Nikki Haley remains confident ahead of the New Hampshire primary

Nikki Haley remains confident ahead of the New Hampshire primary

Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley plans to remain in the race against Trump now that the primary is a two-person race.

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Wow a revved up crowd of Nikki Haley Supporters cheering her on in New Hampshire as primary voting is underway She had a bunch of events yesterday she Did she's been all over the state voting Kicked off at midnight with a six vote Sweep all six residents of Dix Notch Voted and they all voted for her and her Campaign reveals a spike in donation Since Ronda santis dropped out so join Us right now in this busy primary day Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley governor Ambassador Nikki good Morning to you good morning happy Election day so far so good you and I Were just talking a moment ago it's Great that uh as you start the day the Headline is it's Haley 6 and it's Trump Zero with dixville Notch and forget About big money donations ever since you Know you rolled into New Hampshire Money is coming through the door you Know I mean first of all it's sobering That the first six votes in the country You know in a primary happened and we Got those so I am thrilled with that I Mean that's exciting and the primary now Yes and you know and then you look at The donations I mean you know everybody Wants to talk about big dollar donations These are all small donations I mean We've received just in the last two days A million and a half dollars in small Donations from all over the country I

Mean people are excited about a new Generational leader they're excited About something different and they want To get our country back on track and They want that energy they want that Momentum and they want to know that There's hope and there's solutions that We can do going forward we're excited About it I know you had a big rally Yesterday and you've been traveling all Over the state Donald Trump had a big Rally too this is what he said and we Want to get your Reaction now we have one left we started Off with really if you had some Democrats into it we started off with 13 And now we're down to two people and I Think one person will be be gone Probably Tomorrow and the other one will be gone In November but now is the time for the Republican party to come together Nikki What's your response in his dreams I'm Not going anywhere you know I mean what I'll tell you is keep in mind he got 56,000 votes in a state of 3 million is That what we're going to say decides in The country and I know the political Elites are saying we all need to coales Around him this is not a coronation this Is a Dem ocracy and so you know we are Going to have you know a strong showing Today here in New Hampshire we're headed

To South Carolina we're going to go Through the tape in South Carolina and Then we're on to Super Tuesday so what Is a strong showing how would you label Uh the show what's the showing you need To go fight to South Carolina well I've Been consistent I wanted to be strong in Iowa we started with 2% we ended with 20% I want to be stronger in New Hampshire we'll know what that is when The numbers come through I want to be Stronger than that in South Carolina It's just continuing to build but what Do you mean by that for example do you Want to be within I know you want to win But is with within five points of the Former president is that a strong Showing you know at the end of the day You guys are going to be talking about What a strong showing is or not now I Don't know that you'll tell the truth But I think at the end of the day if you Look at the fact that yes we are down I've got one more fell in the race I Didn't get here by luck 13 people and I'm down to one more person that's by Outsmarting and outworking don't worry About us not telling I'm just saying Like the numbers are the numbers it's no More so what do you think strong I don't Think like that what I wait is I wait And see what the numbers are and see What they look like I don't I don't like To predict like that at the end of the

Day it's about the energy it's about the Momentum and it's about if it looks like We are putting up a good challenge to Donald Trump I think we have done that Up until now and I'll tell you I mean You know credit where credit is due we Outsmarted we outworked all 12 of those Candidates and now we're down to one and We had several hundred people there last Night we had 1,200 the night before I Mean the energy is good I spent a lot of Uh Sunday trailing you I'm exhausted had A good time it was good uh hockey game Brewery and then a big thing at the high School uh and something you talked about Is reflected in a headline uh the lead Story right now in Politico is Donald Trump has a big problem ahead a whole Swath of Republican voters are firmly Committed not to voting for Trump in November they simply will a lot of Republicans are not going to vote for Him and that's one of the things out on The campaign Trail you have said and you Reflect some of the polls that show you Would beat Joe Biden by a larger margin Even than Donald Trump well no and as Much as y'all like to sit there and say Trump's going to have this the truth is You're not acknowledging that 70% of Americans don't want a trump Biden Rematch both Trump and Biden their Disapproval numbers are through the roof And y'all have yet to acknowledge that

And so what I'll tell you is look normal People don't look at what the political Elites are saying normal people are not Listening to what the media is saying Normal people are saying we want Somebody that can go eight years that's Going to stop the wasteful spending of Republicans and Democrats we want Someone that's going to get our kids Back on track we want someone that's Going to secure the border and here Trump has lied on TV and spent Millions Saying I want to cut Social Security Which I never said I was I saw that Yesterday yeah but you guys haven't Talked about it he said I was going to Cut Social Security I never said I was Going to do it he said I didn't want to Secure the B to raise the Social Security age because for the young for The 20s something's right what did I say I said anybody in the system we're not Going to touch them those new coming Into the system in the 20s we're going To go and start reflecting life Expectancy that's different than going On TV and saying I'm going to cut Social Security by 87% the facts are and I hear You but the facts are it's hard when You're doing these shows we try to cover It all but we only have X amount of time So we we try we we definitely are doing Our best to be um accurate and give the Facts the facts are that Donald Trump

Beat you by 30 points and in Iowa now in New Hampshire the facts are that you Were down in the polls these are the Polls we know polls can be wrong if you Don't win today do you go on to South Carolina and I'm from South Carolina and We love you there we love Tim Scott There but Donald Trump is also loved There you don't want to go into your State and lose that state if you stay in The race cuz we'd love to see you in Some other capacity down the road what Is your response to that do you get out If you lose today no I don't get out if I lose today I mean first of all again I'm going to say this we've had 56,000 People vote for Donald Trump and you're Going to say that's what the country Wants that's not what the country wants We're going to have New Hampshire vote Today they deserve to have the power of Their voice said I've won South Carolina Twice do they support Trump of course They do I voted for Trump twice I think He was the right president at the right Time I don't think he's the right President going forward there's a Difference between support and where you Want our country to go I'm going to Fight just as hard in South Carolina as I did before but do you worry the the Iowa polls were right the distance was About what the polls were right now You're down double digits in probably

The last three major polls and in South Carolina I think you're down 40 or 50 Points um so you think those polls are That dramatically wrong and you can make Up that difference I'm not down 40 or 50 Points in South Carolina I think we need To have a current poll in South Carolina But I'll also tell you this when I ran For governor I ran against an attorney General lieutenant governor and a Popular congressman and I worked it and Fought for it and earned it I'm going to Go into South Carolina and do the same Thing I take nothing for GR there's no Scenario where it stops tonight of Course not we've already made our ad by Yeah how many you put 4 million in ads We've put in an ad by I don't know how Much it is but it's strong we saved our Money I hoarded money all the way Through we stayed in Garden ends and Residence ends we were the only one that Flew commercial because I wanted to make Sure we could run through the tape on This I'm GNA fight no matter what I Don't care how much y'all want to Coronate Donald Trump at the end of the Day that's not what Americans want Americans want a choice and we're going To give them that choice keep saying Coronate lie not tell the truth what are You say in the couch I'm really Wondering why you think we're the enemy Because I've looked at the media look at

The media saying oh this is Donald Trump's to have look at the political Class all coalescing and saying Everybody needs to get out that's not Democracy that's not who we are who we Are is when have we ever had two people Down to two people in New Hampshire and You say oh it's over we don't do that South Carolina is an amazing hard to Three states really could choose an Election for the entire country I mean It's what we it's a beautiful thing it's What we go through and at the end of the Day it's the fact that you don't do this For any reason outside of you love your Country I'm doing this because I don't Want my kids to continue to live like This I don't want chaos in their life I Want them to know they can buy a home I Want them to know that they can have a Future I want people to feel good about America right now people feel chaos they Feel all kinds of Divisions back and Forth that's not what they want they Want someone to go in there and work and Show them and when I win I will spend Every day proving to people that they Made a good decision all right so you Would not under would if uh Donald Trump It becomes apparent to you that Donald Trump's going to win New Hampshire and He does and if you go to South Carolina And win would you endorse him would just Because Ronda Sanders said I signed a

Pledge to endorse the the uh Republican Nominee do you feel the same way Brian We're going to finish this and I will Enjoy telling you I told you so I will Also tell you is I've always said I'm Going to support the Republican nominee We can't have a president KLA Harris That's why I'm running because Donald Trump doesn't beat Joe Biden in a General election we beat him by double Dig but in the real clear he's up three Points as the average of the most Substantive polls in the country up Against Jo Donald Trump beating Joe Biden by three points on the and that's Margin of error Brian we did that in in 2018 we did that in 2020 we did that in 2022 I campaigned for a ton of Candidates that we're good and we all Lost because Donald Trump was the Incumbent we can't lose again this is About November two and at the end of the Day a KLA Harris presidency we won't Survive it and you know Wall Street Journal showed I was up by 17 points and Donald Trump said it was a dirty poll That was his folster that did the poll It's a reality you know what let's talk About the results tomorrow see if the Polls tomorrow we'll know for Sure strong against the presid let me Ask you a couple of questions um Obviously Donald Trump would like to Stop the primary early that's what he

Would like to do because then he can do You know save the money stock pilot for Uh tv ads and stuff like that I was Reading in the New York Times this Morning uh according to a trump adviser The campaign will make it miserable for Haley as long as she stays in the race What how are they going to make your Life miserable if you stay in the race I Don't care I am I'm sure you saw that And you thought I mean look I know what Donald Trump does he starts to throw These temper tantrums he starts to lash Out he starts to lie when he feels Threatened right he has felt threatened Look at the millions of dollars on TV That's okay this is not personal for me I don't dislike Donald Trump what I Dislike is what's happening in our Country right now what I dislike is that We have two people that are going to be In their 80s and we need someone who can Run for 8 years what I dislike is the Fact that they're so distracted with Vendettas and chaos and vengeance that They're not neither one of them is given Us a vision for the future I don't want That in our country and I think our Country deserves that what about Unifying the Republican party if Donald Trump is the nominee and asks you to be Vice president you would get the female Vote you would get the moderates you Would get a lot of Independence and even

Some Democrats some Democrats in New York are coming up to me and saying I am Changing my vote I'm voting for Nikki Haley you would get all of that he would Get the magas together the two of you Could unify I am not interested ince President I don't play for a second I'm not doing That now and real quick I know that You've been running 30 second ads uh all Over for a long time um and when we had All the candidates in Iowa I asked Everybody if they would like to make Their closing argument this could be the Last time you speak directly to the People of New Hampshire there's the Camera right there 30 seconds Nikki Haley why do you want to be president I Think it's time we put an account at in The white house I have been a two-term Governor that ran as a Tea Party Candidate and I took a double Unemployment state and turned it into an Economic Powerhouse I dealt with Russia China and Iran every day at the United Nations I know what it means to put them On their heels but more than that there Is no drama with me there is no Vengeance at this point we need someone Who's serious and who's going to work we Can either go with more of the same or We can go forward 70% of Americans don't Want a trump Biden reatch look at both Of those presidents put us trillions of

Dollars in debt and our kids are never Going to forgive them for it we can make This right we can do this in a way that Makes you proud and for once we can do This in a way that we're all in this Together and change the tone in our Country I'm going to do this I'm going To make you proud let's finish it all Right Governor Ambassador Nikki thank You very much good luck today thank you I appreciate it I'm Steve duy I'm Brian Kilme and I'm Angley Airhart and click Here to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page to catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling Analysis

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