Leaked documents reveal ‘incredible’ ties between China, Latin America

Leaked documents reveal 'incredible' ties between China, Latin America

Rep. Henry Cuellar, D-Texas, says the U.S. must pay more attention to ‘our own backyard’ as China buys up industrial sectors in Mexico and Latin America. #foxnews

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U.S border cities bracing for the end of Title 42 next month as sources claim up To 40 000 migrants are waiting at the Mexican side of the border to cross into The U.S our next guest a Democrat says He hasn't heard from the White House About the Border crisis in his own state Texas Congressman Henry Cuellar joins us Now Congressman thank you very much for Being here staggering good morning to You all good morning to you it's always Stagger and this is another yet another Staggering number with very uh Significant human implications and You're hearing nothing what is the Administration doing if anything What look it's true I haven't talked to The White House about this but I have Been talking to the Homeland secretary To the um uh to the homeland security Officials uh to make sure that there's Something in place and there's a couple Things coming up as you know they Reached an agreement with Panama Colombia to make sure that we stop folks Coming in from the daring gap down there In the southern part of Central America Number two uh there are Asylum officers They're they're being tested right now So they can expedite and either they you Know they make a determination that Somebody stays or goes back so that will Be a lot faster than than the Immigration judges and finally the third

Thing is there's a rule that will come In that would basically say that if Somebody comes in between ports of Entry They will be returned and and make sure That they do it the the right way and Ask the right Port of Entry or through An app we've got to have consequences if There's no consequences it doesn't work Okay yeah Congressman um I want to ask You as well about these leaked documents Uh that came out this week from the air National Guardsmen who's now been Arrested it's not it's this I don't Think this is completely distinct from Our conversation over illegal Immigration it's actually tied in many Ways and that is the revelation of how Russia and China are so intricately Involved in projects in Latin America And and the Caribbean we know about Um the relationships between China and For example Brazil I believe in these Documents they were talking about is was It in Honduras a port in Honduras uh That both Russia and China were Coordinating on Um what was your takeaway when you see Not just our the the impact on illegal Immigration but on our national security You know this is one thing that I've Been talking about for many years that We need to pay attention what's Happening in our own backyard Mexico Central America uh Latin American in

General because the especially the Chinese the Iranians and the Russians in Certain countries but especially the Chinese they have ports of Entry you Know they have ports they're doing a lot Of work in fact I'll be happy to share Uh later on some uh maps that show you The Intensive work that the Chinese are Doing right across the border here in The U.S there are certain activities uh Where it now says made in Mexico but Really made in in uh in China the Chinese are coming in and moving in to Uh areas to industrial parks very very Close to around border so I'll be happy To share this at a later time with you But once I show you this it's going to Be incredible what's been happening I've Been looking at this for many years and I'm glad that you're bringing this up at This time when in many ways Congressman It's been predictable I mean you think About Brazil there was a recent election The Biden Administration was cheering on For Lula to win the leftist who has now Aligned himself with China if not some People say potentially interfering with That election but let's just say they Were just cheering on that election and Yet they knew had to know that he would That Lula would align with China and That that would be bad for America what The heck is going on with the Biden State department and with the Biden

Administration in general they're Practically handing Latin America over On a silver platter and China to China And China's gobbling up resources and Interfering with this hemisphere You know the the Chinese are almost in Every country in Latin America and and What's happening is you're looking at Leftists uh leaders being neglected I Mean look what happened in Colombia Colombia used to be one of our strongest Allies and we're seeing that they're Going left and there's so many countries So we need to pay attention like you all Are saying we need to pay attention to What's happened in our own backyard Because we're going to wake up one of Those days and realize how close the Chinese and other adversaries are right Across the river but with all due Respect in the case of Brazil's I think Brazil is probably the most important Country in terms of its economy to Latin America bolsonaro yes was friends with With Donald Trump which I'm sure had a Lot to do with why Biden didn't want to Support Um him in that election or or show some Support for him the other guy it seems Like they care more about lgbtq abortion And and green agenda then the National Security and commerce Um in Latin America You know what we need to focus on is

Have a practical view of uh Latin America you know they might not be Perfect uh they might not agree with us And everything but we need to look at What's practical for us down there Almost like a Henry Kissinger type of Viewpoint the Practical view of how we Make those uh uh working relationships Because you're right I mean look Brazil Is the largest economy down there then You've got Mexico and if we start losing Those to other countries and China will Come in and or they're there already They're there uh and you know it's it's Gonna really have an impact uh like I Say we're gonna wake up one of these Days and we're going to realize how Close our adversaries are to us it's a Great point because that's what the Chinese are doing a practical approach To these countries what do you need how Can we deliver it and oh by the way now You owe us or you're in debt to us and They leverage that in the future Congressman cuer thank you so much for Your time Thank you I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade and I'm Ainsley Earhart and Click here to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page to catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis

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