Pentagon leaked documents raise national security concerns | The Bret Baier Podcast

Pentagon leaked documents raise national security concerns | The Bret Baier Podcast

Congressman Andy Barr (R-KY-6) and Congressman Ritchie Torres (D-NY-15) discuss the classified documents leak, revealing key information from Russia’s war on Ukraine.

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[Music] For it is time for our weekly Common Ground segment participating tonight Kentucky Republican Congressman Andy Barr and New York Democratic Congressman Richie Torres Congressman thanks for Talking with us we had the breaking news Today of this leaker arrested a 21 year Old a member of the Air National Guard Congressman Torres I'll start with you Your thoughts about this a big picture And and what you what's your reaction to It Look it goes without saying that nothing Is more critical to the security of our Nation than protecting the Confidentiality of our secrets and I'm Just concerned about the security Failures you know how could a 21 year Old national Guardsman so easily access And leak massive amounts of of Classified intelligence so there should Be an investigation into what went wrong And Congress should act decisively to Put in place whatever safeguards are Required yeah here is a former vice President Mike Pence today take a list I fall back on fundamental questions and That is how could it how could a Massachusetts National Guardsman have Access to this type of classified and Sensitive information and uh and and how Would they be able to release that Information there needs to be a

Full-scale review of who has access to This type of classified information and How it's being handled Uh Congressman Barr it sounds like you All have common ground here on this Issue Absolutely this is a betrayal of trust Of our national security and our allies And uh the damage that this could do in Terms of The credibility of the efforts Of the ukrainians to wage their uh the Resistance against the Russians is at Stake our national security is at stake And we need to obviously hold Accountable of those responsible for This leak protect the confidentiality And the classification of this Information obviously and the way to do That going forward is to hold uh Individuals accountable who are Responsible for the leak obviously we Have a suspect in custody yeah and we'll See and follow it from here Congressman Tour is one of the reasons I brought you All together is the common ground you You see on China you're both on that Select committee dealing with China Here's the Washington Post saying Russia Says China agreed to secretly provide Weapons leaked documents show China Approved vision of lethal Aid to Russian As you warn Ukraine earlier this year And planned to disguise military Equipment as civilian items according to

U.S intercept of Russian intelligence Revealed in the league secret documents We've not seen evidence that the China Has transferred weapons or provided Lethal assistance to Russia but we Remain concerned in our continuing to Monitor closely as senior Administration Officials said this kind of links those Two stories and the concern about China And and that leak Look these leaks serve as a reminder That challenge that China represents the Single greatest Strategic challenge to the United States You know the fundamental question Is what kind of Worlds we wish to live In do we want to live in a free world Governed by countries like the United States or do we wish to live in a Totalitarian orwellian police state like What you have in xinjiang in China and I Suspect most people especially most Americans would prefer to err on the Side of freedom and democracy you know The United States has multiple Adversaries Russia Iran North Korea but China is the only adversary that has the Will and the wherewithal to Fundamentally undermine American Leadership in the world councilman bar What can you all do you know up on Congress this select committee what what Can you do can you force the hand of the Administration in some way when it comes

To China what are you working on Specifically I think there's a lot of things that we Can do and doing a bipartisan way Congressman Torres is right that uh There is immense uh issues at stake in Terms of the kind of world we're going To live in and make no mistake about it Uh the the Chinese Communist party wants To remake the world order in its own Authoritarian image and supplant the United States as the world's Global Superpower uh that's not what we need we Don't need totalitarian authoritarian Surveillance State human rights Violations we don't need an expansionist Ideology One that threatens its neighbors like Taiwan rips up an international Agreement in Hong Kong but to this issue Of the new access between Moscow and Beijing it doesn't require a classified Briefing to know from trade from Customs Records that Beijing is engaged in a Coordinated strategy to provide material Support two Putin's illegal Aggression against Ukraine not only is China purchasing oil and natural gas Using the Yuan to finance this war but They're providing lethal support Customs Data support stats shows that small arms And also drone and drones parts and also Aircraft parts are being sold and Shipped to Russia from China so this is

A concerning development and it requires A response from the Congress and from This Administration including secondary Sanctions on those Chinese entities Engaged in assisting Russia in its Illegal war against Ukraine the Congressman bar so far the Administration's saying they're they're Not going down that road of sanctions at Least not yet Well and I think that's a mistake I Pointed that out to secretary blinken in His testimony before the house Foreign Affairs committee uh just a few weeks Ago again this is not classified Information this is not only documented By uh various Western journalists and From Customs data and trade records but It's also from the administration itself We passed a provision in the National Defense authorization act that required The defense department to report to Congress about material and lethal Assistance from China to Russia and they Concluded as well that China was engaged In material support of Russia so this Axis uh that is developing between Moscow and Beijing is very troubling but It also shows that Beijing is watching The response by the West in terms of Ukraine and I think weakness invites Aggression if NATO does not stand up and Provide the support to the Ukrainian Resistance I think that is an end

Invitation to a cross-strait invasion of Taiwan Congressman Torres last thing I Had the French economic and Finance Minister on the show last night and he Pushed back against what is perceived to Be this shift and that maybe France is Stepping back uh from Taiwan and uh Maybe stepping toward China in some ways Today we have a report about Brazil's Leader going over to China Lula and Essentially calling on alternatives to Replace the U.S dollar in foreign trade Having conversations with China on that Front Are you seeing a shift here Um well first I thought the rhetoric of The French president to be blunt was was Embarrassing Um uh I think it's just painful to see Any Western leader acquiesce itself to The CCP but I I think anyone who bets Against the United States uh does so at Its own Peril the fundamentals of American power remain much stronger than The power than the fundamentals of China's economy if you look at the Fundamentals of China's economy its Productivity has collapsed in half in The 2010s it has a demographic crisis That is so severe that the population is Going to collapse in half by the end of The century Um and so I'm confident that the United States

Uh is going to continue to be the leader Of the Free World if we do everything Right if we make the Investments that we Need to make in our military and our Economy and our diplomacy and in our Technology it's so vital that we Out-compete China in fields of emerging Technology like artificial intelligence And Quantum Computing it's critical that American names remains number one It's really important uh and some of the Things you said we don't hear a lot About China it's always often seen as This massive power but it's got internal Problems as well Congressman thank you Very much for being on Common Ground we Look forward to more your colleagues Showing up

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