PETA rep tells Tucker NYC rats ‘aren’t the problem’

PETA rep tells Tucker NYC rats ‘aren't the problem’

PETA Director of Outreach Ashley Byrne joined ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ to discuss New York City’s rat problem, why humans are to blame and how to get it under control. #foxnews #fox #tucker

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Well New York City has gotten a lot Dirtier it's not your imagination the City's leadership is responsible for This but they've decided to blame Rodents for it they've hired a rat Czar An identified rat my mitigation zones There's a local news report explaining It they're quick dirty disease prone and Above all a nuisance yet rats continue To make their presence very well known On New York city streets in some Neighborhoods even more than others the City plans to zero in on eight areas so Full of vermin the Department of Health Has designated them rat mitigation zones In Manhattan extra rat fighting patrols Will be on hand in Harlem Chinatown the East Village and the Lower East Side in The Bronx Grand Concourse and in Brooklyn Prospect Heights bedstuy and Bushwick that's where neighbors were Able to attest Rhoden SAR running Rampant the eight neighborhoods were Deemed high priority thanks to a slew of 3-1-1 calls and complaints about Infestation now those areas will get More attention from The city-like Increased enforcement on properties that Fail inspections and rat Academy Training free workshops offered by the Department of Health on rat management So the question is is New York City Dirty because it has a lot of rats or Does it have a lot of rats because it's

Dirty For a different perspective on this we Thought we would ask Ashley Byrne she Works at Peter where she's the director Of Outreach and she joins us today Ashley thanks so much for coming on Um I think this is a really interesting Point I don't have a lot of rats in my House because I don't have a lot of Rotting garbage in my house And so maybe the problem isn't the rats It's the people I hadn't thought about It until you brought it up but if you Wouldn't mind explaining thanks for Having me on Tucker of course exactly You know the rats are not the problem The disgusting human behavior that is Attracting the rats that's the problem We are basically inviting them to be Here by putting out a daily Buffet of Garbage around the city and these Intelligent creatures don't deserve to Die painful excruciating deaths because Of human irresponsibility Or shouldn't we at least I mean even if You're not going to go as far as you're Going And you're I think at the place where You're saying let's not kill the rats Even if you're kind of for maybe killing Some rats couldn't we also do our part As people and like not leave pizza Slices on the sidewalk and pick up the Garbage regularly why why shouldn't we

Play in a role too exactly you know as Long as we don't clean up our act the City can kill as many rats as it wants To it's just going to keep coming back You know this is this is nothing more Than a quick fix if killing rats worked We wouldn't have a rat problem because People have already been killing rats in The city for decades but we live under Mountains of garbage so they have not Gone away and they won't Who do you and you obviously study Animal behavior do you think long term The rats are smarter than the leadership Of the city or the city's leadership Smarter than the rats Well I'll say this rats are actually Very clean animals and they're smart Enough not to treat their homes like a Garbage dump so I'll leave it at that Ashley bernapeda you know you guys have This reputation for being so extreme I Didn't think that was extreme I thought That was a really good point and I'm Glad that you came on tonight thank you Thanks so much Tucker Subscribe to the Fox News YouTube Channel to catch our nightly opens Stories that are changing the world and Changing your life from Tucker Carlson Tonight

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