‘MENTALLY INCAPACITATED’: Biden is unfit for office, 2024 candidate says

'MENTALLY INCAPACITATED': Biden is unfit for office, 2024 candidate says

Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy joined ‘The Brian Kilmeade Show’ to discuss why Biden is ‘unfit’ to serve and key issues ahead of the 2024 election. #FoxNews

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The vague chroma Swami joins us now 2024 GOP Presidential candidate strive Asset Management founder author of nation of Victims Vivek if you the president would You be on this Irish trip right now Yeah you got to actually keep your eye On the ball and I think that Brian this Is just a symptom a small symptom of the Broader failure of the Biden foreign Policy agenda is he has his eyes on the Wrong place when in fact foreign policy Really domestic policy it's all about Prioritization so you know what they Have their eye off the ball when it Comes to China they'll make up any other Foreign policy objective that they need To deflect from the fact that they're Not dealing with the real one that Actually matters I think there are some Deep-seated cynical reasons that we Could use to explain why but the bottom Line is we have a president who I think Is increasingly showing that he's unfit For office and I don't say that lightly I say that with sympathy towards him as A human being for being deputized the Way he is by his handlers but we need a President in the white house right now Now more than ever who can actually lead With authority on the global stage not To be waving like a flag in whatever Direction the wind blows him on a given Day ever make it so bad and in my view It's terrible it's not so much you say I

Disagree with this person you'd say Where is this person well can they get a Sentence out so I was surprised President Trump said this last night to Tucker about Joe Biden do you think Biden will stay in the race Look uh I I watch him just like you do And I think it's Almost inappropriate for me to say it But I deal with other people I don't see I don't see how it's possible and it's Not an age thing but there's something Wrong I saw his answer today On television about whether or not he Was going to run to a very nice guy Named Al Roker When you can't get a software question Then that that was a long answer Talking about the eggs and this and that Look I don't think he can But say what you want What do you think viveki It's about right To believe that this man is actually Running to lead the president of the United as the President of the United States but here's the deeper trick that Reveals Brian we think we are electing The person who runs the government the Real farce with the administrative state In the Deep State as exists today is the People we elect to run the government

They're not the ones who run the Government anyway it's the permanent Administrative bureaucracy including the One that sits under Joe Biden now which By the way overlaps with a lot of the Same people who sat under Donald Trump Who then sat under Obama who then sat Under you know George Bush right it's a Permanent state that actually runs the Show and so in some way Joe Biden is the Example that reveals that farce for what It is it was always a farce that the People we elect to run the government Were the ones actually making policy but The fact that now you have somebody Who's actually demonstrably mentally Incapacitated in the white house now Reveals the essence of what's going on So John fetterman can be a U.S senator Just as Joe Biden can be the president Of the United States when in fact the Real far says what we really need is to Dismantle an administrative state that Thinks it's the one in charge that's Part of why I'm running for president to Actually be a president who who would Have ever thought actually runs the Country and runs the executive branch Who's healthy no no number one you're Healthy so thankfully mercifully so Brian I'm 37 the first Millennial Candidate ever to run but it's not an Age thing I agree with Trump on that It's just a presence thing and I think

That that's something we need Senator Feinstein and Senator fetterman are Invisible now they're Democrats and it's Really balanced a lot of these Confirmation things in a lot of these Bills in the Senate nobody talks about It but they're incapacitated one Depression one is it might be Alzheimer's so they're they're pre and Now think about this if you if you're You have two Independents in Center Cinema and Senator I uh August King and Then you got two people who basically Are not even in their seats how is this Allowed Well I think that the reason it's Allowed is that this is actually what The Democratic party wants it's just Like they want to exert control over the Rest of the population they'd rather Exert most control over the people who Are also sitting in Congress in the U.S Senate Christian Cinema she's more of a Danger right she's an independent Thinker she can decide to disaffiliate From the Democratic party but if you Have somebody who's literally suffering From a mental illness or Alzheimer's Disease or hospitalized for depression Great that's a vote that you can just Check the box on because you know They're just going to go in whatever Direction they're controlled and so in Some ways it's a deeper analogy for the

Way they view citizens of this country In fact you might as well have some of Them even be U.S senators who are easy Just pawns to be able to be moved on a Chessboard to advance the devious agenda That's what's going on in the Democratic Party today crime Swami I guess Ronald McDaniel on our couch today to make a Big announcement on Fox and Friends and She made the announcement about the Debate there'll be a debate in August Fox will carry it Rumble will also carry It and the young America's Foundation And we'll advertise it and stream it Here's what she said about the debate uh Here's what she said about the debate Cut 22. both of the criteria out soon I Mean we don't know how many candidates They're going to be so that'll dictate If there's one or two stages right now I Don't see there being two stages but I Could be wrong on that it's just the Field's forming later than you well you Do the whole thing where the person with The most uh with the highest polling Gets the middle I'm not going to say yet I'm going to work with our debate Committee but I think that makes sense That the person who's pulling the Highest She went out and she went on to talk About the criteria about the polling but Right now I think it's going to be a Situation where everyone gets on the

Same stage uh it looks like to join you Mike Pence Chris Christie Uh it looks like Mike Pompeo is having Second thoughts Believe It or Not Despite his book sales and then you have Tim Scott who made the announcement Today cut 20 make the announcement of Exploratory committee uh today cut 25. The field of play is focusing on President Biden's failures what Americans want to see is the contrast Between the radical left and the Blueprint to ruin America and why our Policies actually work I believe that Psalms 139 tells us that we are all Uniquely and fearfully made if we focus On our uniqueness we focus on our path To where we are I believe we give the Voters a choice on so they can decide How we move forward as opposed to trying To have a conversation about how to beat A republican I think we're better off Having a conversation about beating Joe Biden so your thoughts about the Expanding field and the first debate Criteria Is that we're going to be on that debate Debate it's part of the zero percent Most recently in New Hampshire there was Some state level polls in New Hampshire And some of the early states where I'm Now in third or fourth in a short amount Of time so it's less from a Self-interested perspective but I think

For the party I think it would be good If if they did come out with those Criteria you know sooner than later I Also think that it's like I want to pay Compliment because sometimes I've been Critical of the Republican party I think Partnering with the young American Foundation I think is actually a good Move because one of the things we Haven't done well enough in the Republican party and movement is focus On the next generation of Americans and You know what we need to create that National identity not for the people who Are mostly voting in the Republican Primary who tend to be older but to Bring in the Next Generation if we're Going to have a country left my Generation Millennials people younger Than me gen Z that's actually who we Need to focus on that's what I'm focused On my kids generation create a national Identity for them and I'm glad to see I Think this is even just a small step but It shows me that at least the Republican Party is beginning to think about that Next generation and one of the things I'm incredibly focused on Brian is not Just the youngest person in the race but More importantly somebody who's focused On Reviving national identity is to fill That need for purpose that so many young Americans have and I think we in the Republican party and the conservative

Movement can actually rise to the Occasion and deliver a vision of what it Means to be American that's an Alternative to wokeness so how do you Feel about what Rand Paul said if you Want to get the younger vote you need to Not ban Tick-Tock and the president in My view irresponsibly opening up Possibly an office for Tick-Tock Influencers where do you stand knowing You just said we got to get the Republicans got to get the youth vote Well I've got I've got a uh a two-part View on this one is I'm against the Restrict act I think that China is our Dangerous influence they're co-opting Companies and so I think we gotta we Gotta recognize that threat but we can't Make the same mistake we made in this Country in the wake of 9 11. creating an Ever-expanding police state that Empowers the federal government to abuse That police state every day so I stand Even I defect from any Republicans on This I'm against the restrict act and I And I don't apologize for that position However I have a different view Brian Also when it comes though to how we Apply social media in Kids versus adults We live in a free country that's true And so adults should be able to make Free whatever choices they want to make Even if they're the wrong choices that's What Freedom means however kids are not

The same as adults and so we tell kids In this country they can't get a tattoo Till the age of 18 they can't smoke an Addictive cigarette till the age of 18. I think if we're applying that standard Even-handedly I don't think you should Be able to use an addictive social media Product by the age of 12 or 13 either Which has far more brain damage even Than smoking and addictive cigarette Does and so that's where I come down on Protecting children I'm in favor of Banning genital mutilation and puberty Blockers and chemical castration and for That matter of damaging social media in Young children I think that's a Different position than saying that Adults should be free to make decisions As they should in the federal government Shouldn't be creating this but from what You know about tax do you believe that This uh that Tick Tock is a spying Opportunity to gather information for The Chinese The reality is I think it is an Opportunity to that Brian but I would Also call it straight the Chinese use Opportunities all the time I In some ways we've over fetishized just That one product without realizing that This is a tactic they use across the Board I mean even Airbnb not a lot of People know this Brian Airbnb is a Condition for doing business in China

I'm not kidding it was reported in the Wall Street Journal a couple years ago It's in my book They are actually handing over user data Of American users even the private Messages that a guest sends to a host on Airbnb the geolocational data that's Handed over to the CCP as a condition For Airbnb getting to expand their Market opportunity there so in some Sense tick tock come this lightning rod It's Example of a deeper issue relating to How China treats U.S companies and at Geopolitical ponds that we need to Address and I think the separate issue Of social media relates to addiction Issues and mental health issues in Pre-teens so those issues need to be Dealt separately but I think that people Tend to be sloppy especially in Washington DC and then just pass an Overreach and restrict act which Conflates those two separate Justifications I'm telling you I think I'm in a hyper Universe like a like a Separate reality because I'm seeing the Idiocy of allowing trans athletes to Play with uh women these men that want To be women and uh and and 40 women Right now let's let's do that let's let The these trans men compete with women When we see the brutality as in Combat Sports and we see what's happening with

The UPenn swimmer and then we see Bud Light give some influencer their own can To commemorate 365 days as a woman Instead of a man and use backlash where Do you stand on this whole trans Movement I've been very clear on this I'm saying What other politicians I think are Afraid to say Brian it's the truth If you think your gender is different Than your biological sex that's usually A sign of a mental health disorder Transgenderism is usually a mental Health disorder full stop and we need to Treat it that way you need to help People these are people especially kids Crying in need of needing mental help Instead we're actually affirming their Confusion that is not compassion it is Cruelty and it is spreading like a Mental health epidemic across this Country including amongst children this Is a form of American cruelty to the Next generation of Americans and I think That we have this culture of fear that Stops you know many politicians even Republicans from being able to say that Out loud we need to actually treat Transgenderism as what it is it's always Been treated this way for most of us History as a mental health disorder and Then what we need to do is actually Figure out what else is going wrong in The lives of these kids rather than

Saying that because they say we do Surgery or chemically castrate them I Only have a few only left but the CEI System this whole system where people Get credit for being corporate Equity Indexes do you believe that's real and Why are corporations like Bud Light Responding to it Of course drill it's just the latest Three-letter acronym though we went from Dei to CEI all of them are subsets of The s-prong of ESG another three-letter Acronym but the reality is large asset Managers and financial institutions are Using EFG and this is all a subset of ESG to advance an agenda that Effectively the politicians couldn't get Done through the front door and why are They doing it because Pension funds and Blue states are making them there's no Issue he can't handle Vivek ramaswamy Thanks so much I went on Brian Kilmeade I want you to do me a favor I want you To click to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page this is the only way that I Know for sure that you're not going to Miss any great commentary any great news Bites any great interviews coming your Way on Fox you can get it all here on YouTube so subscribe right now

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