Nashville PD to release Covenant School shooter’s manifesto: Will it be redacted?

Nashville PD to release Covenant School shooter's manifesto: Will it be redacted?

Former FBI deputy assistant director Terry Turchie raises concerns about law enforcement weaponization and political bias in expected Covenant School trans shooter manifesto release on ‘Jesse Watters Primetime.’
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Well last night the Nashville police Said they would finally release the Manifesto of the trans shooter who Murdered three children and three adults In a Christian School The big question we all want to know is Why now In a statement the police department Told Fox News quote the investigation Has progressed to the point where the Covenant Shooter's writings are now Being reviewed for public release So they quote reached a point where we Can see it now we all know it should Have been released shortly after the Tragedy happened They still haven't told us when they're Going to make it public The manifesto was found in the car but Police also seized a suicide note Journals and a hand-drawn map of the School from the trans shooter Why don't they want us to see those Well we know this story doesn't fit the Left's narrative the shooter is trans So how heavily is this Manifesto going To be redacted and what will be allowed To see Terry turkey is a former deputy Assistant director of the Counterterrorism division of the FBI Terry let me pose that question to you Will it be redacted what will we see Well Pete it is very important that the

Nashville PD even if it's a month late Uh release that Manifesto I have a Terrible feeling it will be redacted Somewhat it may have a lot of omissions The more they redact it the more they Omit and uh any other documents they Found that they failed to release will Really increase the fact that we just Can't trust law enforcement even and This ties into what you've been talking About in so far as the political agenda Unfortunately we have to admit to Ourselves whether we're former or we're Current that America has never been in This kind of situation before where law Enforcement has become political and Many of us could argue law enforcement Has become weaponized and if this Shooter doesn't match the politically Correct definition of the myth that People are trying and the people in Power I mean are trying to uh let American people know is the profile of a A crazed shooter then uh then we're in Trouble we're not going to learn Anything because quite frankly what they Want Americans to believe right now is Not what is in the their own words not What is in the words of these people who Commit these terrible crimes they want People to think that uh the gun crazed Right-wing uh fundamentalist Christian Uh white supremacist is the person Responsible for shootings in America

Like this and the the reason they want Them to think that is they want to Galvanize the support to essentially go After Firearms they want to attack the Bill of Rights and this is just one of The tools that they'll use this is a Tool reused by communism throughout the Ages and that's what we're seeing in Front of us now in real time yeah if we Don't get these manifestos and we know We've dealt with for example the Unabomber Manifesto if we don't get These manifestos in their own words we Can't go back to Americans and say see This myth is just simply untrue Terry This is what these people were saying What's the standard practice how soon Should they have released something like This to establish Trust Well there are there are no rules Pete But uh in this instance there wasn't Going to be any trial they had one Mission probably and that's to make sure They protect anybody else who might be Uh put in some sort of danger if it's Released and that could be for a lot of Reasons uh as far as what's in it but When we start getting into I'll give you An example information that the uh that The shooter for example found very Personal and and put into a diary or a Autobiography or into the manifesto that Information shouldn't be protected it Should be out there but it'll be very

Interesting to see if it is because it Will not tell and convey the message That we have been um we have been led to Believe and and anybody in law Enforcement knows that mental illness is A major component or either diagnosed or Undiagnosed of mass Shooters and serial Loan bombers and we know that because The FBI for 20 years now has had a study On that point so we we need this Information and Americans will see that They've been misled they've been Disinformed and the whole purpose of That was to accomplish the agenda of Going after people's Firearms you know It's a great you're exactly right about That last point for sure but whether They redact just private information About individuals who would have been Listed vis-a-vis The Narrative or Ideology of the shooter would tell us Everything Terry thank you so much for Your time thank you you got it hey Sean Hannity here hey click here to subscribe To Fox News YouTube page and catch our Hottest interviews and most compelling Analysis you will not get it anywhere Else

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