Leo Terrell: Travis County DA believes in George Soros, not law and order

Leo Terrell: Travis County DA believes in George Soros, not law and order

Civil rights attorney Leo Terrell on why Sgt. Daniel Perry should be pardoned, says the Travis County district attorney does not care about law and order

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Welcome back Texas governor Greg Abbott Is pledging to Pardon army Sergeant General Perry who was convicted Friday Of Murder in the shooting death of a Black lives matter protester back in 2020. Perry says he acted in Self-defense as protesters surrounded His car while he was driving through Downtown Austin so for more on this Let's go ahead and bring in Leo Terrell Fox News contributor and civil rights Attorney Leo the first question I have For you is regarding Governor Abbott's Pardoning power is it absolute Essentially if he says he wants this guy Pardoned it's a done deal or does this Have to go to the border of Pardon still And it's more of a request And thank you for the question Bill no His power is not absolute he has to wait Upon the board of part to to make a Decision he can make a recommendation Through the Board of Pardons but the Border part has to refer it to him and Then he can make a decision and that's What he's doing I think he's doing the Right thing Bill very simply as put is This Texas has a stand your ground law And I will submit to you Bill and Sandra Any person this person who was killed Had a AK-47 weapon next to this Officer's car and if you had someone With a gun next to you what would you do This officer acted in self-defense

Uh well certainly his mother believes That to be the case she is pleading for Help here she is listen Be an angry Bob A black lives matter protesters Tried to kill my son United States Army Sergeant Daniel Perry and now Daniel is being Charged for murder he was just trying to Defend himself I was obviously a mother who's gone Through quite a lot here and Understandable her emotion Leah Los Angeles so well said and I'll tell You right now again how often do the fox Viewers for someone this black live Matter uh individual had a weapon he uh Daniel Kelly was in the middle of a Crowd in his car he saw people hitting His car and basically he defended Himself I see that this jury did Basically jury notification Sandra Because the stand your ground law in Texas allows the use of self-defense and What you have here you have a D.A who Doesn't believe in Law and Order he Believes in George Soros how many BLM Cases how many cases of the summer 2020 Riots has this guy prosecuted he is a George Soros district attorney and the Evidence and once the Board of Pardons Make a decision Governor Abbott has the Legal right to Pardon this officer and Leo some of the Witnesses in this trial

Testified that Garrett Foster did not Actually point a weapon at Daniel Perry Before the shots were fired and the Travis County D.A Soros backed he is Pouring cold water on Governor Abbott's You know request for a pardon here's What D.A Jose Garda Garza excuse me has To say quote in this case a jury of 12 Reached the unanimous decision that Daniel Perry did not kill Garrett Foster In self-defense and was guilty of murder In our legal system a jury gets to Decide whether a defendant is guilty or Innocent not the governor how do you Respond to that Thank you very much for that question Bill I'd like to sit down with the D.A And go through a list of History court Cases jury's decisions are not absolute Jury decision to reverse all the time They're modified they're basically make A rule of air of law so if that D.A is Sitting here telling the American public That a jury decision is absolutely Correct I need to throw him back in the 1950s and 60s where jury notification Was done over and over in civil rights Cases he is absolutely 100 wrong about That argument he is a George Soros back D.A and like I said again I challenge Him to show us how many BLM cases how Many cases of writing and looting in 2020 that he prosecute probably zero and We'll have to see how that pardon

Process plays out I don't think the Defenses really even appealed yet but Obviously more to come on this Leo Terrell thank you so much for joining us This afternoon thank you Leo Thank you Bill and thank you Sandra all Right hey it's Will Kane click here to Subscribe to the Fox News Channel on YouTube it's the best way to get our Latest interviews and highlights and Click to subscribe to the will Kane Podcast for full episodes right now

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