Kayleigh McEnany shreds Biden DOJ’s ‘overt bias’

Kayleigh McEnany shreds Biden DOJ's 'overt bias'

The ‘Outnumbered’ panel discussed a church vandal who evaded jail time after Biden’s DOJ offered the suspect a ‘sweetheart’ plea deal. #FoxNews

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The Biden administration's Department of Justice offering what critics call a Sweetheart deal to a transgender Vandal Caught on camera smashing and spray Painting a Catholic Church in Washington State last year this is surveillance Video of 31 year old Maeve NoDa in Action throwing a rock at a glass window While a woman was praying inside she had To lock herself in she was so scared This person then spray painted the Sacred buildings walls with profane and Anti-catholic messages like religion of Hate Woman Haters and more NoDa also defaced the church's beloved Statue of the Virgin Mary And spray painted a church worker in the Face before resisting arrest Despite those damages to the church Totally nearly a hundred thousand Dollars the doj recommended wait for it Zero jail time and instead recommended Just three years probation This plea deal sharply contrasts with The Biden administration's treatment of For example pro-life activist and Father Mark Houck the doj charged Hulk with Violating the face act back in October Of 21 after he shoved a Planned Parenthood volunteer while defending his Son The FBI leader raided House Pennsylvania Home arresting him in front of his wife And seven children after State Police

Declined to press charges Houck faced 11 Years in federal prison before he was Acquitted earlier this year kellyanne The contrast is nothing short of Stunning and it's unacceptable yes and In Joe Biden the Merrick Garland's Department of Justice you see that Parents at school board meetings are Concerned about curricula and loss Learning are domestic terrorists this Has been a pretty anti-catholic Administration for Mr I'm Catholic Joe Biden they're openly hostile to religion Overall and I think it's costing a lot Of Hispanic voters Asian American voters In this country they are realigning for Many reasons but one is the open Hostility toward religion look at the Treatment of Amy Coney Barrett who is Emily qualified to sit where she now Works in the United States Supreme Court She went there with not a single Democratic senator's vote even though When she went to Senate confirmation They dressed her down about her Catholicism Dianne Feinstein said it's Obvious that you know your Doctrine Burns inside of you as if anything Burns Inside a Dianne Feinstein at this point And so the uh the hostility towards Amy Coney Barrett who lives her faith every Day there was there wearing the cross as A Catholic had been a professor at Notre Dame has seven children two adopted from

Haiti the uh that hostility contrasted With this by the way this I think Kaylee I know people are here are attorneys That looked like assault with a deadly Weapon I mean spray painting somebody in The face throwing a rock where you know Somebody is praying on the other side And I just want to quickly remind the Audience the fact that the doj was Involved in all means there were federal Crimes committed here and they Completely Balked on that that's absolutely right Thank you for that Kaylee not only are These hate crimes but yes not only did This person spray paint that churchgoer In the face which is absolutely an Aggravated assault and can be a felony In Washington state but that person also With a backpack full of spray cans beat And shattered the police vehicle when They were resisting arrest and yet Somehow that's characterized simply as a Vandal I've been to service many times At St Louise there in Bellevue Washington it's a beautiful church it's A beautiful community and it breaks my Heart not just that this happened but That this happened in a world in an Administration where there is zero Accountability because somehow Catholic Protection and catholic's practice of Faith matters less yeah resisting arrest That happened too as you noted look

Viewers can do math the American people Can do math when you have an Administration that won't use the word Christian when six Christians are Murdered when you have an Administration Whose FBI talks about going after Radical traditional Catholics when you Have just yesterday we learned from Jim Jordan an undercover agent and in the Talk of going into Catholic churches and Then this when Mike Lee puts forward you Know there have been 34 arrests of Pro-lifers many of whom have been Exonerated in courts of law 81 attacks On abortion facilities excuse me Pro-life facilities and only two Prosecuted that doesn't include Catholic Churches what does that all add up to an Overt anti-conservative anti-catholic Anti-christian bias on the part of this Administration it's not that hard you Just add up the pieces and you see what They equal and yet this persecution Kaylee is considered a complex a Fabricated one in this country but if You leave this country then it's Accepted as an actual Phenom Bill last Year the Attorney General testified in Front of Congress that as you mentioned The pro-life Center attackers that They're just too clever for the FBI Those who are attacking the Pregnancy Resources centers which is a hard thing To do are doing this at night in the

Dark these people who are doing this are Clever and are doing it in secret we Intend if we find them to do that there Is so you can't find them if you have Information about those groups we would Be happy that is your job that is your Job Attorney General I guess they didn't see all the TV Cameras out there when that was Happening right I was just looking at This this story out of Washington state He smashed two glass doors with rocks Spray painted the church's outside walls With f Catholics wrought in your fake Hell kid groomers Woman Haters this was Around the time that Roe v Wade was dead By the U.S Supreme Court A church staff member was spray painted Across the face I think you mentioned That when officers showed up he used a Backpack full of spray paint cans to hit The police car uh he was drunk during The arrest or appeared to be intoxicated I don't know if he was given a DUI or a Breathalyzer test I should have taken The day off from work I mean if any Citizen does this Anywhere you're doing time oh yeah Imagine if that had happened it's a Synagogue correct much less exactly Exactly it is appalling Harris and yet That was explained Away by saying oh uh This person was intoxicated and angry About Roe v Wade but nothing excuses

Anti-christian anti-any religion hate Crimes and that's what this was and this Administration lets him get away with it I I would say maybe the only people you Know in our country right now who Understand this at the level of Christians are in the Jewish faith I Mean there's a lot of anti-Semitism That's rocking out there right now so I've had people in the Jewish faith say We need to work together on securing These places so that in fact Ari Fleischer and I had this conversation Just personally off camera recently and He said they are starting to team up now Some of the synagogues to try to figure Out how to protect those softer targets I mean you have a person kneeling to Pray and then you have this violent Actor who gets off with nothing Compared to what he should have gotten Off with or should have gotten throwing A rock through a window attacking that Structure so on and so forth so I do Think that there is just this Anti-movement of Christian and Jewish Faiths in this country but it is sought After by the FBI where Christians are Concerned that's why your book is so Important that's why people are reading Your book in Shannon's book and and Haley's books Ainsley going to Asbury Ohio to that University and I mean it's There's a hunger for what your message

Is just quickly noting Tim Scott talked About in his video protecting the Judeo-christian community yeah Absolutely yes

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