Nikki Haley to drop out of race, delay endorsing Trump

Nikki Haley to drop out of race, delay endorsing Trump

‘Special Report’ anchor Bret Baier joined ‘Fox & Friends’ to discuss his reaction to the news she will reportedly suspend her presidential campaign. She is not expected to endorse Trump immediately. #FoxNews

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All right uh let's bring in uh Brett Bear joining on the phone with this Breaking news uh Brett of course we just Found out uh thanks so much uh well Ben You can stick around uh thanks so much Uh Brett for joining us for the first Off Nikki Haley at 10 o'clock today will Make an announcement according to uh Wall Street Journal she's going to drop Out of the race and she will delay Endorsing Donald Trump if at All yeah good morning uh we are hearing That as well and um and you know this is What what had been expected after um After the results of super Tuesday uh Winning Vermont uh but losing all the Other contests uh she then suspends her Campaign with wins in District of Columbia and Vermont um the the part About not endorsing Donald Trump I think Will probably be vexing for some in the Republican party uh and we'll see how She phrases it and how how that all Comes about Uh but suspending the campaign brings Essentially this race to an end and uh Donald Trump is the presumptive uh Nominee with just a few delegates to go Before clenching it mathematically That's right uh Brett quoting The Wall Street Journal article it says and we Know this first part uh Haley won't Announce an endorsement Wednesday the People clista campaign said but this is

The part I want your uh comment on Haley Will encourage Donald Trump who is close To having the delegates needed to win The Republican nomination to earn the Support of Republicans and independent Voters who backed Her what does she want to happen with That well Steve I mean this could be a Negotiating Floy who knows I I don't I Don't think she's uh on the top of the List for VP uh at least that's the the Sense you get from Trump World and the Former president himself uh but I I I do Think that U this sounds like a a Negotiating point and um there's got to Be some Unity messaging here in this Speech uh because that's I think what The Republican party is is yearning for So Brett when I'm so sorry um when you Look at the tea leaves and you've Covered this for years how Bloody was This process is it comparable to any Other moment in time where there can be Some repair Yeah listen Lawrence um Ronald Reagan And George HW Bush were were pretty ugly At times and ran some really tough Campaign ads against each other maybe Not as pointed elbows as as we got to at The end here uh but it it was ugly uh Obviously they came back together and And became a ticket uh not sure that's Going to happen this time and I think How she talks about this this morning uh

10:00 a.m. eastern time is going to be Crucial and also how the former President reacts to that if it makes if It irks him uh and he reacts uh it's one Thing and I think you saw his his speech Last night um I I do think that there Was an effort there was an effort to to Kind of specifically avoid that topic Until he figured out what exactly was Happening Brett usually when we see Candidates mend their relationship it's When they need one another look at Ted Cruz they it was a battle talking about Each other's Wives right and then Ted Cruz needed him Down in Texas Donald Trump went down There and helped him with that race when He was running against beta oror and We've seen that time and time again and So if they don't need each other the Question do you think the question is if Nikki Haley wants to continue and have a Future in politics then maybe they can Come together because maybe they'll need Each other down the road yeah I think That's a great Point Angley and and that Is a great analogy as well Ted Cruz he Went all the way to the convention you Remember he gave that speech on the Floor and then the Trump family walked In and sat there while he was speaking I Mean that was pure drama your conscience That's right but I think that uh I I Think it is possible uh it's just a

Matter of figuring out how you can Scratch each other's back uh and I'm Again I'm not sure that VP is the one uh You know what's interesting uh what Kellyan Conway said is That Jared and iano are really tight With the Haley family but but Don junr Remember has tweeted he doesn't like her He doesn't want her to be no chance she Should be should be vice president but Uh they were close and remember the First she came down and before she Called president Trump before she ran She said listen I'm going to reverse my Decision I'm going to go run basically The same thing Tim Scott did I'm going To go run too but it looked like Haley Who started in single digits ends up Being the number one Contender uh for The next three months that's when when She changed her tone at and that's when She began to make a difference because She she as Gavin Nome said ended up Being the best surrogates that Democrats Had I his quote was I hope she stays in The race as long as possible so that Takes the Nuance out of it yeah I agree With you and listen the wins she had Vermont and District of Columbia um Those are places where Democrats could Walk in and vote for Nikki haly uh and You know it wasn't it didn't feel like There was this big Republican outpouring There is a part of her support that is

Skeptical Trump or anti-trump uh he Probably does have to mend that in order To get all of the votes he needs come November um but the question is how he Does that and um and is it start to that You know Brett the concerning thing for Me is there's clearly a split in the the Republican Party Donald Trump represents A new Republic party they it looks like Nikki Haley got that 25% that want to return to the Traditional Republican party is that Party dead now after the clenching of The nomination basically last night or Does Donald Trump need to welcome Welcome that part of the party In I think to to win in November because Of where we seeing we're we're seeing The approval numbers across the board He'll have to make some Outreach you Know if he said uh you know she's going To be in my cabinet or right uh there's Going to be a future for Nikki Haley or Here's what my cabinet looks like there Is a lar large part of making people Feel comfortable especially people who Uh may look at January 6 and other Things and say uh I have a problem with This but I love this politics so I just I thought it was very a learned moment To Ari fer said last night he said in The 2000 campaign things were bitter Between Bush and McCain he says Bush Made peace with McCain but it was still

Very unsteady and he argued that the Only re Bush got really hurt by that and That's why the election with Gore Obviously went to overtime and was so Very close so it's hard to walk back Some of those comments I remember the South Carolina uh debate and that one a Lot longer I believe Bush 41 and Reagan Went into May and he ended up being the Running mate there voodoo economics so He went down to the fundament of how he Was going to transform America and the One thing Lawrence I don't think Nikki Haley is that different from Trump Except for maybe foreign policy but when It comes to the Border when it comes to Fiscal responsibility when it comes to Being tough on China which was not Really the F the foundation of the old Re was the found uh was not the Foundation of the old Republican party Okay we have independently confirmed she Is suspending like you said Brett you Said you were hearing that too what do You make of her saying I'm not going to Immediately endorse Trump why not well I Again I just think it's a negotiating Boy we haven't heard the speech yet Obviously Angley but um I I do think That this is an effort to figure out her Way forward and whether it is inside the Trump Administration or outside I think She wants to to make a splash I do think That there's a very short window here of

Um of grace period that Republicans will Want to get together and start fighting This fight against President Biden Because that is the ultimate goal as you Get ready to hear the president on Thursday for the State of the Union um You know he is a weaken president if you Look at Independence and every other Poll he is upside down on every isue Opportunity is there he does not think So he said it yesterday he said we only Report the polls that have him losing I Guess there was a Quinn that had him up Yeah everyone there was five in a row And word is behind the scenes he doesn't Want to hear it he feels as though he is Winning that's tough to convince a President that you got to come from Behind yeah and it's also tough to Convince a former president that you Need half the party that he doesn't Think he needs but I I do think that That's getting through and it's some of The messaging that you're hearing from The former president all right um bear Brett did we wake you up when we called You I am getting in the car to go to DC I'm all good such a boss all right You want to use my plane bread Bear he's probably getting in a card to Go to your go ahead I left it running Brett just in case Brett last night the Coverage was excellent thank you so much For for waking up team effort team

Effort I'm Steve duy I'm Brian kilme and I'm Angley aart and click here to Subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page To catch our hottest interviews and most Compelling Analysis

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