Judge Jeanine: ‘Alvin Bragg made a fool out of himself’

Judge Jeanine: 'Alvin Bragg made a fool out of himself'

‘The Five’ co-hosts react to the media blasting Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s charges against former President Donald Trump as ‘underwhelming.’
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Hello everyone I'm Dana Perino along With Judge Jeanine Pirro Harold Ford Jr Jesse Waters and Brian Kilmeade It's Five O'Clock in New York City this is The five Let's start with this Manhattan D.A Alvin Bragg facing intense backlash over His unprecedented indictment of former President Donald Trump and some of that Criticism is coming from unlikely places Trump pleading not guilty to 34 felony Counts of falsifying business records And tearing into Bragg in a prime time Speech after his arrest I never thought anything like this could Happen in America virtually everybody That has looked at this case including Rhinos and even hardcore Democrats Say there is no crime And that it should never have been Brought everybody said this is not Really an indictment there's nothing Here My lawyers came to me and they said There's nothing here they're not even Saying what you did A number of legal analysts questioning The foundations of the case against Trump calling it weak and an overreach They point out that the indictment is Missing a key requirement that would be The crime that would make it a felony And some in the media also think the Case will struggle to hold up

What is the crime that prosecutors are Alleging escalated this from a Misdemeanor to a felony if I had to Characterize it it's disappointment if This is the only Pebble that gets thrown At Donald Trump uh it's a very small Pebble where's the beef uh as far as a Felony goes I talked to a lot of lawyers Yesterday and none of them Republicans None of them Trump supporters and all of Them saying This this is a little thin in terms of a Case that's being brought against a Former president it's a little Underwhelming but D.A Bragg is sticking To his guns even as critics blast his Role in reducing most other felonies in Manhattan These are felony crimes in New York State No matter who you are we cannot and will Not normalize serious criminal conduct We today uphold our solemn Responsibility to ensure that everyone Stands equal before the law No amount of money and no amount of Power changes that enduring American Principle all right judge since as the News of yesterday settled in and you had Today to think about it what are your Thoughts now You know I woke up this morning and I Said maybe I missed something but I Didn't miss a thing as I said yesterday

It was just a bunch of papers that were Stapled together the the indictment is Insufficient on its face it is Insufficient in terms of the statute of Limitations if you look at the first uh Several counts they are in February of 2017 which is beyond five years I think It's the first 15 or 20 counts are Outside the five-year statute of Limitations we don't know what the crime Is that they are complaining about and We should I mean because an indictment Is supposed to illustrate what it is That the defendant did and if it's a Federal crime Bragg doesn't have Jurisdiction to prosecute that and if It's a State Crime which was the only Thing that Brad gave us insight into Yesterday when he was asked what is the Underlying crime and why did you wait so Long he said well there's a New York Election law well I spent about two Hours on the New York election law today And it's clear to me that the New York Election law only relates to campaigns For public office in the state of New York he cannot try to bootstrap a New York state election law violation to Raise this to a felony state election Laws do not apply to a presidential race In addition to that it's selective Prosecution uh it is duplicitous there Are four counts for one act and Um you've got an intent that's in

Question did he intend to do it that Being Donald Trump because he wanted to Keep it from his wife and family or for Another reason and you the main witness Is someone who's a perjurer per se when He opens his mouth you have to assume The guy is lying and finally this whole Issue of the the the the jurisdiction And and the statute of limitations and The you know the the factual Insufficiency there's nothing in there That the that a defense attorney can Prepare for it's absurd and let me just Say one thing about Alvin Bragg who made A fool of himself yesterday as far as I'm concerned he said we cannot and will Not normalize serious criminal conduct Are you kidding people are being stabbed Beaten stabbed brutalized and murdered In New York City by career criminals who Are being let out again and again Felonies reduced to misdemeanors unless You're a republican this is a pathetic Man who is not connected to reality the Only thing that I have a great concern About and that I'm wondering about is is He not specifying the underlying crime Because in the event that his case gets Dismissed because if he's any kind of Lawyer at all he knows this is an Insufficient indictment is he giving Georgia and maybe Florida the ability to Prosecute that crime that he thinks Might apply to them as well without

Being barred by Double Jeopardy do you Know what I'm saying so that he could Basically say I'm not identifying it Until I absolutely have to in case the Judge dismisses this it'll give Georgia And Florida a chance to relitigate that Issue that I haven't told you about Interesting and so Harold how about Alvin Bragg bringing Republicans and Democrats together to agree on something Well first of all I'm glad you're back Thank you I'm glad I'm glad you're here At the table here it's been a while the Um so the judge raised this last Point She raised yesterday and I I thought it Was a a very smart Point uh and we still Don't have an answer to it and I think That the fact that you continue to raise It uh is an important thing to do two Um I reread it too and I and and I said Yesterday and I stand by it I thought There would be a little more than there Was but what I did note what I didn't Notice and I think it's important to Note and we talked a little bit about it Yesterday it's it's clear that uh Alvin Bragg and his team believe uh that David Pecker uh the the American Media uh CEO And the head of the National Enquirer They owned the National Enquirer is as Important a witness as as Michael Cohen Is number two It I get a sense that he believes the Underlying crime is the way he's going

To prove is that he believes that President former president Trump Intended to mislead the tax authorities In New York with the falsification of Some of the business records now we can Argue over whether or not that is a big Enough crime to indict a former President but on the books you're Allowed to do that I stand by what I Said yesterday I thought there would Have been more here what I what I what I Wish would stop happening and I Understand those of us on television and Certainly the president's lawyers are Entitled to their opinions I wish the Threats and the attacks on the judge the Judge's family Alvin Bragg personally and Alvin Bragg's Family that has no place in this uh and I would hope that on either side that That we would stop that I've seen it From one side against the judge's family Which I just don't quite understand our Judicial system works president Trump's Lawyers will have an opportunity to file Motions to dismiss this and just based On what you've said judge and I think Some of the things that that others have Seen in the indictment they may have Some grounds to do it uh and if they if The judge decides not to dismiss which I Could make one could make an argument on That side as well I would hope that Those who are against this case and for

The president will allow the legal Process to unfold and if the president Is corrected he's not guilty he will be Found not guilty by by jury of his peers And Jesse flimsy charges Are sure to backfire right if you have a Flimsy charge it backfires and then what Are the consequences of that you sow Deeper divisions in a country that's Already pretty torn apart yeah way to go Alvin the Democrats are convinced that Donald Trump's a criminal that he's Guilty of murder rape Espionage you name It he's guilty of it and they were Waiting for Alvin Bragg to tell them What Donald Trump was guilty of And he came out and he couldn't do it It was like being there during a will Reading and they found out they were Being written out of the will And they couldn't process it so the word Yesterday was disappointment they were Disappointed they didn't get the mug Shot they wanted they didn't get the Violence in the streets that they wanted They didn't get the Handcuff shot that They wanted they didn't get the cameras In the courtroom they wanted and they Didn't get an indictment worth a damn The Democrats are Driven Crazy by the Fact that Trump is innocent until proven Guilty so for the last six years they've Been trying to create a crime that he's Guilty of so Alvin Bravo give him credit

It was creative he takes a hundred and Thirty thousand dollars and chops it up Into 34 felony counts and then he Concocts This legal theory that has Never been seen in the history of American jurisprudence am I using Jurisprudence correctly very well thank You and no one can understand it so the Guy can't read a calendar also because All of the counts And the checks were written in 2017. Yep so let me understand this Alvin You're saying she in 2017 was trying to Influence the 2016 election I can do that math you cannot do that so The case is falling apart Alvin Bragg is A dumb man the jury's tainted the judge Is a Democrat donor and the charges Aren't going to stick and also by the Way he filed this thing Trump paid more Taxes I'm a Democrat and I've said all along You know what he's innocent unless Everyone is so I don't I nor was I Expecting this or apologies National Review Dan McLachlan wrote this Piece that I loved it basically was it Said I will take these charges seriously When the Democrats go back and take and Then he lists all of these things that Have happened in the past um that the Democrats said weren't a big deal I did not read that article You on that kind of thing so I judge you

Spent two hours in election law I did Two and a half so Do that to serve a couple of things I Think it's hysterical that whether the Timing was after the election or before The election they think to kill these Stories uh was to Donald Trump's benefit How many times have you said to yourself Honey get in the car but before we Decide who we're going to vote for get The Inquirer and let's find out what's In there and then I'll decide my Goodness if it's not the acquirer I just Don't know who to vote for uh so it was Unbelievable uh to flip around at the All the channels last night and see People just look at this case and no one Could get any traction I think it Diminishes all the other cases and I am Somewhat in all seriousness sad because In every one of the other cases that are Up there more serious less serious Trump Has got a point and the other side has a Point right the the election Georgia uh Marijuana everybody's got a point And you know how long it takes for these Cases to mature years so for the next Three years we're literally going to be Talking more about the cases than the Border than Ukraine then the the 4.75 Gas that's coming our way this summer so The things that actually help our Country that need to be addressed we're Going to be focusing on these cases and

I think it's actually going to overwhelm The primaries I'm very curious to see if Somebody's got a strategy uh to win in The Republican party and beat Donald Trump knowing he's going to be taking All the news Cycles away from people can I can I say one more this just something I want to throw out the judge said he Wants to move as expeditiously as Possible how do you set a motion date December 4th right this is April May June July August September I mean I Don't have enough fingers for that They're trying to push it toward you Know the uh primary primary yeah right New Hampshire in Iowa and you know how Expensive it is to bring Donald Trump in 200 million dollars Superman that's another issue at one Point that hasn't been made that I would Make is the example it sets around the World is horrendous hey Sean Hannity Here hey click here to subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis You will not get it anywhere else

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