Josh Hawley: The Biden admin wants this chaos

Josh Hawley: The Biden admin wants this chaos

Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo., joins ‘The Ingraham Angle’ to discuss the Senate’s border negotiations and the Biden administration’s impact.
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Joining us now Missouri Senator Josh Holly Senator as we're covering this Standoff at the border where the federal Government is trying to stop Texas from Doing just basic things to protect its State sovereignty that's happening yet Republicans are Grousing uh about populace and president Trump saying no deal that you can't Trust these people what the heck is Going on Here yeah as always it's opposite stay In in Washington Laura I mean the truth Is is the Biden Administration is 100% Responsible for what's going on at the Border and here's why the law hasn't Changed since Donald Trump was President The only thing that's changed is Joe Biden he wants the Border open that's Why it's open he wants the drugs pouring Across that's why they're coming into my State and every state across this Country the human trafficking the human Smuggling the crime all of it is because Of Biden's policies and why Republicans Would ever bail him out and give him More money to keep up these terrible Policies why they would ever help him Open the Border further or approve 50,000 more green cards every year is Beyond me I can tell you I will not vote For any of that well your reaction to Romney uh Kramer uh Senator Kramer um Senator from Indiana whose name I always

Forget Todd young That's how little I See him Todd young uh and others Langford saying you know wait a second a Pres one person shouldn't subtle this Great bipartisan agreement uh that That's just a tragedy we're really going To fix the border and Trump's trying to Stop Us you know this isn't about uh Donald Trump this is about the security of the American people and I think let's not Blame Trump for doing something that all Of the American people are saying which Is secure the Border I mean you look at By the way nobody has seen this deal We're told it's like the best deal ever It's wonderful you should all support it They won't let us see it if it's so Wonderful Let's it but I tell you what I do about It Laura is sounds it's going to ,000 More cards a year it sounds like Expedited work permits for illegal Aliens already in the country it sounds Like the border is not going to be Closed at all that's not a deal that's a Giveaway to Joe Biden why would anybody In their right mind Republican Democrat Independent ever support that the American people don't support it that's The bottom line they're suing Texas for Actually enforcing the Border but then Romney's like booh hooing because Donald Trump's trying to prevent our great deal

They're not obviously going to enforce The Border Senator I mean you don't have To work at Bane Capital to know that This is kind of basic you know logic and Common Sense by the way uh Schumer has a Message for Republicans Senate Democrats are going To stay the course stay the course until The job is done President Biden on Numerous occasions has stated he's Willing to work with Republicans in a Big way on immigration and over the past And for over two months months Democrats Have shown we are serious about reaching An agreement by remaining at the Negotiating table a complete fraud Senator your response to that it's the Best comedy I've heard in some Time the only thing that uh Joe Biden And the Democrats are serious about is Enabling the largest mass migration in American history the largest number of Illegal border crossings ever in the History of America listen I've sat Across from the DHS secretary Alejandra Mayorcas who's in charge of the border And he has told me under oath and go Look it up that their policies are Working he says the Biden policies are Working that's the problem they are Working they want the Border open Borders they want this chaos open Borders this is what they want and this Is why Republicans need to say no

Senator is this deal dead Effectively uh I hope so it should be if It's not dead yet it should be dead I Mean there is absolutely no reason to Agree to policies that will just further Enable Joe Biden Joe Biden needs to Close the border now he's got the Authority to do it just enforce the law I mean it's that simple just enforce the Law that should be the bottom line Senator thank you hey Sean Hannity here Hey click here to subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis You will not get it anywhere Else

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