Judge Jeanine: This is a ‘piece of garbage’

Judge Jeanine: This is a ‘piece of garbage’

‘The Five’ co-host Judge Jeanine Pirro discusses the ‘flimsy indictment’ against former President Donald Trump on ‘The Story.’ #foxnews

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First legal analysis from Judge Jeanine Pirro co-host of the five Judge Jeanine Great to have you here today you know so You know a day into this you look at it You go well what's he doing does he is There a method to this madness or is it Just Madness you know a day into it you Wake up and you say you know maybe I Missed something and then you look at The indictment again and you say no he Missed something he would not that means D.A Alvin Bragg would not identify this Second crime why why not illuminate what It is why not prosecute it on its own Why hide it from the rest of us what is He afraid of and when he has asked the Question directly he comes back with Well you know we've got more testimony And it could be the New York state Election law he doesn't reference the Federal crime so what we have here is a Is is an indictment that for the most I Think the first 20 counts are beyond the Statute of limitations on its face Actually this is insufficient factually It is insufficient we need to build a Particulars to tell us what it is so What I'm thinking in my mind is like Everyone else and this is what I did for A living this is my wheelhouse for 32 Years what I'm thinking is there's got To be a reason for him not to identify It is it because maybe he's worried About the sufficiency of the indictment

And if he doesn't really identify it Maybe then Georgia could continue to Prosecute that crime and not have it be Barred on the basis of Double Jeopardy I Don't know but what I do know is that The stuff that everyone admits to on the Left on the right in the middle and the Agnostics is that this is a piece of Garbage it means nothing and to drag a President a former president of the United States into the bowels of the Criminal courts in New York City is a Horrendous act unless you have something At least identifiable you cannot do that Plus I haven't even gotten into the the Issue of intent how are you going to Show what Donald Trump's intent was Former president Trump this is a Bookkeeping offense we don't bring Presidents down on that kind of thing But the amazing thing is when you've got One party indicting another party and This is Mark and kellyanne's milieu uh It stinks to high heaven even in a Criminal courtroom so here's what he Said yesterday Alvin Bragg when he was Asked you know your predecessors turned This this down so why are you basically Putting your whole professional career Out here on a limb on this thing watch This Your predecessor took a hard look at This case and decided not to charge it Federal prosecutors took a hard look at

This case and decided not to charge it Do you believe you have new evidence That led you to decide to charge this or One Map as I just mentioned we have had Available to the office additional Evidence that was not in the office's Possession prior to my time here Does he look confident to you in that Not at all I don't think so either the Fact that he doesn't identify directly You know you have to think back what is New the only thing that happened Recently is they brought back David Pecker from Ami after Bob Costello the Attorney who said Michael Cohen who is At the heart of this case I don't even Need to go back there that you could try To prosecute a former president on the Grounds uh and the on The credibility of A perjurer who has purging himself to Congress in courtrooms is is is beyond What any of us in the criminal justice System have seen this is an Embarrassment he wants to be the first I Can't say if that's the reason but There's no other reason for this this is Not a case to prosecute but I'll tell You what it does do what it does do is It identifies that this is a man who as He said last night is a man who has been Hunted for six years seven years and This flimsy indictment which is nothing More than a piece of paper is the cream

On top of the cake that Fizzles in Everyone's mind so you know the question Of a federal election law right I mean Is also raised by this case because There's an impact on running for President right with this indictment Around you as well so is that a Violation of federal election law This could be a violation of federal Election law let's assume it is he Doesn't have the jurisdiction to try it I was a district attorney if I call the U.S attorney in the southern district of New York and said hey it's Janine don't Worry about it I got this federal crime Covered they'd come and indict me for Something yeah I mean you that's not Done everything as it relates to Donald Trump is outside the rules it's Justice Merge on what's your read on him because He was uh in the read through and in the Reporting respectful of the former President in in that room yesterday I Mean he has an opportunity here he could Say you know what it's too light there's Not enough here for what you're doing The the magnitude of this is too large And you don't have the stuff Willie Well not now but there will be a time to Make motions uh and I thought that he Was very calm yesterday and the fact That he did not issue a gag order which Would have been found unconstitutional Uh I think he may be worried too based

Upon his reaction and his experience Previously where Bragg thought he had The right judge absolutely and he's had Two successful prosecutions of trump Organization so does he really want this On his record if he doesn't have the Confidence in what brag has brought to Him he has that opportunity so Justice thank you so much great to see You Judge Jeanine Pirro always good to Have you with us I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade and I'm Ainsley Earhart And click here to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page to catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis

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