numbers going down and When you take 120 million dollars from The police and Sheriff departments just Like Bill de Blasio here in New York Took away a billion dollar from this New York City Police Department you know What police officers do they resign they Don't stop working necessarily they'll Go to other cities or they'll go to Other states like Florida where they're Seeing a surge of Police recruitment Down there because their police actually Feel appreciated under that governor in That state in Ron DeSantis although we Did see that unlike Philadelphia and Los Angeles the people of San Francisco did Recall Chase about She's a boudin sorry um who who uh they Felt was too soft on crime so maybe Maybe there is you are seeing such a big Change from where we were with the Rhetoric just a few years ago people Seem to be very fed up yeah but you know I I still think the the most important Thing Joe said was that breed one with 70 of the vote I mean it's not like Breed Spontaneously appeared right ochisa Bodine did uh people of San Francisco This is what they wanted like you know

Menkin said democracy is you give the People what they want good and hard well You know Um and if you go to the other side of The country Larry krasner who's probably The worst district attorney of in the Country he's elected once crime Skyrockets murder skyrockets in Philadelphia and he's re-elected like Overwhelmingly are they trying to recall Him now well the state is trying to Recruit the state of Pennsylvania right But the city of Philadelphia where they Elected him he's got very broad support And this is a big problem this is not Just the leadership this is a cultural Thing that's coming from beneath I think And I think it's just it's taken time It's you you give something enough time You're going to see a result and what Sounded like a great idea at the time to Some eventually started to slowly take Its toll and they were able to try to Defend it that could the best they could In a political way but the numbers of The numbers the victims are the victims And those can't be denied right and I'm Just going to say on the numbers of the Numbers They're now trying to shift the blame to The feds the feds can't do anything you Know in New York we got 38 000 police There's like 12 000 FBI agents in the Whole country the the feds can't fix and

It's not just police that are leaving by The way yeah all right listen to this American housing survey they found that Eight percent of San Francisco's total Population say they plan on moving to a Different city within the next two years That is the largest by far of any City And where are they going they're going To Texas they're going to Florida They're going to places like Nashville And Tennessee because hey they don't Have taxes and the crime problem is Under control Molly yep gotta flea if You can hey Sean Hannity here hey click Here to subscribe to Fox News YouTube Page and catch our hottest interviews And most compelling analysis you will Not get it anywhere else

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