Joe Biden knew he lied when he said this: Kennedy | Brian Kilmeade Show

Joe Biden knew he lied when he said this: Kennedy | Brian Kilmeade Show

Julie Banderas and Kennedy joined The Brian Kilmeade Show and discussed Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg wanting to spend taxpayer dollars for female crash test dummies and why Secretary of State Blinken should resign over trying to bury the Hunter Biden laptop story. Plus Julie and Kennedy on P. Diddy and Julie gives the backstory of her last name Banderas  #FoxNews

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A radio show like no other it's Brian Kilmeade there are 50 former National Intelligence folks who said that what This he's accusing me of is a Russian Plant they have said that this is has All the Care four five former heads of The CIA both parties say what he's Saying is a bunch of garbage So that was a scene famous scene from The debate uh where Donald Trump we've Actually had covet at the time said that When he brought up about uh Hunter's Antics in comes Joe Biden with 51 Intelligence agents say this is all a Bunch of garbage uh guess who's here Kennedy's here and this girl Um it comes on tip my tongue is this the First time you guys are together no not Emotionally Julie Banderas is here I Almost think you guys should be a team I Didn't know if this was it we've teamed Up we have yeah When you hear those those Sirens that at The NY Sirens it's because we've been Burning the city down right Metaphorically oh okay we actually are The head of a street gang and that Gained what's the name of that gang Kennedy and Julie Kelly okay there's no It's not and there's no coinness to it No you know where to find me Hot cougar Yes oh my God can we change it we're Officially changing ourselves we are now

The hot cougar so um Joe Biden was able to look in that Camera I love when stuff throws you up Joe Budden what in the hell Joe Biden Was ever was able to look in the camera And flat out lie it was a lie he knew it Was a lie he knew the laptop was real he Knows that his son has problems and That's putting it lightly and that is Soft pedaling it he knew that those People who signed that were compromised Uh they were obviously promised Something those are the people who run The Spy apparatus in this country they Are spying on you warrantlessly and they Lie for politicians to save face and to Reinsert The Establishment and shame on Every single one of them especially this President who should not be re-elected Because he is mentally deficient and Morally compromised right you give me Even more than I thought but do you know Something I think he's great sometimes In your life when someone lies And then you catch him you go or her you Go okay that's the way they look when They like so and how how definitive did They sound when they were doing it and It made me think Julie what else is he Lying about you knew at the time and how Lazy are these 51 Intel agencies not to Pick up the phone and say number one Joe See your son's laptop I'm about to sign Off on this number two uh let's just go

Show me a few emails get your assistant Show me a few emails find out if the Correspondence between these well-known People took Devon Archer others and You'll have somebody at least run it up The pole but instead oh Mike Morrell Called they want you to sign this paper And they did and it might have turned The election the fact that our now Secretary of State Anthony blinken was Organized it behind all of this and Trying to basically pass it off as Russian disinformation that right there Should be called I don't understand why There aren't serious calls about him to Step down right now he should step down He should absolutely get through the President no the Secretary of State now Lindsey Graham is calling him in to Speak to him yes and they've got this Letter and basically Jim Jordan is Basically saying that you know they Purposely tried to bury a story prior to The election okay they accused Trump of Doing the same thing but his his crimes Are a lot less than this when it comes To burying a story that could have Actually influenced the election so That's election tampering as far as I'm Concerned and not people who were pulled About this have said Um you know it's anywhere depending on The poll between 17 and 24 of Voters who Said they would have changed their vote

If they had known that this was real so So it did have an effect on the election Uh you know it's like you contrast that With the Facebook you know supposedly Russian disinformation that changed People's votes you can't show a Measurable difference for people whose Opinions or votes were influenced by ads They saw on Facebook but people who saw The way this was handled and Twitter Suppressing the New York Post story they Say if they were in full session of the Facts their vote would have been Different so it's so interesting because That is really what Trump should focus On now layout like he's smart to lay out Let this be the narrative number one I Think there's a degree of panic within The Biden cam not only does he have 38 Approval on Reuters 42 overall on Real Clear average but now you have Robert F Kennedy Jr getting the race this stuff Is coming out a whistleblower is Apparent and all of a sudden the fall Rollout is a Tuesday rollout Julie Banderas and also if you I love when you Call me by my last fake name Um so first of all the IRS well Banderas Is fake it is well yeah oh my God you Didn't know that no oh let's switch Gears quick my last name is Bidwell Banderas is just a TV Oh I thought that Was your married name no hell no that Was Samsung and which I purposely never

Did it because it's a gross name no it Actually is terrible but anyway are you Gonna take the fake name um Banderas Well I'm kind of stuck with it I think I Don't know I'll talk to management and See if they don't mind me going back to No see your whole life is television You're like I'll talk to a management I Was just talking about in you oh so the People Julie Banderas let's say when you Go to the five in dime to pick up Moccasins I uh Uh no they call me Bidwell I go by Bidwell outside of this building I can't believe you didn't know that no I saw it I thought it was I thought that Was a fake name no Bidwell is no Banderas is a fake name my sister Actually named me it's a really long Story but former news director in New York City wanted me to change my last Name to appeal to the history Uh no but my sister actually brought up Lopez as a as an example because I could Have been JLo then she said Banderas Because I could keep my initials JB were We talking about are you are you Hispanic though I am Colombian so then We kind of tried to pass it off as his As my mother's maiden name which is Actually not true it's uh it was Rodriguez and what do you hear Romanian Yeah that's right okay yeah I thought She was Russian by the way

Um I never want to LED an opportunity to remind the world That Julie Banderas had a Pre-thanksgiving party that's sickened 45 out of 50 people and when I say Sickened I mean both ends for days we we Caught something called sapo virus which Is like norovirus which is uh brought Down cruise ships cruise ships but like Hundreds were you the carrier uh my Daughter was yeah and your daughter was The infector monkey was throwing up the Night before my Thanksgiving Day Parade Bash that I used to throw every year Because I live on the Parade route and Kennedy among many others were at the Party and within 12 hours I think of you Leaving my house I have photographs Actually I'll send them to you at some Point of her two kids and her all laid Out on the couch with trash cans beneath Their faces but we weren't the only ones Who sent the Julie had like five People that she expressed regret that This happened no because I lost like 15 Pounds I'm still waiting for a thank you gift Aren't you so glad you booked us not yet It's cute talk about the topics you Assigned us so all right let's let's Forget about that for one thing I just Think things are changing I think by by The middle of next week I think things Are moving and the thing that I find

Most encouraging sadly is NBC CBS CNN Are all covering it not the way we're Doing it but they're at least covering It I have like a form there's a four Minute the CBS has a streaming and so Does ABC has a streaming Network that no One watches so they're like rolling this For like six minute packages which I Think is kind of interesting but Something else is interesting James Corden's last week of late night I Actually cares I I actually I don't even Know this was his last week That's how Little I can no one no one cares no One's moved can I finish oh sorry keep Going Brian as you were this was our Show I thought I didn't know he was the Host okay go ahead Uh so the Corporal karaoke I do think is Pretty Innovative I do think he's doing That on MTV at the beach house in 1995. Was that true what did you do in cars Yes it was called karaoke and by the way Do you know really yep and how come no One said this wait I've never heard it Because they're all a bunch of dishonest Liars and I'm sure people have VHS tapes Lying around Do you was that before the dash cam yes So so do you have a shooter like did you Have a camera guy in the car Yes all right wow oh so you didn't have A lipstick camera in the corner no I had Uh I had lipstick all over my face right

Nothing to do with that that was from Kiss and sailors in the green room right And they had the lipstick or you had it Right we both had it after that okay I Understood so do you know that we're on A flatbed Wow oh yes sometimes I did not know no Sometimes so he he actually said that Sometimes they do drive but sometimes They don't I know you have to run you do An outnumbered oh right I forgot okay no No don't leave no but I have time okay Yeah don't leave yet here's a little of Carpool karaoke and I know you know this But P Diddy Puff Daddy whatever he is Unbelievably Charming Listen to a little of it how does baby Number seven happen I'm gonna be honest With you it's because I got back into Music so I started producing r b again And I have my a new record label you Think it's on records yes you think it's Just the music and music that I missed You know how like there's no more baby Making music I had to make my new baby To like I had to go back and get old 90s Music and make a playlist So I go home I go home I light a candle I put it on left the red light on no Candle may burn down the place a red one Yeah that's a red line a red light like A red light red light yeah so it's an Artist everything Kids to bed put the kids to bed put that

On put it on and then it's just gonna Happen The thing is it's called off the grid so There's no phones allowed okay to Disconnect your phone and really really Lock in I don't use my phone off making Anywhere [Music] Oh oh You and your wife y'all just go straight To it you're going high So it was just I I just found him what a Great personality down to earth Self-effacing your thought about that Exchange I've known Diddy since the 90s And I like them I've always had a good Time with him I actually interviewed him For the cover of a music magazine and it Was uh a bad boy good girl was the Covers me and Diddy on the cover so I Gotta take a picture of that yeah it's Pretty great he is a really nice guy my Sister was the executive producer of his Reality show where they formed the girl Band so she worked with him for years And he's he's great I mean I I because He comes off dark glasses looks menacing But he doesn't seem to be I remember he Almost invited me to the white party uh Never actually pulled the trigger on That but I'm sure I think he ended it a Little quick but when I bring that up do You notice how sewing Kennedy got do you Not like your music days I love my music

Okay because you have very quiet no it's Because I'm I'm doing a comedy tour with Jimmy phela and we start May 6th in Reading Pennsylvania at the Santander uh Performing Arts Center and a lot of the My performance will be talking about Stories from MTV Are You Gonna Roll some Clips no I don't have any clips There's nothing they didn't even have VHS VHS tapes back then no we had beta You had beta yeah what about just film Right they had um Yeah I remember those actually What was your question young man I don't Even remember Oh P Diddy yeah we we both P Diddy fans Right but I think it's interesting not James Gordon I thought he was useful his Teeth honorable you did not like him no I think then the Balthazar story really Drove me crazy because I believe that he Was a diva and annoying and like oh my God my wash acts there's there's six Eggs there's only supposed to be fall This is disgusting it's just disgusting With some yolk that made it into the egg White omelette and that was his Complaint that's disgusting it was Because yolk made it into the egg white She's allergic to yolk okay Like she said is it like he's in the Room yeah yeah you know that sounded Like one of the kids from two Sir with Love

Remember that Share with love is it too too yeah Serving him and then he was allowed back And the owner of Balthazar or whatever It's called should be embarrassed Because he should never be allowed back In that restaurant okay that was an epic Fail I by the way you're just trying to Lighten things up I thought he was Wonderful Let's try one more okay all right here We go the crash test dummies oh Horrible band listen to this you also Plan to make important Investments to Address the roadway safety crisis Including the critical funding that Would accelerate the development and This is an area I've I've written to you About of the use of female uh dummies in Crash testing this will start to fight The gender inequity among vehicle safety And crash victims is this a issue that You wanted to tackle and you're angry That someone beat you too at Julie Banderas oh yeah no I definitely would I Was always wondering why don't crash Test uh dummies have why are they men Why why don't they have breasts I mean You know seriously like uh women who Pose in Nike sports bras don't have Breasts right why do we need crash test Dummies with breasts do you believe this Is happening in Washington 20 million Dollars well you know what people to

Judge doesn't do anything else as Transportation secretary so we had to Come up with something so he was like oh Yes he has he has the worst female Political crash tester he has the worst Political instincts of anyone I've ever Seen and that that's in the shadow of Hillary Clinton like he is so bad right He's dismissed a request from a law Crash that could be deadly in East Palestine East Palestine uh Ohio And and now here like this is the hill You die on you know dummy boobies I I Don't understand I mean he this is Someone with presidential aspirations Who went to Oxford listen I went to Oxford for the weekend right same thing And let me just say one thing his Argument is that 73 of uh fatalities or Not fatalities but accidents involve Women well I'll be honest women are not The best drivers so I'm not sure wow They're I'm not gonna I mean I'm an Amazing driver but I don't know too much The trend I don't know many women that Can parallel park like I can let's just Put it that way like she's got a button It just does itself no I gotta I Parallel park like a beast I know Parallel park in 1962. the bill and I Are like sisters when it comes to like Me being better than everybody else but I'm talking about most women right this Is not the average winner from your

Perspective I think this this segment Went really well I think it's it's I'm Putting it on my reel really Yeah all right the only way to watch it Julie go do Oh yes I will be one of the women I will All right and you stay okay all right Brian kill me chill don't have too much Fun without me you can move okay hi Everyone I'm Brian Kilmeade I want you To do me a favor I want you to click to Subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page This is the only way that I know for Sure that you're not going to miss any Great commentary any great news bites Any great interviews coming your way on Fox you can get it all here on YouTube So subscribe right now

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