Kellyanne Conway: This is 2016 all over again

Kellyanne Conway: This is 2016 all over again

Former Trump senior adviser Kellyanne Conway discusses the growing concern about the possible precedent being set by the Trump indictment. She also provides analysis of recent Democratic wins in Wisconsin. #FoxNews

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Does it bug President Biden when former Presidents suck up all the oxygen what's Important to the president is to Continue to focus on the American people That is what's important to the President so he's good to lay low for a Couple news Cycles so we will speak to The fact that that this is a president That has been able to get historic Pieces of legislation done So there's the White House not answering Questions about his predecessor's Criminal charges when I'm bringing the Former senior advisor to president Trump Kellyanne Conway how you doing kellyanne Nice to see you today question for you On that is this smart pool or Is it not Oh it's not smart at all in fact if I Were the Biden Administration I would Ignore Donald Trump they're incapable And start focusing on the 74 million Trump Pence voters from 2020. they've Done so much to enrage and very little To engage those 74 million voters who Are going to help decide the next President of the United States bill also All former presidents and first ladies Have been eerily curiously silent mostly On President Trump's arraignment this Week and you've got to wonder it's Because if it could happen to one former President it can happen to sitting and Other former presidents and first ladies

Six or seven years ago when people Thought it was a good idea I think it's Stupid and unnecessary to have ever paid The porn person a dollar when people Thought it was a good idea what was Hillary Clinton doing she was smashing Phones and deleting emails and misusing State department resources so you've got People out there just this week saying Prosecute George W Bush and Barack Obama's were criminals let's where does It end local prosecutors saying the fix Will be in so I think people are very Worried about the president this consent But electorally and politically speaking This is 2016 all over again where Everybody pretends they can avert their Gaze from Donald Trump but he is the Biggest issue out there and I feel that This president has not handled it well Look when we pivot to issues then President Trump will be able to say okay Let's talk about my economy versus Joe Biden's economy let's talk about Afghanistan and Syria let's talk about Iran and Israel let's talk about the Border crime inflation so even when you Get to issues Trump versus Biden I think Biden will have sort of regretted the Fact that Trump did quote suck up all The oxygen okay Um that's that we'll look it's going to Go on for a while right there could be Other cases that

We could be in this for years And we'll see whether or not their Position changes over time but if it Does how it how does it change meanwhile For Republicans Um a tough day in Wisconsin and you know For moderates in Chicago tough day in Chicago Wall Street Journal the left Winds big and Midwest elections the Gop's decline in Wisconsin suburbs is a Warning for 2024. that may be the case And Ronald McDaniel was on with us Yesterday she told Dana this about how She reads those results losing by 10 Points there is a messaging issue and Abortion is still an issue and we can't Allow the Democrats to Define Republicans and put millions of dollars Up in lies and have it go unanswered Because the lies become the truth if They go unanswered so I don't know how You'd address that lies become the truth There but she said a messaging issue and Abortion is still an issue would you Respond that how would you strategize it And Ron and I are both Yes Bill and Ron and I are both 100 Pro-life but we're having a hard time Especially with young people Assuring them that what is being peddled By the left is not true and look I saw In Wisconsin this week what we saw in Michigan last November which is young People showing up to the polls in these

Midterm elections in yesterday's special Election for Judiciary and they're Coming out to vote and they will tell You this isn't Prime motivator for them Look there's no question that the Democratic party is radical and and Outrageous on abortion on demand in a Very few restrictions or regulations Even those that many pro-choice people Say they support but I thought the Candidate for the the Republican Candidate was very weak in this way if You are being frontally attacked you Must attack in response with facts and With figures and he didn't do that I Would point out to everybody that in on The ballot in Wisconsin this week voters Went to the polls and overwhelmed these Supported two anti-crime measures and Eight and ten voters supported work Requirements for childless adults before They get welfare benefits so the Republican candidate for the Judiciary Underperformed the two crime measures That one knows he supports by more than 20 points yes we're being outspent but Ron is correct on the messaging piece I Just don't think the pro-life movement Of which I'm a member has figured out How best to assure people that they Won't be denied something that's Important to them the other thing is I Think too many Republicans and this goes For donors and practitioners pollsters

Candidates we're looking too much to 2024. don't forget in 2023 we have three Big Governors races in Kentucky where There's a democrat in Louisiana where There's a Democrat and in Mississippi There's a republican at this point During Obama's first term We had won 62 seats in the house and we Had won Blue State governorships like New Jersey and even Virginia which was Becoming a blue State then so we need to Get it together but I think candidate Recruitment is important and going out And having a message beyond what Finishing our sentences is very Important people want to know you Respect them to suss out the policy Issues and that you're there fighting For them not fighting with each other Thank you Kelly and nice to have you on Today and we'll see where the strategy Goes thank you thank you I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade and I'm Ainsley Earhart and click here to subscribe to The Fox News YouTube page to catch our Hottest interviews and most compelling Analysis

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