Mayorkas makes stunning claim about border crisis

Mayorkas makes stunning claim about border crisis

Former ICE director Jonathan Fahey reacts to Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas’ ’60 Minutes’ interview and discusses the ongoing border crisis. #foxnews

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The number of people that are arriving At our border Is at an extraordinary height there's no Question about that but that is not Unique to the southern border of the United States there is a tremendous Amount of movement throughout the Hemisphere and in fact throughout the World HS secretary Alejandra mayork is Attempting to defend the growing border Crisis despite CBP tracking more than One million encounters at the Southwest Border alone this year is that Explanation good enough former DHS Deputy assistant secretary John Fahey Joins us now to react Jonathan great to See you this morning let's sort of fact Check that if we might just to start he Says Across the Western Hemisphere we See border crossings all over I I would Guess by the way it's less about border Crossings and more about where they're Attempting to stop crossing the border Where these illegal immigrants are Attempting to stay that might Distinguish the southern Board of the United States from say the southern Border of Mexico which is a way station Yeah every time you listen to them it's Really breathtaking because it's either Complete lies or utter nonsense and That's a combination of both the reason We're having this issue is because of

Their policies there's no other reason Because they have told anyone in the World if they get to our country They Will receive every benefit American Citizens get plus they get a free cell Phone when they get here just as a Little bonus point so every time I Listen to them it really is ridiculous And he knows better and if he doesn't Know better he has to be the most Incompetent person to ever have any job But he knows exactly what's going on Yeah strikes me if a Venezuelan is Trying to get to America and Crosses all The Central American borders and the Mexican border it's not a western Hemisphere border crisis it's an American crisis they're all trying to Get to America by the way he won't say That Jonathan he won't call it a crisis Watch this Do you view what's happening right now In the border is a crisis I view it as a Significant challenge why won't you say The word crisis you know what because I Have tremendous faith in the people of The Department of Homeland Security and A crisis speaks to me uh of a withdrawal Uh from our mission Well that's fascinating so let's reverse That Jonathan do they have does that Border patrol agency do those agents Have faith in DHS do they have faith in Mayorkas and is there not a withdrawal

On behalf of mayorkas in in with in in Fulfilling that mission Yeah exactly they have no faith in him And that little game of acting like he's Supporting the agents remember what he Did to the agents a year ago accused of Whipping the migrants it's utter Nonsense whether they call it a crisis Who cares what you call it we have an Open border that's causing harm to Americans we have over a hundred Thousand overdose deaths a year and they Simply don't care and it's not a Challenge because they want it to happen This is a victory for this Administration make no mistake about This they campaign on this and they want This to happen and they will die on this Hill they are fighting for this every Single day to keep this border open let Me move to this with you Jonathan this Morning Um let me put this in context for well Um a shrine to Santa Muerte which is It's it's big within the Mexican drug Cartel Community the saint of death was Found at a Stash House in Texas now Here's the context 261 stash houses have Been discovered holding a total of three Thousand migrants inside and then you Find doubt about this this Shrine to Santa Muerte in Texas what significance Does that hold for you Well it does show the human trafficking

And the illegal immigration is Intertwined with the drug trafficking And again this administration's policies Of open borders have increased both to To record levels but I do think these Drug traffickers are somewhat misplaced Here because really if they're being Honest they should have a shrine to Secretary mayorkas in there because he's The real reason they're able to enjoy so Much success and so much riches and Really didn't know that they could do What they want to do with absolute Impunity I do think it's a mark of uh in Continued cultural influence and Presence not just on the southern side Of that border but on the Northern side Of that border this is in Texas Jonathan Faye great to talk to you this morning Thank you I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade and I'm Ainsley Earhart and Click here to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page to catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis

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