Mother testifying on Bragg, NYC crime torches Democrat who called her ‘prop’

Mother testifying on Bragg, NYC crime torches Democrat who called her 'prop'

Madeline Brame slams Hank Johnson on ‘Hannity’ as uncaring for poor Black families after he calls her ‘prop’ for GOP. #foxnews #hannity

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Is joining us now with more while the Chairwoman for the victims rights reform Council who gave really powerful Testimony earlier today We welcome Madeline Brauns with us thank You First of all As a parent I am so sorry you lost your Son Thank you and you and his father was Stabbed yes life-changing life-altering Injuries Okay I watched you say that Alvin Bragg is Treating you and your family like Garbage [Music] Explain Alvin Bragg was handled a strong Trial-ready murder case from the Original disc attorney all right these Original District Attorneys were Professional They were old school and they had an Airtight trial ready murder case against All four people this is Psy Vance's Psy Vance yes okay Soon as Alvin Bragg took office He was handed That strong trial midi ready murder case And the original district attorney Retired like many many of the Adas left As soon as Alvin Bragg's day one memo Came out about not Prosecuting crime as

Soon as his office his new Ada daphna Iran received that case it immediately Started to fall apart All of a sudden Mary Saunders and Travis Stewart they couldn't Prove the guilt Manhattan couldn't afford To take all four people the trial They gave me three they told you they Can't they couldn't afford they don't Have the resources 150 million dollars To go after Donald Trump exactly exactly That's like for an unpaid parking ticket That was one of the excuses that they Gave me you know wow none of it made any Sense none of it made it Donald Trump Ever killed anybody no No and you said that in your testimony I'm not I don't care what your politics Are you lost your son that's right and You said in your in your comments this Is not about politics not about life and Death that's right real people are Affected by this you know album bag Um dismissed both murder and gang Assault indictments against two people Okay Um One is currently walking the street Amongst us okay Um these are homicidal Maniacs they Brutally Ambushed and butchered my son to death Okay nine times

And then turned and butchered his father 12 times when he tried to come to his Aid This is all on video right I I honestly I'm going to have an Aneurysm sitting here this has got to Stop yes these people belong not only in Jail but in hell you know Your son should be alive today you Mentioned the word in your testimony Today that we don't hear any more Deterrent that's right there are no Deterrents you know when we see the Children all right the young people out Here acting like Savages okay because There are no deterrents to that behavior All right this Bale form bear reform Just raise the age all right law that They put in control I mean I mean in Place it gave them the green light to do Whatever it is they feel like doing to Whomever however whenever with no Consequences and no deterrence okay it's Creating a whole new generation of Career criminals and mass incarceration Because if they are arrested okay they Just let them go let them go let them go How many mothers would rather get a call From their child from Rikers Island than From the coroner telling them where to Go and identify their child's body so One idiot from California has barely Meant to mentioned Adam Schiff he wanted To talk about Trump then you have the

Comments of Hank Johnson He called You're a witness in this he's Calling you and others uh Props in a Maga Broadway production yes So you lose your child his father is Forever injured And you were you a prop what's your Answer to him no absolutely not you know I I would challenge this this gentleman Whatever his name is okay Johnson Hank Johnson to Step One Foot In The Hood Step one foot in the hood and tell me if Those people there in that hood are Props as well You know he's a BL he's a rich black man All right he is a rich black man that's Selling poor black men that they're Props and that the crime and the things That they're experiencing it's it's not As bad as they think that they are you Know and not just him not just him all The elected officials you know all of Them especially the ones that are Running New York All right listen I I can only say and I Know I speak for this audience here in The audience at home your courageous Woman I know your life will never be the Same again But just know that there are a lot of us That hear your cry and for justice and We're praying for it I'm praying for you I'm praying for your family thank you so Much

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