New Yorker SLAMS Alvin Bragg and Woke Crime Policies

New Yorker SLAMS Alvin Bragg and Woke Crime Policies

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I must uh take notice with Mr dadler You're a Jewish New Yorker I called your Office numerous times I called Mr Schuman's office another Jewish New Yorker numerous times no one called us Back neither one of you came out of State my son's incident okay you're a Jewish New Yorker you have Jewish roots Here at Behavior like this enables D.A Bragg to just do whatever he wants to do If you guys would have come out with a Statement from Washington and said we Condemn anti this beating to Mr Morgan's Son we condemned anti-set we can be Condemn this act maybe Mr Bragg would Have taken this case a little more Seriously and I call you out on it and And most of my friends are so Disheartened with you and Mr Schumer you Don't understand we wouldn't vote for Mr Schumer again if we start on our head And if I lived in Manhattan I wouldn't Vote you either And I will tell you something else that Bothers me everybody's here with gun Control somehow the criminals can get Guns but the average person you can't Get a

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