Joe Concha: Trump’s indictment opens Pandora’s box

Joe Concha: Trump's indictment opens Pandora's box

Fox News contributor Joe Concha joined ‘Fox & Friends First’ to discuss the former Arkansas governor’s major announcement, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s payment to a former Obama press chief, and the latest on the Hunter Biden investigation. #FoxNews

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Former Arkansas governor ASA Hutchinson Announcing his 2024 presidential bid on The Republican wasting no time giving His thoughts on the Trump indictment You suggested recently that if Trump Were to get indicted that he should drop Out of the race do you believe that now That he's been indicted should he drop Out well I do first of all the office is More important than any individual Person and so for the sake of the office Of the presidency I do think that's too Much of a sideshow and distraction and He needs to be able to concentrate on His due process Joe Connell once again Joe good morning to You now this Fox News poll was asking GOP Primary voters the preferred Presidential nominee and it shows Donald Trump leading the pack with 54 percent Followed by Ron DeSantis with 24 percent Mike Pence at six percent Nikki Haley at Three percent and Hutchinson with just One percent so taking all that into Account do you think Trump's going to Step aside Uh well great question rhetorical I Think uh here's what I know from a media Perspective you say things like Trump Should withdraw from from the race which Will never happen to answer your Question uh that will earn ASA Hutchinson many TV appearances in in air

Time and look I'd say if this was 2008 It's an Open Primary you have a former Governor here who left office with an Approval rating around 60 percent and This Governor has been around for a While has remained controversy free he Therefore very easily could have won the Nomination 15 years ago but in this Environment running against a former President whose base is as loyal as Anything we've ever seen in political History I just don't see how ASA Hutchinson will be able to overcome Iran DeSantis let alone the guy who captured 74 million votes in the last election He's basically George Pataki 2.0 from The 2016 race right former successful Governor but he's just not going to get Any traction but he will get lots of air Time Todd and Trump space continues to Grow by the min yeah with this Indictment Upon Us meantime tax returns Revealing Meghan markle's non-profit is Paying out six figures to Michelle Obama's former press Chief fueling Rumors Ashley Run for political office there it is on Your screen screen your screen as well Joe what office is Megan running for Exactly this is the rumor that just Won't go away right Michelle Obama Presidential candidate backed by the Likes of Meghan Markle those in Hollywood those who are celebrities

They'd love to see Michelle Obama run But a solid and by the way a solid Majority of Democrats uh poll after Polls show that they don't want Joe Biden to run again yet we keep asking Who is the alternative but my question Always is when it comes to Michelle Obama and Meghan Markle supporting her Obviously through through money uh being Spent on her possibly running exactly What is Michelle Obama bring to the Table outside of her personality when Hillary Clinton ran as a former first Lady at least she was a Senator and Secretary of State Michelle Obama What are you getting here exactly so a Lot of people wanted to run I just don't Know what she brings to the table here Guys now there's an article published in The Spectator predicts Hunter Biden is Going to be indicted and so is President Joe Biden Hillary Clinton and Congressman ocasio-cortez all thanks to Alvin Bragg opening quote Pandora's Box What do you think Joe I think Stephen Miller who wrote this Piece is incredibly smart and one of the Best follows on Twitter you could ever Have it's a very interesting interesting Perspective right Ashley I mean quote uh Nancy Pelosi might be 137 years old but That probably won't stop a republican Attorney general from indicting her from Possible for possible insider trading

Martha Stewart he says went to prison For Less he's correct about that also Quote several members of the squad have Faced ethics via complaints about Campaign funds including Elon Omar and Alexandria Casa Cortez are they next the Point here is that once you start Running these political persecutions Against Donald Trump for minor Infractions misdemeanors basically then You're you're begging the other side to Do the same to their political opponents That's why this is so dangerous this Case against Donald Trump because it Does open that Pandora's Box to Political persecution weaponizing the Justice system and that's a whole bowl Of wrong yet we see everybody in the Media and almost everybody sharing this Indictment on they want the mug shot They want the fingerprints not realizing Exactly what this is doing in terms of Dividing the country Ashley and Todd Well Joe welcome back from Disney Hopefully well Mickey was good now You're back thrown into the fire yeah It's a small world after all Joe thank You yeah Thank you I have a third job coming by The way I'll be bartending the Regal Beagle on weekends to pay for this trip My God that place is expensive Thank you I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade and I'm aimsley Earhart and

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