Kayleigh McEnany: The audacity of this was really something

Kayleigh McEnany: The audacity of this was really something

’Outnumbered’ panelists sound off on the White House press secretary for her response to the Nashville school shooting. #FoxNews

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Going to break we said that there were Seven victims killed at the Covenant School we want to be exceedingly clear Here there were six Christians who were Victims of that shooting uh and one Murderer and the Biden Administration is Now facing backlash over the White House Press secretary’s comments saying that The transgender Community is under Attack We’re seeing more and more of these Hateful hateful bills people don’t want Their freedoms to be taken they want us To fight for their freedoms and so it is Shameful it is disturbing and our hearts Go out to uh those the trans Community As they are under attack right now but This is a president who has said many Times before he has their backs Yeah you know the audacity of the White House to choose this as their moment to Make that statement is really something Emily Um you know as I mentioned going to Break there are six victims there were Protesters however at the Tennessee Capitol who were putting up seven Fingers and saying seven victims uh There are six That’s right but we will never get that Acknowledgment from this white house or This Administration Queen John Perry Says you know we want to fight for People’s freedoms yeah we want you to

Fight for our freedoms for Christian Freedoms for every American’s freedoms That’s the purpose of those bills by the Way it is to increase and protect Freedom from this overbearing Overreaching government under Biden’s Watch it has nothing to do with anti or Hate no matter what kind of sound bites They try to craft for their small-minded Narrative crafting brains it is Mind-boggling to me that the mainstream Media immediately accused the governor There and the state leadership in Tennessee of sharing burdens and sharing Responsibility for this evil brutal Persecution of six Christians that this Is being touted as a Christian Persecution complex rather than Christian religious persecution which Apparently only exists outside of this Country it’s like we talked about Yesterday if someone has left-wing views Then it’s the right Wing’s policies that Are to blame Whenever there is something Like this murder but to those people who Are lifting up seven fingers into green Jean-Pierre they are absolutely seeing The point to the detriment of millions Of Christians here in this country that Are now find themselves at the end of a Target it is horrifying Kennedy I don’t Know how chirons in the vetting process Works over at MSNBC but let this sink in Because this is our these are the words

They put on their screen transgender Shooting suspect Sparks outrage on the Right shouldn’t a shooter of three Children three adults spark outrage on The left as well we should all be Outraged we should be outraged that that Someone like this targeted children you Know it’s like just because there were Three victims and and there weren’t 19. It doesn’t make it any less tragic and How upside down are we in this country How backwards are we in this country When we’re not thinking of those Families we’re not thinking of those Children and the horror and and what They want through and those incredibly Brave police officers you know who Didn’t stand outside they went right Inside it didn’t matter if it was a Woman with a gun it was a a murderous Person that they sent to hell because of Their bravery and I don’t think the fact That she was trans has anything to do With this I think you know the fact that That she’s a woman is is much more Interesting because we don’t see that Happen but it just goes to show you There is no box that sociopathy fits in Where people find it so easy to just Take human life and and we have to think About it and it’s okay like the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando yes that’s when you Talk about the victims in the gay Community that was directly targeted in

A match and and that was terrific think About the kids here think about the Christian children and their families They are the victims here yeah no doubt And that’s well said you know Bill I’m Interested in Marcia Blackburn and Bill Hagerty’s proposal they put forward Which was 900 million dollars to go to Schools to allow them to hire retired Law enforcement Marcia Blackburn though Put up this yesterday earlier this week I spoke to Joe Biden after the senseless Tragedy in Nashville and I introduced Legislation to provide 900 million for School safety it is clear this white House has no interest in protecting our Kids they just want to make this about Politics why is the White House so Immovable on the issue of hardening Ourselves listen there are hundreds Hundreds of millions of guns in this Country and there are hundreds of Millions of people and Um it’s an interesting idea it was grant Money for any school that wanted to hire A resource officer at their on their Campus uh it’s going she’s right it’s Going nowhere I’m under this Administration here’s what I keep coming Back to I’ll make this quick and clean This happened on Monday on Monday Afternoon we were told by the police in Nashville that there was a ton of Evidence that was left behind as to why

She acted the way she did well it’s Friday afternoon and we have seen very Little of that evidence and I would just Ask why where is the manifesto why have We not been told about what is there Martha it is disturbing that we haven’t Been told what’s in the manifesto this Appears to be a targeted attack we’ve Heard it was a targeted attack at a Christian School of these six innocent Individuals they are the victims in this Story this is not about whatever LED This killer to take the lives of these People it has never been about that in Our history now we’re sort of at this Point where we’re kind of going yes but What led to it why did the person feel This way yeah maybe those are things That you need to examine for one reason To keep other people alive and if there Were situations where this person should Have been detected by their family you Know were their eyes open enough do they Share any of the larger blame of not Reaching out to them and saying look you Know what is going on should we be Making sure that you Have the right medicine that you do not Have a weapon because those laws are Already on the books in Tennessee if you Are they call it mentally deficient you Can say whatever you like about that Term but the reason for the term is that If anyone in your life can prove that

You’re a danger to yourself or others They can make it impossible for you or Nearly impossible for you to go into and Buy legally by a gun those laws exist at The federal level and in Tennessee That’s what people should be yelling About her background It’s about these children and it’s about This killer who took their lives yeah in One of those children tonight a Celebration of life for little Evelyn Dick house we think of these families This weekend and just remember you’ll See them again these children as Greg Laurie said are in your future not in Your past Hey everyone I’m Emily compagno catch me And my co-host Harris Faulkner and Kaylee mcineny on outnumbered every Weekday at 12 pm Eastern or sets your DVR also don’t forget to subscribe to The Fox News YouTube page for daily Highlights

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