Kayleigh McEnany: This was Trump’s ‘missed opportunity’ post-indictment

Kayleigh McEnany: This was Trump's 'missed opportunity' post-indictment

‘Outnumbered’ co-host Kayleigh McEnany, former Democratic presidential candidate John Delaney, former Mitch McConnell Chief of Staff Josh Holmes and Bloomberg News White House and politics editor Mario Parker discuss 2024 presidential candidates. #FoxNews

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Susan and I have now been thinking about This working at it and have prayerfully Come to the conclusion that we're not Going to join the race in 2024. this Isn't Our Moment this isn't the time for Us to seek elected office well former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo telling Our Brett Bear he is out for 2024. it's Time now for our Sunday group Outnumbered co-host and author of the New book Serenity in the storm living Through chaos by leaning on Christ Kaylee mcinetti former Democratic Presidential candidate John Delaney Former Chief of Staff to Mitch McConnell Josh Holmes and Bloomberg News White House and politics editor Mario Parker Welcome to all of you good to see you This morning okay so secretary Pompeo is Out for now somebody who's not yet in But a lot of people think Wilby is Ron DeSantis he has signed a new abortion Bill you just heard my conversation with Congresswoman mace about how the GOP is Trying to navigate this Politico reports It this way DeSantis Mark the bill a Six-week ban with an 11 pm tweet not a Press event that often accompanies a Signature policy achievement and it may Be because of what the financial times Is reporting quoting a top Republican Donor Thomas petterfy halting plans to Help Finance the U.S presidential bid of DeSantis due to his quote extreme

Positions on social issues they quote Him as saying because of his stance on Abortion and book Banning myself and a Bunch of friends are holding our power Powder dry Josh I think you can always Find somebody in the donor class that Has a problem with core GOP issues it's Been like that forever right I don't Think that this is the issue that sort Of the corporate media and the larger Illuminati believe it to be in terms of Their political analysis I mean just ask Governor Kemp in Georgia who signed Extremely similar law what that did to The center elect of the electorate in Georgia you had Republicans losing at The federal level he blew him away in The in the state level as did all the Candidates in the state legislature who Voted for it I think that this is an Issue that people want to extrapolate Out on a federal level in a sign because It really really motivates a liberal Base particularly on the financial side But I think in terms of where the American people are on the issue of Abortion it is not the Republicans here That have the extreme position Well MRI pro-life supporters will say Yes look at places like Florida look at Places like Ohio or Texas where the Governors have pushed through tougher Bans and have been rewarded with Double-digit wins yeah and I think the

Problem here with with DeSantis is and His donors isn't necessarily the fact That of the issues it's the fact that They're reading the tea leaves and Starting to hedge their bets right look At the timing the the surge in former President Donald Trump's polling as well I think that's where you really see the Rubber hitting the road there and DeSantis has to figure something out in Terms of how he's going to message to GOP voters to look past the primary to The electability in the general election Yeah I think that's got to be his Conversation so in the meantime former President Trump is facing a lot of Different legal issues but one that sort Of folks have forgotten about is noted By Politico this indictment excuse me National Review they're talking about His Civil Trial for rape beginning in 10 Days he's caught in a Maelstrom much of It of his own making that the civil Lawsuit accusing him of sexual salt has Largely flown under the radar but the Case is going to Federal Court just 10 Days from now on Monday April 24th I Mean Kayla he's got a lot on his legal Plate he does and what he could do best You know he's running for president is Say we're talking about me but we should Be talking about you the voters in my Case for 2024. Um I thought it was a bit of a missed

Opportunity following the indictment he Had Network news channels covering his Speech and that was a moment if he would Have started out saying that exact line This is about me it should be about you Six people have died in Nashville six Christians three children we need to Have a national conversation in this Country about protecting our schools we Need to bring down inflation draw that Contrast because as any presidential Candidate knows you don't want this to Be a referendum on you but a choice You're delivering to the American people And the best he can do over the next few Months and year as he's making his case To the American people is turn it right Back to the American people Well for now Though everything that's happening is Working in his favor now to Politico They say this indictment is Turbo char Charging his fundraising while the President's former a former president's Indictment along with potential future Charges in several ongoing Investigations puts him in serious legal Jeopardy it has helped to solidify his Standing with his supporters and grow His campaign War chest I mean John he's Up 20 points at least in most polls on Ron DeSantis a distant second and many Beyond that but the money is pouring in By the millions as well yeah well I mean What he has going for him is that it

Doesn't appear like the Republican field Will be small right it feels like Several people are getting in the race And that's a huge Advantage for former President Trump right a divided field he Gets his block of Voters and he wins the Best chance the Republican Party have of Defeating Trump is have only one or two People in the race but the real question Shannon is as these you know you Mentioned the rape trial that's now Coming up and then there's there's like A wave of additional legal matters Coming well the weight of these things Over time right they help him in the Short term what is that saying like you Know all press is good press right so He's getting him in the headlines he's Able to push messages out to his base Saying that he's being attacked by Liberals and Democrats all that stuff But over time to your kind of middle of The road voter in the Republican primary Does the weight of all these legal Actions just bury him and give another Candidate an opportunity to emerge I Mean I think that's the question it's Too early to tell but it wouldn't Surprise me if that's how this plays out Okay in the meantime we're still waiting To find out if the former the current President uh is going to run again he Has well this has been his explanation So far

Are you saying that uh that you would be Uh taking part in uh our upcoming Election You know being the good you know the guy Who's pushed him out come on Well I plan on running now but we're not Prepared to announce it yet and he said Something similar since then but Mario I Like how Jill the first lady is kind of Looking around like what's he about to Say check it out what what he's rolling Out there no if you look at what the White House has been doing the last Couple of months and you squint you see The semblances of a re-election campaign Starting right his trip to Ireland this Week in which he told reporters he was Reinforced by being at his ancestral Homeland his phrase where you're seeing Him say finish the job as well so if you Score plant you can see the re-election Starting to take shape the problem is All of these Myriad crises that keep Confronting the White House when is the Best time to push the button in some Ways it's brilliant politics right it's It's related what's classic Joe Biden he Has a real feel for retail politics and Areas with ouroker it's a casual it's an Easter thing and it just kind of says it And it seems well no but it seems very Normal people know he's running and it's Actually honest and I used to say axios They came out with that report that he's

Banking on a later announcement now he Says relatively soon because he wants Republicans to look chaotic discordant And then him to be the president who's Leading which is why we have to you know Just quickly um some new information From senior people in Governor DeSantis Political orbit I just wanted to put This out there regarding the donors he Said donors do not set policy this Disagreement did not matter to him on The heartbeat Bill I just want to throw This out here to 200 million dollars is What he raised in his re-elect 120 Million currently is what he has small Donors across the country they would Argue are fueling his coffers because They support his policy yeah and they're Showing up in places like New Hampshire And other places that he is going now so The timeline on all these guys we wait Hey everyone I'm Emily compagno catch me And my co-host Harris Faulkner and Kaylee mcineny on outnumbered every Weekday at 12 pm Eastern or sets your DVR also don't forget to subscribe to The Fox News YouTube page for daily Highlights

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