Kayleigh McEnany: Biden’s new priorities are stunning

Kayleigh McEnany: Biden’s new priorities are stunning

‘Hannity’ panelists Kayleigh McEnany and Clay Travis discuss the ‘climate cult’ going after toilet paper and gas stoves. #foxnews #fox #hannity

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Now how about this leave my gas stove my Air conditioner my light bulbs red meat SUV and especially my toilet paper alone Here with reaction author of the Upcoming book Serenity in the storm uh The one and only outnumbered co-host Kaylee mcinany Okay founder clay Travis I want my gas stove I want my air Conditioner I want my red meat I eat Paleo leave my toilet paper alone yes I Mean well said I never thought we'd have To say it me either as all of this is Happening what Welcome to Hannity it's a whole new World it is but what's happening across The world right I mean China's brokering Relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran Uh China's telling house Speaker McCarthy you know you're severely Interfering with our decisions China's Completely polluting like far more than We would ever do but we're focused on The days and toilet paper really we Should be focusing on China but bidets And toilet paper that's the priority of Joe Biden that's well said you know Clay Look I believe in Freedom if liberals Prefer I will allow them to make their own Choice they can use leaves Instead of toilet paper or they could Use nothing Nobody wants to be near them they won't

Want to be near them even more I mean Where does this come I just hope they Don't get the wrong leaves right Sean Would end up with poison ivy look I feel Like uh I'm ahead of the curve because Uh if it happens it happens you know Accidents like that occur That's the danger of camping outright I Feel like I've never been so convinced That Tennessee's ahead of the curve Sean We're going to bring back outhouses uh And uh and everybody's going to point Out uh how brilliant we were for for so Long the green new deal just go out in The backyard uh grab some poison ivies Or outhouses and you'll be ready to go Um and I just I'm with Kaylee by the way We might be about to start World War III And Democrats are trying to figure out Whether or not we can use toilet paper And uh and also be able to eat whatever We want and maybe World War III what did Einstein say the World War IV would be Fought with uh with sticks and stones Right so maybe toilet paper is going to Be a luxury after Taiwan and Russia and We end up with a war uh World War III There this is the optimistic portion of The Sean Hannity Show um You know where did they come up with This yeah you know the Paris climate Accord that was a brilliant idea of the Left oh and Davos Switzerland right and It allowed China to build factors amid

CO2 but the United States we paid their Developing nations they're developing Nation but president Trump said I'm the President of Pittsburgh not Paris and That's what a president should be and You know what I'm saying any better uh clay great to See you uh and I have forgiven your 500 Debt it's wiped off the books you're Done uh anyway thank you both for being With us Kaylee thank you clay Travis Thank you hey Sean Hannity here hey Click here to subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis You will not get it anywhere else

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